52 Vs 60 Inch Deck: Which Is Better for Lawn or Yard Care?

The 52″ and 60″ Decks are the most popular and will fit in almost all medium to big yards. But, if you must choose between 52 and 60-inch decks, which one will you go with?

When deciding between a 52 vs 60 inch deck, consider the size of your lawn, terrain, grass type, frequency of use, and other important factors.

Therefore, keep reading to learn and comprehend all you need to consider before selecting the correct deck for your mower.

52 Vs 60 Inch Deck

52 Vs 60 Inch Deck: A Quick Comparison

Feature52-inch deck60-inch deck
Cutting widthNarrowerWider
ManeuverabilityBetter in tight spacesLess maneuverable in tight spots
EfficiencyBetter for smaller areasBetter for larger areas

Please keep in mind that these are broad generalizations and that specific models may differ in weight, price, and other aspects.

What Are the Differences Between 52 vs 60 inch Deck?

Check out the comparative analysis of the key differences between these two popular deck sizes_

1. Cutting width & Maneuverability:

The main difference between a 52-inch and 60-inch mower deck is their cutting width.

A 60” deck features a cutting width range of around 56 to 62 inches.

Also, can cut a larger area with each pass, which can be more efficient for mowing larger areas (five and above acres).

However, Due to its extra wide length, a 60-inch deck mower may struggle to move around corners and reach each tight spot.

On the other hand, a 52-inch deck features a cutting width range of around 48 to 54 inches, which is narrower than any 60-inch cutting deck.

But 52-inch cutting decks are more maneuverable due to their smaller width length and easier reaching each tight corner or space on the lawn.

2. Weight:

Generally, deck weight is influenced by factors such as construction materials, blade size, and number of blades.

However, a 60-inch deck can weigh between 100 and 150 pounds, whereas a 52-inch deck can weigh between 100 and 150 pounds.

A 60-inch mower deck is heavier due to its larger size and more material used in its construction. The added deck weight might make the mower difficult to maneuver and transport or store.

However, the 52-inch cutting deck will be lighter and easier to move or carry when needed due to its weight.

3. Capacity:

A cutting deck’s capacity can be changed by adjusting the size of the discharge chute, engine power, and blades.

However, a 60-inch mower deck can handle 3.5 to 5.5 cubic feet per minute (CFM), whereas a 52-inch deck can handle 3.0 to 4.5 CFM.

This means that a 60-inch cutting deck can handle more grass clippings at once than a 52-inch deck, providing it an edge for mowing wider areas. It can also reduce the need for frequent stops to empty the grass catcher.

4. Price range or Affordability:

Generally, 60-inch mower decks are more expensive than 52-inch decks due to their larger size and capacity. For instance, Bobcat 52-inch deck is available at around $1,131.60, while the Bobcat 60-inch mower deck is available at around $2,837.00 price.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing 52 or 60-Inch Deck

Check out the key factors to consider when deciding whether to go with a 52-inch or 60-inch deck size for your mower to do the job_


The first thing to consider is whether one is more concerned with pricing or quality. If you have a budget limit, you should sort options based on price first, while if quality is your priority, you can move on without giving it much thought.

But still, it’s better to have an overall pricing idea. The cost of a brand-new 52-inch deck can range from $1,000 to $3,000. However, exclusive options like the Walker 52-inch deck can cost up to $6,990.

Aftermarket or used decks are available in cheaper ranges, such as $200 to $900.

Likewise, a brand new 60-inch deck will cost $1,000 up to $3,500, while premium options like- Walker 60-inch deck might range between $6990 and $8500.

But aftermarket or used options are available at $300-$999.

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Type or Nature of Your Lawn:

When deciding between a 52-inch and 60-inch deck for your lawn, keep the following factors in mind:

Type & size of your lawn/yard:

If you have a three to four-acre yard or commercial lawn to maintain, a 52-inch deck from a trusted brand like John Deere or Husqvarna will suffice.

However, if your lawn or yard is much larger, a 60-inch mower deck is best for larger lawns or yards, as it can handle five to ten-acre areas.

Nature & Length of Grass:

The second factor to examine is the nature, type, and length of your yard grass.

