Ferris Vs Scag: Which One is the Right Choice for You?

Ferris and Scag are two of the most popular lawn care equipment manufacturers. But if you must choose just one: Ferris Vs. Scag – which one will you pick?

That will be difficult unless you identify the key differences between them. The most common distinctive traits of the Ferris & Scag mower are:

  • Engine capacity, efficiency & performance,
  • Cutting deck size & performance,
  • Comfort, flexibility & maneuverability,
  • Warranty & after-sale service.

Therefore, if you are trying to choose between Ferris vs Scag, it’s essential to contrast them side by side to pick the best for your needs.

Ferris Vs Scag

Quick Company Overviews


The initial journey began when Mr. Neil Ferris first invented and launched the Rotary mower in 1800, which was an instant success. Ferris is a subsidiary division of Simplicity Manufacturing Company, Inc. and officially started in 1909. But it began manufacturing commercial mowers in 1986.

The first Ferris-patented hydrostatic drive walk-behind mower model was introduced in 1987. But Farris introduced its first zero-turn mower family in 2000 and achieved the Commercial Mower Specialist™. Check out the full history of Ferris.


Scag Power Equipment is one of America’s largest commercial mower manufacturers, which was established in 1983 as a subsidiary of Metalcraft of Mayville (MOM) Inc. Scag’s production journey began in Mayville, Wisconsin. Also, developed improved three-wheel riding mowers in 1985.

Scag introduced its first walk-behind mower and was acquired by Metalcraft in 1986. Scag introduced the first Hydro walk-behind mower equipped with dual pumps and dual motors in 1989. Check out the Full history of Scag.

Farris Vs Scag: A Quick Rundown

Focus or Target Market:Mainly targets industrial or commercial marketsBoth residential and industrial or commercial markets
Overall Construction Quality:Great heavy-duty constructionBuilt with high-quality commercial-grade components
Average Weight:Lighter compared to Scag modelsHeavier than Ferris models
Affordability:AffordableCertain models are expensive
Warranty Support:2 years limited warranty for all models3 years for commercial & 5 years for residential use

What Are the Differences Between Ferris vs Scag Based on Their Features?

Check out the detailed comparison between these two mower brands based on their key features and specialties.

1. Ferris Vs Scag Engine Efficiency & Performance:

Ferris Mower Vanguard® Engines:

Ferris powers each of their mower models with either one of the following Vanguard® engines:

Vanguard® EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) Technology:

  • Ensures superior starting performance at all elevations and temperatures.
  • Governance uses on-demand power to reduce fuel consumption and maximize performance.

 Vanguard® ETC (Electronic Throttle Control) Technology:

  • Ensures smooth and consistent power Regardless of the terrain condition or engine load.
  • Also enables consistent cut quality during mowing.

These Vanguard EFI and ETC engines offer up to gross 40 HP cutting power for the most demanding cutting jobs.

For extensive mowing sessions, Ferris ISX™ 2200 model can easily beat the top-ranked mower model.

Scag Mower Engines:

Scag mowers are powered by engines that meet EPA emission standards like_

  1. Kawasaki FX SERIES,
  2. Briggs Vanguard® or
  3. Kohler 7000 SERIES PRO engines.

But some of the gas-powered models like the Scag Turf Tiger™ II models are equipped with_

  • Kubota Diesel, or
  • Kohler Pro EFI engines.

On average, most Scag engines have horsepower between 11 HP and 25 HP, up to 8 MPH top speed, up to 20% fuel efficiency rating, and can hold 3 up to 6 gallons of fuel.

Scag also has premium models like the Scag Turf Tiger II, & Scag Cheetah II Zero Turn mower, which features air-cooled engines with 27 up to 37 Horsepower and can easily outcast, outperform or outrun any competitor’s top-notch model.

However, if you want a cleaner and quieter operation, Scag®EVZ electric mower could be your best friend.

Which one will be more effective?

If you have a larger yard, Ferris mowers powered by EFI or ETC engines will be more effective than scag. However, scag engines last longer than most competitors.

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2. Ferris iCD™ Cutting System Vs Scag 3-blade Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck:

Ferris Cutting System:

Ferris mowers feature an exclusive iCD™ Cutting system. This exclusive cutting technology uses a plasma flame to cut through thicker materials more quickly.

The Ferris unique iCD™ Cutting System improves the airflow discharge and cutting experience by offering exceptional cut quality.

Ferris offers the perfect debris management choice with its FB1000 Hurricane™ model, which is easy to navigate and leaves no residues behind.

Ferris models are engineered with durable stamped steel cutting decks & sloped noses, which propel the cutting blades forward, allowing them to rise before contact.

Ferris also offers a wide range of deck sizes, such as 36”, 44”, 48”, 52”, 61”, and 72” ranges.

On average Ferris models reach up to 8 MPH, but some models like- ISX™ 3300 ZT can reach up to 12 MPH.

Scag Cutting System:

Scag designs its mower with its patented three-blade Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck system which meets the standard of most professionals.

