How to Get Rid of Spider Webs on Grass ( 5 Easy Steps that Proven!)

Spider webs on grass are a common problem for lawn owners. Spider webs aren’t noticed for one or two mornings only. Day by day, the number of spider webs over the yards is increasing. So, proper investigation and lawn maintenance is the effective way to prevent spider webs on grass earlier. 

If you are actually looking to figure out the question, how to get rid of spider webs on grass? Then follow these steps-

  • Gather necessary tools
  • Mix fungicide, and liquid fertilizer on the bucket
  • Set the sprayer with a garden hose
  • Spread the mixture over the lawn 
  • Spread granules with a fertilizer spreader

These 5 easy steps you need to do to protect your lawn from spider lawns or spots for fungus. Let’s dive into more details to know the proper reason and treatment of spider webs on grass. 

How to Get Rid of Spider Webs on Grass
How to Get Rid of Spider Webs on Grass

What Causes Spider Webs on Grass?

Spider webs on grass are actually not real spider webs. It’s spot dollar fungus which looks like a spider web. Many reasons can be behind the notice of dollar spot fungus on grass. The common reasons are –

  • Excess moisture: Too much watering or rain causes spider webs on the lawn.  
  • Lack of nutrients: Lack of nutrients or nitrogen in the soil is probably the cause behind spider webs.
  • Improper Mowing: Irregular mowing is the common reason why the spider webs over the grass.
  • Poor aeration: Improper aeration resists air to reach the soil and roots. Hence, spider webs appear on grass.
  • Heavy thatch: Heavy thatch is another common problem caused by improper watering. So, the grass has disease and spot fungus.

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How to Get Rid of Spider Webs on Grass: Full Step by Step Guideline

Rid of Spider Webs on Grass
Rid of Spider Webs on Grass

Once there are many growing spider webs all over the yards, you can’t treat it with basic lawn care or maintenance. You should use fungicides as soon as possible over the lawn. Otherwise, the spider webs will leave the dead spot. 

The wrong way of spreading fungicides can kill your lawn. Therefore, today I’ll share the details of proper instruction and recommend the right tools (as experts do)  which will help you as a beginner. 

Step 1: Gather the Necessary Tools

You need to buy the fungicides and necessary equipment for this project. The necessary tools you need to purchase are listed below –

Necessary toolsWhere to find
Bayer fungus sprayBio Advanced effective fungicide
Scotts granularScotts diseaseEX
Liquid fertilizerUrban Farm Fertilizer
Fertilizer spreaderAgri Fab spreader
Garden hoseFlexzila garden lead in lose

Step 2: Mix Fungicide and Liquid Fertilizer in a Bucket

After gathering the tools, take a clean bucket for mixing fungicide & liquid fertilizer. 

First, put bio advance fungicide of 1bottle and 32 ounces of liquid fertilizer.  These two have the same level of viscosity. So, there’s no change in dispersion rate during spraying. 


You’ve to mix the fungicide and fertilizer according to your total lawn area. For example, you might have to mix 4-5 bottles of advanced fungicide and 32-ounce liquid fertilizer with each bottle. 1bottle of the mixture can cover up to 500 feet square of area lawn.

Step 3: Set the Buyer Fungus Sprayer

After mixing the fungicide and fertilizer, refill the mixture with the buyer’s fungus sprayer.  You have to use a little funnel in this step. Now, attach the bottle of sprayer with a garden hose.

Step 4: Spread Mixture all Over the Lawn

It’s time to spread the prepared mixture all over the grass and lawn. You have to cover the whole lawn perfectly.  Spreading is a really long process but you’ll enjoy it! 

Step 5: Spread Scotts Granular with a Fertilizer Spreader

Take Scott diseaseEX granular on the fertilizer spreader. Spread this full lawn and that’s the last step you will complete.

This complete guide is not only for preventing spider web or dollar spot fungus. You can treat any fungus, disease, brown spot, or rust by following this guideline. 

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Tips for Preventing Spider Webs Earlier 

If spider webs haven’t attacked your lawn or attacked a little bit on your lawn, then you can take some simple steps. These steps will ensure a healthy lawn without any defects of fungus, brown spots or other diseases in future. 

  • Watering your lawn in the morning regularly. It’ll balance the moisture of your lawn.
  • Proper mowing is necessary.
  • Clean your mower blade after daily mowing.
  • Apply nitrogen-based fertilizer.
  • Fertilize the lawn regularly. 
  • Dethatch your lawn for improving the excess water and fertilizer on roots.
  • Do proper mowing and aeration of your lawn.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my grass covered in spider webs?

Spider webs can cover the grass of your lawn for many reasons. The common reasons are excess moisture, lack of nitrogen, poor mowing or aeration, and excess thatch on your lawn. 

What can I put on my lawn to get rid of fungus?

The easiest way to prevent fungus is to spread a mixture of fungicide with liquid fertilizer all over the lawn. This mixture will kill the fungus or other diseases of grass. 

When do you use fungicide for dollar spot?

The best time for using a fungicide for dollar spots in early spring. You can spread fungicide at any time. But the best time is at night at a temperature of 60°F.

Final Verdict

The effective and simple way is discussed in this full article to understand every step deeply. You can do this DIY project as a beginner. But, if you don’t understand which fungus or disease is affecting the lawn then call a local pest controller. They will give you satisfactory service at an affordable budget. Never deal with risky steps which can kill your lawn. 

At the end of the day, proper lawn care is the best way to free your lawn from any disease, fungus, dead spot, bare spot or other common problem. So, don’t forget to give extra care to make your lawn healthier. That’s all for today! Ba bye..!!

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