Can A Zero Turn Mower Pull A Lawn Roller?

Using Lawn rollers could be a worthwhile solution if you want to level the soil and smoothen the lawn appearance. As it is a heavyweight cylinder-type tool, pulling it by hand is troublesome and tiresome. In this regard, you can use your lawn mower or  zero turn mower to pull it over the lumpy lawns. Firstly, I was in doubt, “can a zero turn mower pull a lawn roller”?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. Zero turn mowers can easily pull the lawn rollers to level a lawn. But ensure you have chosen the right size, weight, material, and most importantly, the right way to level the lawn.

How can you choose and use the best lawn roller for your zero turn mowers? Just take a cup of tea, enjoy it and stay with me. I will help you in making the right decision.

Can A Zero Turn Mower Pull A Lawn Roller?

What is a Lawn Roller?

Lawn rollers are heavy cylinders that are often used for seeding a new lawn. It can press the seed into the topsoil and enhance the germination process. Besides these, rollers help mowers to ride over the bumps and flatten them rather than straddling them.

Can a Zero Turn Mower Pull the Lawn Roller?

Zero turn mowers are very powerful machines that can easily pull the equipment like lawn rollers.  The main point is that you never exceed its capacity.

Zero turn mowers come with a towing weight capacity between 290 pounds and 580 pounds. Ensure that you have chosen the right lawn roller according to your zero turn mower capacity.

A general rule of thumb for zero turn mower towing capacity is to pull the equipment half of the mower’s weight.

Suppose you have 600 pounds zero turn mowers; then you should not attach a lawn roller exceeding 300 pounds.

Now, how does a zero turn mower work with a lawn roller for leveling the lawn?

When the zero turn mower starts moving, it pulls the lawn roller. A lawn roller is a heavy cylinder that exerts force over the lawn surface.

As the mower moves, the cylinder or lawn roller also moves. It presses the surface that levels the gaps or holes in the soil.

What Should you Consider When Choosing a Lawn Roller for Zero Turn Mowers?

For the best performance of a lawn roller behind the zero turn mower, you must consider the following things; otherwise, your experience will not be satisfactory.

Here is the list of four significant aspects you must check when choosing a lawn roller for zero turn mower.

  • Material
  • Style
  • Roller size
  • Weight

1. Material

No doubt, the material is a significant factor for every piece of equipment; when choosing a lawn roller, you must choose from steel or polyurethane.

Steel lawn rollers are durable but heavy, and pulling by the zero turn mowers may not be easy.

On the other hand, polyurethane rollers are lightweight but also durable, but less durable than steel.

Both are hollow from the inside, and you can fill them with water or sand to get your required weight but a steel roller can only fill with water. Poly rollers are also less expensive, so they are better than steel.

2. Style

Push or tows behind are two popular styles. Tow behind lawn rollers is better and easy to use than push style lawn rollers.

3. Roller Size

The size of the lawn roller is an essential factor to consider. For a smooth leveling and drive, choose a lawn roller size that should not be much wider than the turn mower width.

The smaller size may be easy to pull, but it takes more time to cover the surface. Generally, choose the size between 24” to 60” inches or 6 to 12 inches wider than the turn mower size.

4. Weight

Check the capacity of your zero turn mower; if not possible, then simply choose half the size of your mower.

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How to Attach a Lawn Roller to Zero Turn Mowers?

Once you have the right lawn roller for your zero turn mowers, the next important thing is to attach the roller to the zero turn mowers.

Here are the steps to attach the lawn roller to zero turn mower.

Easy 5 Steps:

Step 1- Weld a Post Behind the Mower

Some of the zero turn mowers have the post to tow the equipment. But if you see your mower, do not have the first attached post to pull the lawn roller. You can use any small metal pieces of small size by digging a hole on the side to tow the lawn roller.

You will need a welding machine, cutter, and drill machine. Cut the metal piece, dig the hole on the side and then weld the post with the zero turn mowers on the back.

Weld a Post Behind the Mower
Weld a Post Behind the Mower

It is fine to only weld the post, but for more perfection, you can also screw the bolts. You will need to drill holes and then, using a screwing shaft, screw the bolts.

Step 2- Tow the Lawn Roller with the Zero Turn Mower

Now you have the post to tow the lawn roller with your zero turn mower. It is very easy; take your lawn roller behind the mower. Ensure it is in the right balance, and the layout should be good.

Attach its long rod with the post by using a large metal pin. Once you have inserted the pin, ensure it is okay and properly attached, there is no loose end.

Tow the Lawn Roller with the Zero Turn Mower
Tow the Lawn Roller with the Zero Turn Mower

Step 3- Fill the Lawn Roller with Water or Sand

You will need to fill the lawn roller hollow surface with water or sand to get the required weight to get the smooth level of the lawn.

It depends on you whatever option you choose.  Filling the lawn roller with water is easier than sand.

Once you have filled it, close its lid correctly and ensure no leakage. The vital thing to consider is that adding water or sand does not exceed the weight, more than the zero turn mower towing capacity.

Step 4- Level the Lawn Mower Surface

Now your lawn roller is ready to level the lawn surface. Drive it through the required spaces, but always drive evenly. Be consistent; do not ride too fast or too slow; maintain a moderate speed to get the right balance.

Once you have leveled the surface, make a double check. If it needs to repeat the leveling process until you get the required smooth surface.

Step 5- Store the Lawn Roller

The final step is to store the lawn roller; remove the water or sand once you have done your job. Do not store the lawn roller filled with water or sand; otherwise, you will experience corrosion, especially for steel rollers.

After removing the material, take the lawn roller to the store, detach it from the post, and store it. You have done your job with your zero turn mower.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can a John Deere Zero Turn mower pull a lawn roller?

Yes, John Deere Zero turn mowers can generally pull up to 400 pounds. 400 pounds weight is enough to smoothen the lawn surfaces.

Can you tow a lawn roller behind the Gravely Zero Turn mower?

Yes, a gravely zero turn mower can pull 300 pounds. You can easily level your lawn by pulling the lawn roller behind the gravely zero turn mower.

Is a Toro Zero turn mower able to pull a lawn roller?

You may find it feasible, but it is not the recommended one. Its capacity is not more than 80 pounds.
80 pounds may be feasible for wet surfaces, but it is not a better choice for dry spaces. Experts suggest avoiding using Toro Zero turn mowers for lawn leveling jobs.

Final verdict

Leveling the lawns is not a much more complex task; you can do it by pulling a lawn roller behind your zero turn mowers.

But ensure you do not use weight and size more than the zero turn mower capacity. Check the zero turn mowers manual to find the right lawn roller for leveling the lawn.

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