Fortunately, 52 and 60-inch cutting decks can cut through cool-season grasses (Bluegrass and Fescue) and warm-season grasses (Bermuda and Zoysia). However, on dense, thicker, and longer grass, a 60-inch deck outperforms a 52-inch deck.

A 60-inch cutting deck can also help reduce the required number of passes when mowing, saving time and energy.

Terrain & Level of Obstacles:

A 60-inch deck is more productive on larger yards with flat terrain, while a 52-inch deck is more maneuverable and safer for hilly or uneven terrain.

On the other hand, a 52-inch deck is more maneuverable and easier to navigate around obstacles, while a 60-inch deck may be more tough to maneuver in tight spaces.

Mower Model Type:

Which one is best for your needs depends on the type or model of your mower:

Zero-turn mowers:

Zero-turn mowers like the EGO POWER+ZT5207L with a 52-inch cutting deck are enough for large lawns, yards, or commercial properties with flat terrain.

But for lawns or properties larger than four acres, Zero-turn models like the Cub Cadet Ultima ZTX4 7000 Pro with a 60-inch deck are more appropriate.

Riding mowers:

Riding mowers are best suited for mowing on two to four acres properties or lawns. This range is excellent for 52-inch deck riding mowers like the Cool Machines CM26KA52. Especially if your lawn or yard has trees or gardens.   

However, a Toro Titan MAX 76601 with a 60-inch deck mower will be more efficient for greater open landscape areas of five or up to ten acres.

Walk-behind mowers:

Residential walk-behind mowers can support 18-inch to 24-inch cutting decks, while commercial models can support 32-inch to 54-inch decks.

A 21 to 36-inch deck would work for smaller lawns and homes with uneven terrain or steep hills, but a 52-inch deck will suffice for larger places.

Stand-on mowers:

Stand-on mowers work well on big properties with reasonably flat ground. Therefore, choose a 52” stand-on mower deck for properties up to 3 acres, or a 60” deck if the area is larger.

Storage Capacity & Mowing Duration

Storage capacity:

Before choosing a deck size, consider whether you have enough storage space.

A 60-inch mower deck is larger and heavier than a 52-inch deck. Even the lengths of the 52” and 60” decks differ by 8 inches.

So, you should have enough space to make it simple to get your mower in and out of storage.

Mowing duration:

A 60-inch deck can accommodate more grass clippings than a 52-inch deck.

This is useful for mowing larger areas since it lowers the need for frequent stops to empty the grass catcher.

However, if you have a smaller lawn a 52-inch deck may suffice and reduce overall mowing time.

Price Comparison chart of 52 and 60-inch Deck:

Brands52” deck price range60” deck price range
John Deere$1,000 – $2,000$1,000 – $3,500
Toro$1,500 – $2,800$1,500 – $3,000
Bobcat$1,000 – $2,500$2,500 – $3,000
Walker$1,500 – $6,990$6,990 – $8,500

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 52 Vs 60 Inch Deck: Which One to Choose, Finally?

The quick answer is that if you have a 2/3 or larger yard, you should go with a 52-inch deck. Choose a 60-inch deck if the yard is larger than 4 acres or up to 10 acres.

Yet some major aspects that can influence the final decision_

  • Size and terrain: A 60-inch deck is more efficient for larger areas, while a 52-inch deck is more maneuverable.
  • Budget: A 60-inch deck is generally more expensive than a 52-inch deck. 
  • Storage and transportation: Transporting and storing a 60-inch deck in a limited space can be challenging because it’s larger and heavier than a 52” deck.
  • Grass clippings & stoppage frequency: A 60-inch deck can manage more grass clippings than a 52-inch deck and requires fewer stops.
  • User comfort: Larger decks such as 60”, provide a smoother ride but can be difficult to steer, compromising operator comfort and safety.

52 vs 60 inch Deck – FAQs:

Can A 60 Inch Deck Fit Into 52 Inch Mower Deck?

A 60-inch deck will not fit into a 52-inch mower deck because the mower deck size must match the mower to provide the best cutting performance, and a deck that is too broad may reduce cutting quality.

How Often Do I Need to Mow My Lawn or Yard Grass?

Mowing should be done at least once a week if not twice a week.

How Many Acres Per Hour Can A 60-inch Zero-turn Mower Mow?

2.88 to 2.9 acres per hour.

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