How To Troubleshoot Lesco Zero Turn Mowers Problems?

Maintenance is the key to the good performance of any mower. If you have lesco zero turn mowers and maintain them properly, then chances are you will get superior cutting experience. On the other hand, if its performance looks worse and you face some other technical issues, then it is sure that your Lesco zero turn mowers are in trouble. In that case, knowing how to troubleshoot lesco zero turn mowers problems could be a great relief. 

  • Firstly, you need to identify the problem.
  • Once you have identified the problem, fix the problem as per recommendations.
  • It will save time and money and enhance your lesco zero turn mowers performance.

However, to train you to identify and fix the lesco zero turn mowers problems, stay with me. Let’s start the discussion.

Lesco Zero Turn Mowers Problems

5 Common Problems of a Lesco Zero Turn Mower:

Here are the five major problems you may experience if you have lesco zero turn mowers.

  1. Zero-turn mowers won’t start
  2. Mower starts Smoking
  3. Engine Overheats
  4. Mower starts, then die
  5. Higher Vibrating

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How to Troubleshoot Lesco Zero Turn Mowers Won’t Start?

Problem 1: Zero-Turn Mowers Won’t Start

Your lesco zero turn mower won’t start? It is a common problem that can happen because of several reasons.

Reasons– You may experience that problem because of several reasons. If your lawnmower won’t start, you may have a problem with the battery, cable, spark plug, and safety switch.

Safety switch, dirty carburetor, bad fuel pump, and faulty ignition switch can also be the reasons when your zero-turn mowers won’t start.


Check the fuel tank; if it is empty, fill it with fresh fuel. If you check that the fuel level is okay, but the fuel is dirty, replace the bad fuel with clean and fresh fuel.

No issue with the fuel? Okay, check the spark plug; if it is bad, replace it with a new spark plug. Check the connections; if they are loose, secure them properly.

Test the battery with a multimeter; if the battery is low, recharge it. Check the power cables; they should be adequately secured. If you see any damage, replace the wires.

Does the problem still exist? Check the safety switch or ignition switch to get rid of the problem. If the ignition switch wires are loose, tighten them, but if the switch is damaged, replace it with a new one.

Problem 2: Mower Starts Smoking

It is alarming when you notice your lesco zero turn mowers start smoking. You may experience this when cutting long or wet grass. But if the grass is average and dry, check for the reasons.

Reasons- Faulty air filter, low engine oil, or damaged engine parts can be some possible reasons for smoke. Improper air supply or low oil level makes your engine burn off or overheat. Smoke is the early sign; if you see it, immediately turn it off and fix the problem.


The dirty air filter can be the reason; remove the filter and check. If it is in bad condition, clean it or replace it if necessary.

Next, check the oil level in the engine oil tank by removing the tank cap. Inspect the oil level; refill it with fresh oil if it is low.

If the problem still exists, take the professional services to check and resolve the engine problems.

Problem 3: Engine Overheats

It will be frustrating when you experience frequent engine overheating. Engine overheating badly damages your zero-turn mower’s performance. It needs quick fixation to get back to your work.

Reasons– When you notice your lesco zero turn mowers engine start overheating, bad air filter and the bad or low oil level can be the main culprit.


First, check the oil level. Open the oil tank cap and inspect the oil level using a gauge. You will need to add the oil if the oil is low.

But before adding the oil, check the oil. Replace the oil with fresh and clean oil if it is bad. If the oil is okay, but the level is low, add the fresh oil.

Check the air filter; if the air filter is dirty clean the filter. The damaged air filter can be the reason for engine overheating; if it is damaged, replace it with a new one.

Problem 4: Mower Starts, Then Die

You have started the mower to mow, but it suddenly dies? You have tried but cannot cut the grass. Many lesco zero turn mowers users claim it is a common problem.

Reasons- There are several reasons why your mowers start and then die. Some major reasons are bad fuel, clogged air filters, clogged fuel lines, and dirty carburetors.


First, check for the fuel; it must drain if you have bad fuel. Do not add fresh and clean fuel even if you have a little amount of bad fuel remaining in the tank. First, ensure proper removal of bad fuel. Once fuel is removed, refill it with fresh fuel.

Then check for the air filter; it should be clean. Remove the air filter and ensure it is clean if you find it dirty.

A dirty fuel line can also make your engine unable to mow. If you see the fuel line is dirty, use the carb cleaner and air compressor to remove the dirt from the fuel line.

Finally, check for the carburetor and clean it with cleaners. Also, check for the parts; if damaged, replace them with new ones.

Problem 5: Higher Vibrating

When you run the lawnmower, engine vibration is common. But if you feel the vibration level is severe, something that needs quick fixation is problematic. Otherwise, you will quickly get tired, and it may also damage your zero turn mowers other parts.

Reasons- loose engine mounting bolts, bad clutch, damaged or unbalanced blades, and worn belt or pulley are major reasons a mower is severely vibrating.


The first check for the mounting bolts; if they are loose, tightens them. But if they are damaged or fall off, replace the bolts.

Then check for the clutch; if the clutch or its parts are damaged, replace it with new ones.

Check for the blades’ layout and condition. If the problem is with their balance, read the manual and correct the blade’s balance. Replace the blades with a new one if the blades are damaged.

Is your lawn mower belt or pulley loose or damaged? Tighten the belt or replace the belt and pulley if broken or in poor condition.

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What DIY or Professional Service is Better for Fixing Lesco Zero Turn Mower Problems?

Lawnmower users experience different problems that are common while mowing—no need to take professional services every time because most of the issues are minor.

But if you are not confident, it is better to take professional services. Average professional services may cost you up to 50$ for fixation on the problem.

However, first, check for the problem and try to identify it. Once you have identified the problem, check for the solution. You can also take assistance from the lesco mowers user manual. If the problem is severe, it is better to take the professional service.

Final Verdict

Lesco zero turn mowers users experience different problems over time. Most of the problems are simple and do not require professional services. You can fix them easily once you get them identified. You can troubleshoot them quickly to set back to the mowing job and enhance your lesco zero turn mowers performance.

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