How To Drain Gas From Kubota Zero-Turn Lawn Mower?

Kubota is a top brand to consider when it comes to getting an advanced gas-powered lawn mower. It can provide superior cutting performance if you drain the old gas in time that sinks to the bottom. But it can be challenging for many who don’t know how to drain gas from Kubota zero-turn lawn mowers. 

Draining gas from a Kubota zero-turn lawn mower isn’t rocket science. You can do it in the following ways. 

  • Disconnect Spark Plug
  • Find the fuel line 
  • Use siphon methods if the lawn machine doesn’t have a carburetor
  • Set the tube and gas container
  • Drain the gas from Carburetor

If you do not have a siphon pump, you can also drain gas by two hoses or detach the fuel line from the carburetor. Siphoning is the easiest and safest way to drain the gas.

How to Drain Gas from Kubota Zero-turn Lawn Mower? [Top 3 Methods]

Draining the gas from the zero turn lawn mower is not a big challenge; it may take approximately 20 minutes. You have multiple ways to drain the gas. Here you will be taught simple techniques.

How to Drain Gas from Kubota Zero-Turn Lawn Mower?

How to Drain Gas from Kubota Zero-Turn Lawn Mower? [Top 3 Methods]

Draining the gas from the zero-turn lawn mower is not a big challenge; it may take approximately 20 minutes. You have multiple ways to drain the gas. Here you will be taught simple techniques.

Things You Will Need [All 3 methods]

  • Siphon pump
  • Gas container
  • Gloves
  • Pair of pliers
  • Pair of drain Tubes /Hoses [ Long and Short]
  • wet cloth or wet rag
  • air pump/ compressor

The siphon pump has three major parts. The first end is inserted into the gas tank, and the other end is inserted into the gas container. The third part is the pump in the middle to generate the suction.

Method 1: Drain the Gas Through Siphoning Pump from Kubota Lawn Mower

People recommend using a hose to drain the gas. They insert the hose in the mower gas tank and suck it; when gas arrives near the mouth, they quickly insert it into the gallon.

It is the easiest way and requires minimal gadgets, but it is risky. If you inhale the gas, it will be dangerous for your lungs and overall health.  So, instead of on the hose use a modern Siphoning pump to simplify this job.

Easy 3 Steps to Follow:

Step 1- Insert the Tube Into the Gas Tank.

First, insert the first end of the siphon pump tube into the gas tank. Make sure you have inserted it deep in the gas tank. It will help you to drain the entire gas from each part of the tank.

Step 2- Insert the Second end Into the Gas Container

After that, insert the tube’s second end into the gas container. Place the container near the lawn mower and insert the tube properly inside the container.

Step 3- Squeeze the Siphon

Squeeze the Siphon
Squeeze the Siphon

Finally, Squeeze the Siphon to suck the gas; after a few pumps, you will see gas will start transferring into the gas container. Keep squeezing until you ensure the entire gas is appropriately drained out.

Method 2: Draining Gas from Kubota Zero- Turn Mower Without Siphon

How to handle the situation if you do not have the siphon pump but want to drain the gas from your new Kubota lawn mower that is full of gas? You can still drain the gas into a gas container.

Easy 3 Steps to Follow:

Step 1- Find the Fuel Line

You can easily drain the gas by removing the fuel line from the carburetor. Try to find the fuel line. It will be a little down from the side that runs from the gas tank to the carburetor and fuel filter.

Step 2- Squeeze the Fuel Line

Then you have to take a pair of pliers to squeeze the clamp on the fuel line. Once the clamp is loosened, wiggle it and then remove it. But before removal, place the gas container closer to you and quickly insert the fuel line into the gas container.

Step 3- Ensure the Entire Gas is Drained.

It is a little tough to drain the entire gas through that method, but if you place your lawn mower in some heightened place, it will be easier.

Once gas stops transferring, turn the mower to the side and ensure all the gas has drained.

Method 3: Draining Gas from Kubota Zero Turn Lawn Mower Using Drain Tube

It is one of the cheapest DIY ways to drain gas from your lawn mower. We will teach you the safest way to remove harmful or old gas from your lawn mower.

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Easy 4 steps to follow:

Step 1- Disconnect Spark Plug

First, park your Kubota lawn mower on a smooth and flat surface. For safety purposes, to ensure you have appropriately switched off and parked the lawn mower, disconnect the spark plug cables.

Once you have disconnected the cables, turn off the ignition switch and open the fuel cap.

Step 2- Set the Tube and Gas Container.

Next, place a gas container next to the gas tank to collect the gas. Ensure the gas container level is 6 to 10 inches below the gas tank.

Take the tubes or hoses and insert one end of the long tube in the gas tank and then the small tube in the gas container. The distance between the gas tank and gas container should not be too far or too close. One or one and a half feet are enough.

After that, you will need to seal the fuel cap through which you have inserted the tubes. It will help to develop the pressure to push the maximum gas out of the tank in the container. You can seal it with a wet cloth or wet rag.

Step 3- Drain the Gas.

Now take the air pump or compressor and blow the air into the tank. Attach the pump with a long tube and forcefully pump it.

After a few minutes of pumping, you will see the gas has started coming out from the gas tank through another tube in the gas container. Keep pumping until the entire gas is transferred from the gas tank to your container.

Step 4- Drain the Gas from Carburetor

Now detach the fuel line from the gas tank and carburetor; if there is any remaining gas, it will transfer into your container.

Only a few ml of fuel reside in the fuel system; for emptying it, you can also switch on the lawn mower to use the remaining gas.

Once you have run the lawn mower and it stops; now you have drained the entire gas from Kubota zero-turn lawn mower.

How Do You Realize if Your Lawn Mower has old/lousy Gas?

If your mower is flinching, sputtering, or won’t start, there is a strong prospect lousy gas is the issue. Volatile compounds authorize gas to burn.

As these solvents evaporate, they produce less combustible gas, becoming gummy; you can observe a varnish-like substance in the gas tank.

How Can You Confide if Gas is Old or Lousy?

Bad gas looks darker or muddier in appearance. You will sense a pungent or unpleasant odor not typically of regular fuel.

Some may even narrate the gasoline as smelling spoiled. In all these situations, it is vital to eliminate the lousy fuel from the tank.

How Often Do I Have to Drain the Gas from My Lawnmower?

You should drain the lawnmower gas before packing it for a lengthier than two months. A prolonged period with gas in the tank can direct to lousy gas and result in problems.

Another remedy to restrain the gas ok for a long time is utilizing a fuel stabilizer. Just add it to the gas; there is no urgency to drain it when you pack it for a long time.

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Can I Reuse the Drained Fuel?

Yes, you can reuse the fuel and add fuel stabilizers to the gas you have drained. But remember that stocking it for a long time will make the gas terrible.

Your LawnMower should use some fresh gas. A stabilizer will help the engine to keep running smooth and optimal.

Final Verdict

Draining gas from the lawn mower is essential when you’re winterizing your mower and preparing it for storage. Otherwise, you might face problems starting it up again in the springtime.

The old gas is left to sit in the tank, which causes problems. You can use several techniques to drain your mower tank while staying safe. Better to read manual instructions carefully before draining your mower.

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