Bad Boy Mower Deck Problems (Troubleshooting Guide)

While it’s true that Bad Boy mowers are famed for their strength, power, and longevity, their mower decks are prone to malfunction or failure over time.

But what are those Bad Boy mower Deck problems?

3 most common problems associated with Bad Boy Mower Deck are:

  • Bad Boy mower deck or blades won’t engage
  • Can not raise or lower the Bad Boy mower deck
  • Lack of consistency & low-cutting performance

Aside from the mentioned, other potential issues also commonly occur with Bad Boy mower decks at some point of use. Hence, continue reading to find out more about them and learn how to fix them.

bad boy mower deck problems

Other 3 Problems That Often Occur with Bad Boy Mower Decks:

  • Bad Boy mower deck overlapped incorrectly
  • Grass trapped between two deck blades or scalping failure
  • The Bad Boy mower deck shakes or vibrates oddly

5 Signs That Your Bad Boy Mower Deck Has a Problem:

Once you notice any of the following symptoms, make sure to look for any potential damage or wear & tear issues on your mower deck assembly_

  • Excess vibration or shaking from the mower when in use.
  • Uneven cutting of grass, streaks/patches, or clumps of grass left after mowing.
  • The mower deck is misaligned or tilted.
  • Difficult mower starting and running issues.
  • Stalling while engaging the blades or the blade won’t engage at all.

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6 Common Deck Problems with Bad Boy Mower & How to Fix Them?

The best approach is to inspect each potential area first and perform the necessary service to fix them_

1. Bad Boy Mower Deck or Blades Won’t Engage

Damaged or Bent Blades

The two most common scenarios are where you will suddenly notice that the mower deck or the blade/s are stalling, not engaging properly, or failing to engage at all.

Causes for mower deck engaging failure:

  • A faulty safety switch,
  • A loose/damaged wire,
  • A worn deck or drive belt,
  • Build-up under the deck, or
  • An obstructed blade (not properly installed/aligned, loose or bent blades).

Causes for mower deck blade/s engaging failure:

  • Too stretched or too tight belt,
  • Defective PTO (Power Take Off) switch Knob,
  • Deck lift malfunction,
  • Wear & tear issue on the clutch

How To Fix deck not engaging problem:

  • Check the safety switch wiring connections. Make sure there are no loose/worn ends, and everything is in good condition.
  • Test the switch to verify whether it is good or bad and replace the safety switch if necessary.
  • Repair or replace the mower deck if necessary. Adjust or replace the belt if needed.
  • Check & stop grass build-up underneath your mower deck.
  • Ensure the blades are installed correctly, have no alignment problems, they’re not bent & sharpened properly.

How To Fix deck blades not engaging problem:

  • Inspect the deck belt whether it’s too stretched or too loose.
  • Inspect the PTO switch knob & replace it if needed.
  • Check the pulleys, lift cables and clutches.
  • Replace the deck belt, deck lifts cable & clutch if necessary.

2. Failure to Raise or Lower the Mower Deck

This problem mainly arises because of the deck lift system malfunction or failure.

But what causes the Bad Boy mower deck lift system to malfunction or fail?

  • Either corner of the deck is too high or low because the mower deck is not leveled correctly.
  • When the actuator doesn’t work properly due to the build-up of moisture or debris creeping inside the actuator
  • If the shaft screws do not slip in and out when the actuator is spinning.

How To Fix:

Confirm that your mower deck is not too high or too low on either corner & leveled accurately.

Inspect the actuator and clean thoroughly or replace it if required.

If the shaft screws are not slipping in and out when the actuator spins_

  • Check for any debris or dirt that might be blocking the movement of the screws.
  • Use a brush or cloth to clean it and re-lubricate the screws with oil or WD-40.
  • Ensure that all the screws are securely tightened in their places.

3. Lack of Consistency & Low-cutting Performance

Bad Boy Mower might leave behind streaks of uncut grass while mowing, or you might notice a small amount of uncut grass here & there after mowing.

But do you know what causes such inconsistency and poor cutting performance?

Causes for Streaking:

  •  Irregular blades maintenances
  •  Operator mistakes
  •  Plugged deck
  •  Damaged or dull blades
  •  Slow engine

Causes for Stringers:

  •  Lack of proper maintenance of the blades
  •  Faulty blades (not properly installed or balanced)
  •  Incorrect installation of the mower deck

How To Fix Streaking Problem:

  • Make sure that your mower blades are maintained regularly and properly.
  • Be sure to follow the correct instructions for operating the mower during mowing.
  • Sharpen or replace the blades if necessary.

How To Fix stringers problem:

Make sure that the blades on your Bad boy mower are maintained accurately.

Confirm that the blades & mower deck are installed correctly.

Also, be sure that there are no imbalances or misalignment issues.

4. Bad Boy Mower Deck Overlapped Incorrectly

One might also notice that their Bad Boy mower deck suddenly started to overlap incorrectly due to:

  • Poor or incorrect installation of the deck 
  • Worn or damaged spindles, 
  • A misaligned blade, 
  • A bent or broken belt, or 
  • An improperly adjusted cutting height

How To Fix:

Make sure to install the mower deck correctly.

Check for any spindle issues on your bad boy mower & replace the faulty spindle.

Inspect and align the blades accordingly if needed.

If there’s an issue with the belt, replace the belt.

Adjust the cutting height of your mower deck correctly.

 5. Grass Trapped Between Two Blades or Scalping Failure

Mainly, grass traps between the two blades of your mower deck when the cutting height adjuster is not adjusted correctly.

But what causes the Scalping problem on your Bad Boy mower?

Scalping problems arise due to too slow or too high engine speed on your mower.

How To Fix:

Make sure that the cutting height adjuster lever or tabs are in good shape & adjusted correctly.

Adjust your Bad Boy mower engine speed on your mower if necessary.

6. Bad Boy Mower Deck shakes or Vibrates Oddly

The unusual shake or vibration on your Bad Boy mower deck causes due to_

  • Uneven cutting or ground surface
  • A loose or unbalanced blade 
  • Worn spindle, belt, or pulleys
  • If the deck is out of level

Other additional reasons behind this commotion are:

  • Worn or damaged engine mounts
  • Improper tire pressure

How To Fix:

  • Inspect the belt adjustment at your mower’s drive pulley and if necessary, tighten the belt. Replace the belt if needed.
  • Check the spindle bearings & replace them if any screws are missing or the bearings are faulty.
  • Ensure that the blades are balanced and aligned properly.
  • Be sure to confirm that the deck is leveled properly.
  • Check & replace the engine mounts if they are worn.
  • Make sure all the tires of your mower have proper pressure.

Here’s the easiest guideline to service your mower tries to keep proper pressure on them:

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Frequently Asked Queries (FAQs)

Can a Bad Boy Mower Deck be repaired at home?

Yes. But you must have some mechanical knowledge to run the diagnostics and do the short hacks to resolve the issue.
However, you will need professional help for any major or massive problem where you can’t figure out the actual issue.

What causes the Bad Boy mower to leave a grass strip?

It mainly happens when the mower has a dull, broken, or damaged blade.

Should I use my Bad Boy mower on wet or dry grass?

Bad Boy brand does not recommend using mowers on wet grass because it increases the risk of the engine, blades, or other major mower parts damage.

Is it possible to mow without leaving lines with the Bad Boy mower?

Yes. Just use a mulching blade made specifically for your Bad Boy mower model.

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