Can You Put Chains on a Zero Turn Mower?

Although zero-turn mowers come with top-class maneuverability, they can be tough to control on slippery surfaces. You will face this issue, especially when driving on snow or wet grass. You must have heard that tire chains can solve this problem on tractors, which makes you ask: can you put chains on a zero-turn mower?

Yes, you can put a chain on a zero-turn lawn mower to make it more efficient and avoid accidents during the winter. The chains on the rear tires will provide great traction while driving on slippery tracks. You will no longer have to worry about safety.

You can put chains on the zero-turn mower following five easy steps. What are those steps, and what chains to select for your zero-turn lawn mower? Stay tuned with me to find out.

Can You Put Chains on a Zero Turn Mower?

Different Types of Chains of Zero Turn Mowers

Tire chains are generally two types: classic link chains and wrap style chains. The classic link chain is made of metal and looks like a cable, while the wrap-style chains are usually rubber and cover a larger area.

When it comes to zero-turn mowers, people only use the classic link chains. However, it also can be subdivided into two parts:

1.     Snow Tire Chain

Snow chains are metal tire chains that help zero-turn lawn mower tires to achieve better traction. It will allow you to drive safely on snow or icy tracks; that’s why they are called snow tire chains.

If you want to use a snow tire chain, Arnold Lawn Tractor Rear Tire Chains can be a great choice. It is made of steel and is quite durable.

2.   Link Tire Chain with Tensioner

Link tire chains are also similar to the snow chains but with minor differences. These chains will come with tensioners to hold the chains in place.

You can purchase The ROP Shop 2 Link TIRE Chains & TENSIONERS if you want to have the tensioner come with the chain. It is available in different sizes to match your mower’s tire size.

Comparatively, the second type will cost a little bit higher due to having the tensioner. Plus, linking tire chains with tensioners provides a better driving experience.

Can You Put Chains on a Zero Turn Mower?

Zero-turn mowers are excellent for covering a large area. They also mow grass with perfection, and that’s why most professionals use them.

But during the winter, when there is snow outside, you may find it dangerous to drive your z-turn mower. Besides, dew on the grass can also create this problem.

Some people may tell you to buy new tires with extra traction. But they are costly, and most of the tires may not provide satisfactory results.

You can add chains on the tires of your zero-turn lawn mower to save some money. Then, you can put off the chains when the winter is over.

Tell me why Putting Chains is Important for a Zero Turn Mower.

Putting chains is important for a zero-turn mower for your safety. Driving on a slippery surface can be dangerous and may lead to severe accidents. That’s why it is essential to put chains on a zero turn mower to ensure stability and safety.

How to Put Chains on a Zero Turn Mower?

Putting chains on a zero-turn mower is a one-man’s job. But if you can manage an extra hand, it will be helpful.

Before you start, let’s look at the things you will need:

  • A functional zero-turn lawn mower
  • A set of chains
  • Gloves
  • Tensioners (optional)

Now let’s start working!

Step 1: Preparation

First, make sure you have everything in one place. Try to work on a concrete surface. Trying to put the chain on the tire on your lawn may create a mess for the ground’s softness.

Also, inspect the tire chain to see if it is in good condition. Check all the connections to ensure they are linked together. If the chain is too rusty, it may break while driving. Hence, you should avoid using such chains.

Step 2: Put the chain on the tire

Now, lay the chain flat on the surface behind the tire. You will see that the chains are linked with u-shaped side connectors. Keep the u-shaped connectors facing the ground. Plus, lay it in a way that the main connector stays on the outer side of the tire.

Then get on your z-turn mower and start driving slowly on the chain. When the tire reaches the center of the chain, stop the mower. Turn off the mower to avoid accidents when you are not working.

Step 3: Connect the end of the chains

Now get off the mower and start working on connecting the ends of the chains. First, connect the inside of the chain. Pull the chain on the outside of the tire to ensure better placement.

Leave a generous amount of slack as you may need to back in this step to fit the chain properly.

Step 4: Lock the chains

After connecting the inside, now move on to the outside. Here is the main connector of the chain. Connect both ends of the chain and lock the chain in place.

You may need to pull the chain outside or inside to ensure an even fit. Leaving too much slack can create problems while driving. That’s why it is essential to find a tire chain with the perfect size.

If your tire chain doesn’t have a tensioner, you can use a tensioner to have a stronger connection if you want. These Outdoor Power Deals OPD Tire Chain tighteners work well for zero turn mower tire chains.

Step 5: Attach chains on the rest of the tires.

After putting the chain on a tire, you can move on to putting chains on the other tires, following the same steps above. I think it’s enough to put the chains only on the two rear tires.

But some people also prefer to add in the front tires. You also can do that, but it usually results in a less convenient driving experience. Once you finish putting on the tires, start the lawn mower for a test drive.

How do I Know What Size Tire Chains to Buy for My Zero Turn Mower?

Zero-turn mower tire chains come in various sizes, and you must pick the proper size. Check the side of the tires to find the size. You will see two or three numbers on the body.

If there are two numbers, like 8.5 – 20, the first number is the width, and the second one is the diameter. But if there are three numbers, such as 28/14-14, then the first one is height, the second is width, and the last is the diameter.

The chains also mention the same sizes. While buying a tire chain, match the size with your tire size to pick the right one.

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Putting chains on a zero-turn mower is necessary to ensure more traction and stability while mowing.  While doing this job, I recommend you be careful about the chain size. After putting chains on the tires, if you feel anything abnormal during the test drive, make necessary adjustments to get the best results.

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