How To Put A Zero Turn Mower In Neutral? Step By Step Guide

If you are new to zero turn mowers or have recently acquired one, it is critical that you learn How to put a zero turn mower in neutral mode. This is an important feature that allows you to maneuver the mower without activating the blades.

The procedure for activating neutral mode may differ depending on the make of your zero turn mower. In this guide, the method to set your zero-turn mower in neutral mode will be shown step by step.

Some typical problems and troubleshooting methods will also be discussed to assist you solve them.

How To Put A Zero Turn Mower In Neutral

What is a Neutral Mode in A Zero Turn Mower?

A neutral mode on a zero turn mower is a function that allows the mower to operate freely without any forward or backward motion. This mode is often activated by disengaging the transmission.

It disconnects the mower’s driving wheels from the power of the engine. When you need to physically move the mower, you need the neutral mode. This is useful when putting it onto a trailer or situating it in a confined place.

It’s also useful when you need to disengage the blades while the mower is running but don’t want to turn off the engine. On the control handles of certain zero turn mowers, there is a specific neutral position.

Others may need you to use a separate lever or button to release the blades and transfer the gearbox into neutral.

Step by Step Guide on How to Put a Zero Turn Mower in Neutral

You may enter neutral mode properly and effectively if you follow these precise instructions. These steps will allow you to move the mower as needed without having to move it forward or backward:

1. Locate the Neutral Switch

Turn off the blades on your zero-turn mower before switching to neutral mode. This prevents any unintentional engagement when changing the gear.

The PTO switch or lever is located on the control panel. Disengage the PTO switch or lever to turn off the blades.

The neutral position on a zero turn mower is generally denoted with a sign or marking “Neutral” or “N” on the control handles. If you can’t find the neutral position on your mower, see the owner’s handbook.

2. Turn the Neutral Mode On

Move the control handles to the neutral position while the blades are disengaged. The transmission will be disengaged. As a result, it will enable the mower to travel freely without any forward or backward movement.

To return the control handles to the neutral position, perform the following steps:

  • Check that the mower is on a level surface.
  • Sit in the driver’s seat and make sure the parking brake is engaged.
  • Let the control handles to swivel towards the center of the mower.
  • Look for the handle’s neutral position indication and move it until it lines up with the “Neutral” or “N” sign.

3. Turn the Parking Brake On

Engage the parking brake before getting off the mower to keep it from moving.  The parking brake is usually found on the control panel and is activated by pulling a lever or pressing a button.

Follow these procedures in order to deploy the parking brake:

  • In the control panel, look for the parking brake lever or button.
  • To engage the parking brake, pull the lever or push the button.
  • Attempt to maneuver the mower to ensure that the brake is firmly engaged.

4. Turn the Engine Off

Turn off the engine after pressing the parking brake to prevent the mower from starting up while in neutral mode.

To switch off the engine, do the following:

  • Switch the key to the “Off” position.
  • Wait for the engine to completely stop.
  • Take the key out of the ignition.

5. Perform a Test

After the mower is in neutral mode, you need to examine it. You can be sure it is in neutral mode if it travels freely without resistance. It will be then ready to be transported or loaded onto a trailer.

To test the neutral mode, perform the following steps:

  • Stand behind the mower and push it forward gently.
  • The mower is in neutral mode if it travels effortlessly and without resistance.
  • Push the mower backwards to verify that it goes freely in both directions.

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What Are Some Common Problems While Putting a Zero Turn Mower in Neutral?

You may face some common problems while putting your zero-turn mower to the neutral mode. Here are the issues with the fixes:

1. Transmission Problem

If your mower would not shift into neutral, there might be a problem with the controls or the transmission. To resolve this problem, use the following steps:

  • Ensure that the control handles are completely in the neutral position.
  • Check that the parking brake is working.
  • To clear any debris that may be clogging the transmission, rock the mower back and forth.
  • Check the transmission drive belts and pulleys to make sure they are in good shape and correctly adjusted.
  • Inspect the transmission fluid level and, if required, top it up.

2. Can’t Move the Control Handle

If your control handles would not go to neutral, there might be a problem with the linkage or control wires. Follow the suggestions below:

  • Examine the control cables and linkage to verify they are not damaged or rusted.
  • If required, lubricate the control cables and linkage.
  • If needed, adjust the control cords.

3. Can’t Engage the Parking Brake

If your parking brake does not engage, the braking system may need to be fixed. Follow these guidelines:

  • Examine the parking brake cable to make sure it is not broken or strained.
  • If required, adjust the parking brake cable.
  • Examine the brake pads and rotors to ensure they’re in good shape and correctly aligned.
  • If these measures do not address the problem, the parking brake system may be faulty.

Safety Measure to Take to Put a Zero Turn Mower in Neutral

It is crucial that you follow the following safety precautions to ensure that you operate the mower safely:

Keep the Mower Clean:

Clear the mower and work area of any obstructions or debris. These might interfere with the mower’s movement before entering neutral mode.

This includes pebbles, sticks, and other material that might become entangled in the wheels of the mower.

Caution with the Blades and Other Components:

Keep your hands and feet away from the mower’s working components. This includes the blades, wheels, and other potentially hazardous components.

Maintain vigilance when operating your zero turn mower. Keep an eye out for obstructions and other potential risks that might cause the mower to tip over or lose control.

Follow the Manual:

While operating your zero turn mower, always follow the manufacturer’s directions. This contains instructions on how to enter neutral mode and use the mower safely.

Apply the Parking Brake:

Before shifting into neutral, always activate the parking brake. This prevents the mower from abruptly moving while you’re working on it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I turn on the neutral mode while mowing?

No, you need to turn the blades off.

How to turn the neutral mode of a zero turn mower off?

Revert the handle from neutral.

Do I need to turn on the engine while in neutral mode?

No, you can freely move the mower.

Can I mow the lawn in neutral mode?

No, you can only move the mower.

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