This exclusive Scag® cutting deck enables high-velocity discharge and precision cutting due to its_

  • massive openings
  • redesigned cutting chambers

They are available in 48, 52, 61, and 72-inch width ranges to ensure smoother mowing performance and maximum clipping distribution in all conditions.

Even the newScag® SFC-21 model ensures the ultimate finish cut with fine-tuned simple height adjuster feature.

Most Scag mowers can easily reach up to 10 mph cutting speed.

Which one offer better cutting performance?

Both cutting systems are popular and powerful. But if you like silent or quiet mowing experience more, better not to choose the Scag model to avoid extra noise and vibration.

You will also get more robust and faster cutting experience from Ferris.

3. Ferris Multi-Patented Suspension System™ Vs Scag Adjustable Suspension System:

Ferris equips the mowers with its exclusive 3-wheeler Suspension System™. This system is meant to absorb the bumps and vibrations that can create tiredness in the operator.

This suspension system helps to_

  • lessen the impact of uneven terrain,
  • keeps the mowing pace consistent,
  • reduce chassis and operator-body shock.

Some premium models like Ferris ISX™ 3300 model are engineered with a Ferris Forefront™ Suspension system and heavy-duty Hydro-Gear® ZT-5400 drive system for providing greater productivity.

Most Scag Zero-Turn models feature an adjustable suspension system that allows the user to customize according to their needs. Even the adjustable preload feature of Scag suspension allows the user to adjust the ride for diverse conditions.

The Scag suspension system features a coil spring, shock absorber, and anti-sway bar that boost the performance.

Scag models feature dual hydro gear wheel drive for precise control.

Which suspension works better?

Ferris will provide more stability, traction and comfort if your lawn has lots of terrains and you need consistency. But the customization facility is only available with the Scag models.

4. Ferris Two Belt Drive System Vs Scag Self-Adjusting Belt System:

The Ferris two-belt deck drive system provides a smoother tension system with less belt stress and cooler running belts

This two-belt drive system has features that translate into_

  • a greater belt life,
  • lower upkeep,
  • enhanced performance, and
  • less idle time to ensure enhanced reliability and productivity.

Scag mowers include a self-adjusting belt system for low maintenance and long life.

This self-adjusting system saves you time by utilizing Idler arms to use sealed bearings and eliminates the need for routine service.

These Scag belts are constructed with ultra-strong Kevlar cords to prevent premature strain or failure.

Scag’s load-bearing pulleys are all composed of split steel for added durability.

Which one is better?

Both offer greater reliability, enhanced productivity, low maintenance and extended lifespan. However, Ferris tow-belt drive system offers less downtime and three years (300hrs) limited warranty.

5. Ferris Vs Scag Maneuverability & Customization Facility:


Ferris mowers are designed to navigate challenging terrain to provide better maneuverability and comfort with adjustable speed control. Models such as Ferris IS® 2600Z feature large wheels for easy movement.

However, due to their streamlined designs and improved power, Scag mowers cut grass more efficiently and in less time.

Customization Facility:

The Ferris TRIPLE mowing system allows for customization based on customer preferences due to its multiple mowing configurations in a single deck design. This innovative system eliminates the stress of the mower owner with its all-in-one mower deck approach.

However, the Scag Custom-Cut™ Front Baffle System also allows the user to adjust the deck to their preferences.

Pricing Comparison Between Ferris and Scag Mowers:

CategoryFerris ModelsPriceScag ModelsPrice
Zero TurnIS® 6200 72″ ZT$37,799Turf Tiger II™($16,199 – $23,999)
300S 42+” ZT$3,999Liberty® Z($5,554 – $6,792)
Stand-OnSRS™ Z3X$12,399V-Ride II™($$9,499 – $13,349)
SRS™ Z1$9,449
Walk-BehindFW45 48″$9,349SWZ Hydro-Drive($7,749 – $10,799)
FW15 32’’$5,099SFC-21($1,708 – $1,967)

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Ferris Vs Scag – Which One Is Better for Your Money?

Both brands have larger and more reliable engines to provide more power, speed, and torque needed for high-quality mowing performance, yet extremely comfortable and last long.

Ferris designs mowers with air-cooled engines for residential and heavy-duty uses. Scag offers heavy-duty designs and high-quality power mowers that can cover more ground in less time.

Ferris offers more flexibility, control, stability, traction, and comfort, while Scag offers superior power, strength, speed, and productivity.

Therefore, which one is better highly depends on the user’s needs and personal tastes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are Ferris mowers any good?

Yes. Ferris models are designed and built to such high standards that they are worth every penny that you invest in them.

Where is the Ferris mower made?

All Ferris mower models are manufactured from its factory located in Central NY, New York State.

Is Exmark or Scag Mowers better?

Scag mowers are more powerful and reliable than Exmark.

Do Scag mowers retain their worth?

Scag mowers have a higher-than-average resale value, but the used mower’s value varies greatly based on where you reside and the state of the specific mower.

Ferris Vs. Simplicity – Which one is better?

Ferris provides more fuel capacity, flexibility, and ease, while Simplicity offers more engine power, transmission, and speed for heavy jobs.

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