7 key Differences Between Raptor SD and Bad Boy

Raptor SD by Hustler Turf and Bad boy both names are both widely popular for their Pro residential zero-turn mowers. But do you know the main difference between Raptor SD vs Bad Boy?

Engine, wheel drive, fuel efficiency, starter system, frame quality, cutting deck performance, charging capacity, and other features will help you understand their actual differences.

This article will describe the main differences between Raptor SD and Bad boy. Hence, learn and comprehend the distinctions to choose which is superior_

Raptor SD and Bad Boy

A Quick Company Overview

Hustler Turf:

Hustler Turf was born when Mr. John Regier realized the obvious need for a riding or zero-turn mower to run smoothly in unstable/uneven landscapes.

In 1964, John Regier created the most revolutionary machine and introduced the world to the first original zero-turn mower. Check out the full story behind Hustler Turf.

Bad boy:

Based in the Ozark Mountains, Bad Boy began its journey in 2002 with only 20 employees and the number has reached more than 700.

The name Bad boy came up when a test driver expressed his experience by calling the test mower “a real bad boy” which means these mowers let the user mow with a unique badass attitude.

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What Are the Differences Between Raptor SD Vs Bad Boy Mowers Based on Their Features?

Check out the detailed comparison between Raptor SD and Bad boy mowers based on their features_

1. Lightweight Aircraft Engines Vs. Air-cooled Racing Engines:

Raptor mowers feature one of the most powerful engines available and are ideally suitable for commercial space travel.

SpaceX company exclusively designs high-performance, lightweight aircraft engines for the Raptor SD series. They feature a full-flow staged combustion cycle and a unique design.

These engines can achieve more increased (up to 550 tons) thrust and efficiency compared to other similar-grade engines.

On the contrary, Bad Boy mowers feature a series of high-performance, air-cooled racing engines.

Bad Boy Racing company designs these engines with a unique two-valve design for drag racing. So, you will achieve boosted power output and enhanced fuel economy.

These engines are available from 4.8 liters up to 8.2 liters.

Which one is better?

The Raptor SD engines produce up to 550 tons of thrust. But the Bad Boy engine can only produce up to 8.2 liters of power. It makes the Raptor SD significantly more powerful than Bad boy.

2. Raptor SD Wheel Drive Vs. Bad Boy Wheel Drive:

The Raptor SD wheel drive system features an advanced differential gearbox and a robust suspension system to ensure smooth operation over rough terrain.

This system provides superior traction, maneuverability, and performance.

Their integrated safety feature automatically reduces power to prevent damage from excessive torque or speed.

Bad Boy Mowers is known for their high-quality patented wheel drive systems. This system is designed to provide maximum power, exceptional traction, and durability.

Their wheel drive systems also come with a 5-year warranty. So, you can relax knowing your mower is in good hands.

So, which one is better?

Even though both mowers come with a high-performance drive system, Raptor SD Wheel Drive System has an integrated safety feature that makes it noticeably better than Bad boy.

3. Raptor SD Fuel Efficiency Vs. Bad Boy Fuel Efficiency:

Raptor SD engines feature an electronic fuel injection system that helps reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency.

They also have an optimized air intake system to reduce fuel consumption and provide better performance.

Bad boy engines also feature an electronic fuel injection system for reduced emissions and increased fuel efficiency. They also feature an optimized air intake system to lower fuel consumption.

But bod boy engines are relatively bigger than Raptor SD and will require a little bit more fuel consumption than Raptor SD engines.

Which one is better?

The Raptor SD mowers offer excellent fuel economy due to their low-emission engine. But the Bad Boy mower has a larger engine, which may require more fuel.

4. Advanced Electric Starter System Vs. Typical Electric Starter System:

The Raptor SD mowers come with an advanced, easy-to-use keyless start electric starter system for quick starts and a self-diagnostic feature to detect any issues with the starting system.

Bad Boy mowers also feature a reliable and powerful electric starter system. But it is more of a typical electric starter with no special features.

Still, it is effective enough for those looking for a low-cost choice.

Which starter system is better?

The Raptor SD starter system has some advanced and convenient features that are missing in the Bad boy starter system.

5. Raptor SD Vs. Bad Boy Frame Quality:

The Raptor SD mowers are constructed with a heavy-duty fabricated frame for superior strength and durability. This frame is designed to resist the severities of regular use and provides excellent stability.

On the other hand, Bad Boy Mowers come with a heavy-duty, reinforced 7-gauge steel frame. This type of frame ensures superior strength and stability to deliver reliable performance even in rough terrain.

Which has a better-quality frame?

Both types of mowers are equipped with a heavy-duty, reinforced 7-gauge steel frame. However, Bad Boy mowers outperform Raptor SD because they can endure more severe use.

6. Raptor SD Vs. Bad boy Cutting Deck Performance:

60'' deck

The Raptor SD is constructed with a 7-gauge steel cutting deck for excellent cutting performance on any terrain. It also features an electric blade engagement system and adjustable height settings.

That means you will get maximum performance in tough terrains and can customize the cutting height according to your needs.

The Bad Boy Mower also features a 7-gauge steel deck. This reinforced deck can also maximize your mower performance even in rough terrain due to its electric blade engagement system.

They also come with adjustable height settings to customize the cutting height.

Which one has better Cutting Deck Performance?

Both feature a 7-gauge steel cutting deck, an electric blade engagement system, and adjustable height settings for superior performance. But if you compare the performance and cutting width closely, Bad boy performs slightly better than the Raptor SD.

7. 8 Amps Charging Capacity Vs. 14 Amps Charging Capacity:

Raptor SD mowers are designed with a 12-volt battery with up to 8 amps charging capacity.

On the contrary, Bad Boy Mowers are equipped with an 18-amp hour battery with up to 14 amps charging capacity.

Which one has a higher charging capacity?

The Bad Boy Mower has a higher charging capacity than the Raptor SD. That means the Bad boy mower will take 45 minutes up to 1 hour to charge fully, while Raptor SD might take 6 up to 8 hours.

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Raptor SD vs Bad boy: The Verdict

There are many aspects to consider when choosing between the Raptor SD and Bad boy because both have a fair share of pros and cons.

Even your needs, priorities, and personal choice of preferences also influence the decision.

For instance, if you are simply looking for an efficient mowing tool with four-wheel drive, the Raptor SD can be your ideal type because the Raptor engine is more powerful and fuel efficient.

Not only that, but Raptor SD mowers are also easy to start, operate, and maneuver. They are flexible enough to adjust or customize based on your needs and require less maintenance.

But if your work needs more powerful equipment for off-roading or towing, you should opt for the Bad boy mower because it comes with a more robust engine and can handle more rugged terrain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who manufactures Bad boy mowers?

Sterling Group.

Does Hustler provide a warranty for its Raptor SD mower engines?

Yes. Hustler offers 300 hour or 3-year limited warranty for the engines.

Who are the competitors of Bad Boy Mowers?

The top competitors of Bad Boy mowers are_
The Grasshopper, and
Schiller Grounds Care Inc

Scag or Bad Boy – Which one is better?

Both brands have models that are equally powerful and long-lasting. But if you consider the pricing, Bad Boy mowers are more affordable than Scag mowers.

Is it true that all Bad Boy Mowers are made in China?

No. They are made in the USA.

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