How To Move A John Deere Zero Turn Mower That Won’t Start?

It is not good news for you that your john deere zero turn mower won’t start. You have the option to call a professional guy to remove the problem, but it can be too costly. You can fix the problem if you know the right way to move a john deere zero turn mower that won’t start.

  • Firstly, you need to identify the reasons that stop your zero turn mower movement.
  • Gather the necessary things to solve the issues.
  • Follow the proper guideline and users’ manual.
  • Check and make a test ride to ensure your john deere zero turn mower starts again.

Throughout this guide, I will list the problems with solutions related to zero turn mower start issues. Read them carefully to learn the easy ways to fix the problems.

How To Move A John Deere Zero Turn Mower That Won't Start

What Would Cause a John Deere Zero Turn Mower not to Start? Top 10 Reasons

John Deere zero turn mowers are supposed to be excellent mowers that last for years. They are famous for commercial and DIY projects, and of course, they perform well. But sometimes you may experience your turn mower not starting.

There can be many problems when your John Deere zero turn mower doesn’t start. Here is the list of the top 10 reasons that can be the problem’s culprit.

  • Low or No Gas
  • Dirty Air filter
  • Faulty Fuel Cap
  • Bad carburetor
  • Faulty starter Solenoid
  • Old or Bad fuel
  • Loose or bad spark plug
  • Blocked Fuel line
  • Clogged Fuel filter
  • Bad battery or lost terminals

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Problems and Solutions: John Deere Zero Turn Mower that Won’t Start

Follow this simple guide to move a john deere zero turn mower that won’t start.

Problem 1- Low or No Gas

Mostly I do not think about it, but low or No gas can be the culprit when your john deere zero turn mower won’t start.


  • Check the fuel tank and ensure it should be clean.
  • Get the fresh fuel and fill the tank with fresh Gasoline.
  • Before filling the tank, ensure you have taken the right and recommended gasoline for your mower.
  • User manuals can help you to find the right fuel.

Problem 2- Dirty Air Filter

 Dirty Air Filter
Dirty Air Filter

Fresh and clean air is a must for the best performance of the John Deere zero turn mower. The air filter is responsible for supplying clean air to the mower. Check the air filter; it should be clean. If the air filter is dirty, you would be unable to start and move the zero turn mower.


  • Remove the air filter carefully, avoiding mixing dirt into the air intake.
  • Tap the air filter against some harder surfaces to remove the excessive dirt.
  • Once it is clean, check it by placing it in front of the light. If light passes through it, you can reinstall it. But if the light cannot pass through it, replace it with a new one.

Problem 3- Faulty Fuel Cap

Faulty Fuel Cap
Faulty Fuel Cap

A faulty fuel cap causes a vacuum in the fuel tank. Because of the vacuum, fuel cannot move from the fuel tank to the engine. The fuel cap loses its venting responsibility, which may cause your mower won’t start.


Check the fuel cap; if it is broken or damaged, replace it with a new one.

Problem 4- Bad Carburetor

Bad Carburetor
Bad Carburetor

If you have a clogged or bad carburetor, your mower may have a problem starting and moving. It will disturb the combustion function, making your john deere mower low-performing.


  • Take apart the carburetor and clean it. Use the carb cleaner.
  • While cleaning the carburetor, also clean the needle and float bowl.
  • If you see the carburetor is too dirty and unable to unclog, replace it with a new one to eliminate the problem.

Problem 5- Faulty Starter Solenoid


The starter solenoid supplies the power to the engine. If it fails, your mower cannot get the power, which will also cause problems starting the engine. So check and fix the problem if your starter solenoid is faulty.


  • Take a multimeter, and check the solenoid under the starter switch.
  • Check the voltage with a multimeter; it should be 12V.
  • If the voltage is low, look for the wires; if the wires are okay, you have a problem with the solenoid.
  • Install new solenoid in place of faulty

Problem 6- Old or Bad Fuel

Many assume that fuel has no life; you can use it for years. But they are wrong; if you have old fuel or bad, your mower may be unable to start and move.


  • Remove the fuel cap and check the fuel in the fuel tank
  • If you have old or bad fuel, remove it and ensure no fuel remains in the tank
  • Fill the tank with fresh fuel

Problem 7- Loose or Bad Sparking Plug

A bad sparking plug or its loose connector can also be the culprit for john deere zero turn mower won’t start. Bad spark plug unable to supply power that makes your engine stall.


  • Remove the spark plug and check it. If it is too dirty, take a cloth and clean it. You can also use a brush to clean it. Once cleaned, reinstall it and check; if it is still dirty, you should replace it.
  • But if the plug is in good condition, its loose connector can be the problem. Check the connectors and tighten them if they are loose.

Problem 8- Blocked Fuel Line

The fuel line is responsible for the fuel supply to the tank; if the fuel line is clogged because of dirt or residue, you will need to clean or replace it.


  • Check the fuel line; if it is old, it is better to replace it.
  • But if the fuel line is in good condition, unplug it from the fuel tank and run a cleaner through it to clean it. Once it is cleaned, reinstall it.

Problem 9- Clogged Fuel Filter

The fuel filter ensures a supply of clean oil to the engine. If you have a clogged fuel filter, it may stop supplying fuel or supply dirty fuel that may cause the zero turn mower won’t start.


  • Check the fuel filter. If it is clogged, replace it with a fresh one.
  • When installing, keep in mind the arrow on the side; it should point in the direction of fuel flow.

Problem 10- Bad Battery or Loose Terminals

A bad battery or its loose terminals can be the culprit for the john deere mower won’t start. Also, A Bad Battery caused the john deere Lawn Mower To Stall. Let’s Explore The Solution


  • Check the zero turn mower’s battery voltage with a multimeter; if it is low, plug the battery with a charger and recheck it. If the voltage is still low, your battery is bad. You will need to replace it.
  • If the battery is fine, check the terminals; they should be clean and tight. If terminals are loose, tighten them, and if dirty clean them.

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How do you Manually Move a John Deere lawn Mower?

If your John Deere Lawn mower stall won’t move, you can manually move it. For the moving, you will need to bring your mower into a hydrostatic neutral position.

For that, you will need to pull out the neutral valve lever. Locate the neutral valve lever; it will be positioned on the back of the mower.

When you pull the neutral valve lever, your mower will be in a neutral position. Now you can move the zero turn mower forth and back.

Why Does my John Deere SX75 Lawn Mower Start up and Not Move?

Your John Deere SX75 Lawn mower starts up but does not move? Malfunctioned safety interlocks can be the major culprit.

Modern zero turn mowers come with safety interlocks, clutch, seat, deck engagement lever, and reverse gear.

These safety interlocks turn off the engine in case of an accident and protect you from severe damage.

You may have a problem with the interlocks that allow the engine to start, but when you put it into gears, it cannot move and turn off the engine.

Final Verdict

You may prefer professional services, but it is better to check the major reasons and try to fix them.

Most problems are simple to identify and would not take more than ten minutes to resolve. It will also improve your zero turn mower maintenance skills and save you money.

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