How To Use Zero Turn Mower Ramps For Changing Blades?

Changing blades wouldn’t be easy without zero turn mower ramps which are used to change blades, oil, or other routine maintenance of a lawn machine. Although you have a zero turn mower ramp, but the process will be tough if you don’t know how to use zero turn mower ramps.

Changing the blade with zero turn mower ramps is a step-by-step solution.

  • Firstly, Park the lawnmower and set the ramps.
  • Secondly, park the mower on the ramps and remove the spark plug.
  • Remove the mounting nuts and old/faulty blades.
  • Finally, change the blade by installing new blades and testing before starting the mowing task.

Keep reading this blog to train you to use zero turn mower ramps for changing blades.

How To Use Zero Turn Mower Ramps For Changing Blades?
How To Use Zero Turn Mower Ramps For Changing Blades?

What to Look for Before Changing Zero Turn Mower Blades?

You need proper gadgets to complete the job quickly, but it is only possible when you know the blade’s specification. So ensure you have checked the following things about your blades before changing blades.

1.     Style

Lawn mower blades are universal but ensure you take the right one for your zero-turn mowers. So, the best way is to check the mower manual and get the suitably styled blades recommended for your zero-turn lawnmower.

2.     Bolt

When it comes to bolts, you should consider two things regarding bolts. The first one is its size, and the next one is its style. Lawn mower bolts are available in sizes of ½, 5/8, or ¾ inches. First, check the bolt size and arrange the proper socket wrench for securing the bolt.

Zero turn mower bolts are regular style or reverse threaded. If you have the regular style, you will need to turn on the right to tight and left to lose. But if you have reversed threaded, you will need to turn the left to tight and right to loose.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Zero Turn Mower Ramps for Changing Blades:

Changing the blades by using zero turn mower ramps is easy. It may not take more than 15 minutes to change the blades if you use ramps. But make sure you follow the guidelines correctly.

Things you will need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Socket Wrench
  • Torque Wrench
  • Zero turn mower ramps
  • Screw eye
  • Gloves
  • Torch/ Flashlight

You have many choices to choose from the ramps, but we recommend BISupply Vehicle Service Ramp Set. It will ensure easy and safe loading and unloading of your zero-turn lawnmower. They can carry up to 750 pounds, enough for the lawnmower.

8 Steps to use zero turn mower ramps for changing blades:

Step 1- Park the Lawnmower and Set the Ramp

First, bring your lawn mower to a flat and smooth surface, switch off the zero-turn mower and park it. 

After parking, the next task is to set the ramps. Choose a flat surface and place both of the ramps. While placing the ramps over the surface, keep them at the proper distance according to your mower wheel’s distance.

Note: Measure the distance between the front wheels of the lawnmower. Ensure both of the ramps are placed at the same line; no one should be forward or backward than the other one.

the Ramp
the Ramp

Step 2- Park your Mower on the Ramps

After placing the ramps over a smooth surface, you must park your zero-turn lawnmower on the ramps. You can manually push the mower on the ramps, but if you feel uneasy, switch on the lawnmower and run it over the ramps.

While parking on the ramps, ensure both wheels are equally placed and are firm at their locations. Wheels should touch the front supports to give them strong support. Once placed, switch off the lawnmower and leave the driving seat.

Mower on the Ramps
Mower on the Ramps

Step 3- Take off the Spark Plug

Before starting the blade removal task, removing the zero turn mowers’ spark plug is essential. It ensures the safe completion of blades changing  jobs. You will be at risk if you do not remove the spark plug. Your lawnmower engine cans accidentally start at any moment, which may hurt you.

So, ensure spark plug removal first to avoid such unwanted instances. Go to the lawn mower’s hood and open it.

You will see two colored wires, red and black. The black wire is the main wire that connects the engine with the spark plug. Remove this black wire to ensure disconnection of the spark plug with the engine.

Step 4- Remove Mounting Nut

Remove the mounting nuts that are attached to the zero-turn lawnmower blades. You will need a socket wrench and breaker bar to remove the nuts.

Place the socket wrench into the nut and twist the breaker bar counterclockwise. It will loosen the nut; when loose enough, remove it manually.

If you feel difficulty removing the nut, use a woodblock to keep it in its place when applying force.

Step 5- Remove the Blades

After removing the nuts, you will get access to the old blades. Now it is easy to remove the blades manually. Hold the blades in your hands and remove them. After removing the old blades, place them onto the shaft.

Step 6- Add New Blades

Once the old blades are removed, clean the surface using a brush or a piece of cloth. Ensure there is no dirt on or near the blade’s surface. Now gently install the new blades in the place of the old blades.

After installing, take your torque wrench and mount the nuts tightly. Check the blades and ensure there is no loose area.

Step 7- Lower Down the Mower from the Ramps

Now lower your zero turn mower from the zero turn cramps. Switch on your lawnmower and slowly take it back to remove its wheels from the cramps.

Step 8- Test the Blades

Before setting out for the mowing task, ensures your lawnmower blades are working fine. Test it on some small lawnmower area if the blades are cutting the grass smoothly; all is set now.

Are Wooden Ramps Good for Lawnmower Blades Changing?

There is no issue with using wooden ramps for zero-turn lawnmower. Wooden ramps are undoubtedly good alternatives, but they have a short life and are less flexible. Wooden ramps cannot be adjusted as the other metal-made high-quality zero-turn mower ramps can be adjusted according to the situation.

How Much are Zero Turn Mower Ramps?

Depending on features, accessories, and brand, you may see variations in cost. But the average price for zero-turn mower ramps ranges from 30$ to 80$ for the lawnmower.

Final Verdict

Changing the zero turn lawnmower blades is easy if you use ramps. You can easily pull and lower down the lawnmower with it. Ramps come in different load carrying capacities.

When buying a ramp for zero turn lawnmower, your lawnmower ramp load carrying capacity should be up to 600 pounds.  The average weight of zero turns lawnmower ranges from 300 pounds to 600 pounds.

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