How To Troubleshoot Simplicity Zero Turn Mower Electrical Problems?

If your mower won’t start, then you must check the electrical system first for Simplicity mower troubleshooting. After discovering the common problems that can cause a simplicity lawn mower not to work, you need to know the instructions to fix them. This guide is for you if you don’t know how to troubleshoot simplicity and turn mower electrical problems.

You can fix the simplicity Zero turn mower electrical problems in the following ways.

  • Firstly, identify the exact issue (suppose it may happen due to a bad battery).
  • Collect the necessary things for fixing issues.
  • Know the proper instructions and procedures to solve the problem.

Stay tuned with me and know the overall step-by-step troubleshooting procedures. I hope this will save your time and money and leave you relief from mental hassle.

How To Troubleshoot Simplicity Zero Turn Mower Electrical Problems?
How To Troubleshoot Simplicity Zero Turn Mower Electrical Problems?

4 Troubleshooting Simplicity Zero Turn Mower Electrical Problems:

Your Simplicity zero turn mower may show electrical problems because of several reasons. Let’s know the top 4 reasons and ways to fix them when you experience electrical issues.

  • Bad Battery
  • Faulty PTO Switch
  • Faulty Hour meter
  • Improper Grounding

Things You Will Need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Multimeter
  • Safety Gloves
  • Brush
  • Clean cloth

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Bad Battery Can Cause an Electrical Problem

Before checking other parts of your Simplicity zero turn mower, you should ensure your turn mower battery is fine and supplying good power. A battery delivers low power only when it has a low charge, bad or corroded terminals.


  • Wear your safety gloves; remove your turn mower driver seat and the cover. You will find the battery, unscrew the battery from the terminals and take it out.
  • Check its terminals; if there is corrosion, clean it with a brush and clean cloth.
  • Now take the multimeter and check its voltage. A normal battery should ensure a supply of 12 V power. If the power is low, then first charge it.
  • You may have low charging, but there is also the possibility your battery is bad. It is simple to check the bad battery, connect it with the charging source and leave it for 10 to 20 minutes.
  • After that, check the voltage; if your turn mower battery is okay, it will show 12v, but if volts are less than 12, it means your battery is bad and needs replacement with a new one.

Faulty PTO Switch Problem

You have checked the battery, and it is working fine, but the problem still exists. The next part that needs to be checked is its PTO switch. PTO switch can be the reason for an electrical problem.

It may happen when the starter solenoid is faulty or the PTO pulley or connectors are loose or broken.


  • Locate the solenoid under the Simplicity zero turn mower hood. Check its connectors; if they are loose, tighten them with the screwdriver.
  • But if you see connectors are broken, you will need replacement. You have checked the connectors are tight enough and okay, then check the solenoid itself.
  • Take your multimeter, connect it with solenoid negative wire and measure its voltage. It should be 12V. If you get a voltage less than 12 v or no voltage, the solenoid switch is faulty.
  • Replace the solenoid switch and recheck the PTO switch. If the solenoid switch gives a clicking sound, it means you have solved the problem.

Faulty Hour Meter Problem

A faulty hour meter can also be the reason for electrical problems in your Simplicity zero turn mower. An hour meter can be faulty because of corroded terminals or bad wiring. So check and fix them to resolve the issues.


  • The hour meter’s electrical system is located under the hour meter. Pull up the hour meter cover; you will access its electrical system.
  • Check the terminals; if they are dirty or corroded, it will be unable to supply power to your turn mower. You will need to clean them for proper functioning. If it is too dirty, it is better to replace it with a new one.
  • Check the wire if the terminals are cleaned or replaced, but the problem still exists. Check the wiring using a multimeter. It is essential to have 12v power in the negative wires for a proper power supply.
  • You can go through all the wires; if wires are damaged, replace them or repair them for what you think is better. After verifying the wires, check your turn mower and hope the issue will resolve.

Faulty Grounding Problem

Wiring is the essential power source for all your turn mower’s electric parts. You have checked that the wires are okay; there is no visible damage, but the electric problem still exists.

Now you have to check for a detailed examination of the wiring system. You have proper wires, but there may be a grounding issue. If your Simplicity zero turn mower wires are not correctly grounded, you may fail to get appropriate power for the turn mower.


  • There are two major wires in the turn mower wiring system that are mostly purple and black colors.  You will need to use the multimeter to check the wires’ grounding. But it will only show the value when voltage is passing through.
  • Switch on your Simplicity zero turn mower and attach the multimeter with ground wire. You can easily locate this wire; if the colors are different than purple and black. The wire attached to the positive terminal is ground wire. The mostly black wire is connected with a positive terminal.
  • Connect the multimeter with black wire and check the voltage. If it shows the voltage is 12V, then there is no problem with the wires grounding. If the turn mower is running, but the ground wire shows 0 volts, you need to fix the grounding to eliminate the electrical problem.
  • Once you have rectified all the above issues, you can work without any hurdles.

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Freqently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can a bad battery run Simplicity zero turn mower?

Modern models of Simplicity zero turn mowers are equipped with many functions that are only available with batteries.
So, you will need a good battery with proper charging to get proper performance from the turn mower.
You can use the jump-start method to access the functions, but it is not a recommended solution in the long run.

Can you bypass PTO Switch?

Yes, to access other functions, you can bypass the PTO Switch on your Simplicity zero turn mower. Here you need to run a new wire from the PTO switch to the pigtail of the PTO clutch. Other functions will remain the same, except the PTO switch.

Can I resolve the electrical problems by resetting the turn mower?

Yes, you can remove the electrical problems by resetting the Simplicity zero turn mower, but not always.
You can try resetting, but mostly you will need to go through detailed checking to remove electrical problems permanently.

What are the signs I have an electrical problem with my turn mower?

If you experience a problem at the start of the engine, power loss during mowing, inconsistent power supply, and repeatedly turning off, you have an electrical problem.

Final Verdict

Simplicity zero turn mower owners may experience different electrical problems over time. But fixing the electrical issues is pretty simple if you know the proper techniques.

Ensure the battery, PTO switch, and wiring system is working properly. Once you check and resolve the issue with these parts, you will not just remove the electrical problem but also enhance your mower’s overall performance.

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