Will A Zero Turn Fit On A 5×8 Trailer?

Zero-turn mowers are powerful small engines that can pull heavy weights. Towing a trailer behind the zero-turn mower can be a great idea for the easy transport of heavy items. You will get different sizes of trailers for your zero turn mowers; among them, 5×8 is often the best choice. But First, I got confused to think about Will my Zero turn fit on a 5×8 trailer.

Fortunately, I find a 5×8 trailer the best fit for my needs. The 5×8 trailer is 56 inches wider, which is compatible with most zero-turn mowers. Zero-turn mowers like 54, 52, 50, and 48 inches find the fit on a 5×8 trailer.

You can make your transport easier if you find the right size of trailer for your turn mower. This article will teach you the right trailer size for your turn mower. Let’s start the discussion.

Will A Zero Turn Fit On A 5x8 Trailer
Will A Zero Turn Fit On A 5×8 Trailer

Can You Attach a Trailer to a Zero Turn Mower?

Yes, you have the options to choose from different trailers in the market for your turn mower models. The manufacturer has introduced specialized trailers that fit with the turn mower. They come with complete hitch kits that are easy to attach with the zero turn mowers.

You can attach the trailers behind your zero turn mower to pull the accessories such as fertilizers, seed spreaders, sprayers, and others. It makes your accessories transport simple and safe.

Recommended Trailer for Zero Turn Mower

What Size of a Trailer Do You Need for a Zero Turn Mower?

It is not rocket science, but you need to understand the logic behind the scene. Choosing the trailer size is not tough if you do it carefully.

Suppose you choose a trailer that is 60 inches wide; it is not 60 inches. Sixty inches equals 5 feet, but the 60-inch trailer is not exactly 5 feet. Its accessories, housing, and other parts will increase its wideness. It may become 6 feet or more instead of 5 feet.

Zero turn mowers come with features of a turning radius of 0 degrees. It performs similarly to the tanks that can be turned at the tightest angles. Choosing the trailer for the zero turn mower is not fancy because if you choose the large one, you will need extra space to store it.

Most of the zero turn mowers are compatible with 16×18 trailers. But if you prefer to store other stuff, try to get a less congested trailer.

You can choose enclosed trailers with a garage to park the mower and trailer. For the open spaces, open trailers are better and cheaper choices.

Follow a simple rule, always prefer your zero turn mower full size and get the trailer that has a couple of inches wider size, including housing and other parts, than your turn mower.

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Will a 60-inch Zero Turn Fit on a 5×8 Trailer?

A 60-inch zero turn mower has its size 4 feet high, 6 feet long, and 4 feet wider. You will not find it a better match for fitting it on 5×8 trailers. You may be confused about your mower size; it is some inches more than its original size.

The overall width of a 60-inch mower would be 66 inches. So, it will be hard to attach a 60 inches turn mower into a 5×8 trailer. Experts recommend a 6×12 trailer for 60 inches zero turn mower.

Will a 54-inch Zero Turn Fit on a 5×8 Trailer?

First, understand how wide the 54-inch zero-turn mower is. The zero turn mower with a 54-inch size will become almost 59.7 inches when including its housing parts.

But the size 5×8 trailer is 56 inches. So, it may not be a perfect match for your 54-inch zero-turn mower. Some find it compatible, but it cannot be the preferred choice. It may be a problem when you drive.

Experts recommend a trailer of 6×10 for the 54-inch mower. It easily fits and keeps your ride safe and simple.

Will a 52-inch Zero Turn Fit on a 5×8 Trailer?

Yes, a 52-inch zero turn mower can easily fit on a 5×8 trailer. These will ensure the best riding and pulling experience and make it easy to store your mowers.

Will a 50-inch Zero Turn Fit on a 5×8 Trailer?

Yes, you can use a 5×8 trailer with a 50-inch zero turn mower. A 50-inch zero turn mower is 54 inches wider, while a 5×8-inch trailer is 56 inches.

When you attach it to a 50-inch mower, its size perfectly matches. It is easy to move, pull and store with your zero turn mower in closed spaces.

Will a 48-inch Mower Fit on a 5×8 Trailer?

Yes, a 48-inch mower can fit on a 5×8 trailer. It is small enough that it is easy to carry and pull. To understand it, first, you need to understand the actual width of the mower.

You know it’s 5×8 inch trailer has a size of 56 inches. While your 48-inch mower is 51 inches, a 5×8-inch trailer can be a perfect choice.

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Comparison Table- Zero Turn Mower VS 5X8 Trailer

Zero-turn mower sizeMower size in inches5×8 trailer size in inchesCompatibility
60 inch6656NO
54 inch59.756Yes
52 inch5656Yes
50 inch5456Yes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How wide is a 5×8 trailer?

5X8 trailers are called mid-sized trailers that easily fit the zero turn mower with most. The size of a 5×8 trailer is 8 feet long, 4 feet and 8 inches wide, and 5 feet and 4 inches high. It offers a loading capacity of 208 cubic feet.

Who is using a 5×8 trailer?

5×8 trailers are mid-sized and easy to attach and pull; they are widely used for several purposes. People are using the 5×8 trailer with JD gator mowers, walk-behind push mowers, and zero turn mowers.
They use them for landscaping, transport of accessories, sprayers, and flower mulching. 5X8 trailers are also famous for transporting or delivering goods to customers. They used to move furniture, pick up purchases, and carry camping accessories.

Will a john deere 54″ deck fit on a 5′ trailer?

Yes, a 54” deck john deere mower easily fits on a 5 feet trailer. It is easy to attach, carry, pull and store in the garage.

How much weight can a 5×8 trailer carry?

5×8 trailers are strong enough. They can accommodate payloads of up to 2200 pounds. So towing behind the zero turn mower is worry-free.

What can I fit in a 5X8 trailer?

A 5X8 trailer offers you a wide range of items to fit in. You can carry the furniture items like chairs, small queen-size beds, rub rails, lockable doors, sprayers, seed spreaders, and camping luggage.

How tall is a 5×8 trailer?

A 5×8 inches trailer is 5 feet and 4 inches tall.

Final Verdict

5X8 trailers are mid-sized trailers that are compatible with most small-size engines. They carry enough weight; have manageable length, width, and height.

You can easily tow them behind small engines like the zero turn mower. You can use the 5×8 trailer to transport luggage, camping accessories, furniture, sprayers, and much more.

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