Zero Turn Mower in Sandy Soil (Face Difficulties?!)

Mowing over sandy soil is challenging to do.  As a lawn owner, I also faced difficulties with my zero lawn mower deck and blades. As it very badly wears the blades and the blades become dull very fast. So, what’s gonna do with a zero-turn mower in sandy soil? 

The effective decision is to choose the best sand blades for your lawn mower. Again, you can use auto-body rubberized undercoating on the zero-turn mowers deck. This thing will protect the blades and deck for a longer time.

More diving into details will give you the right direction. Let’s figure out which things you need to know when mowing with a zero-turn mower in sandy soil.

Zero Turn Mower in Sandy Soil
Zero Turn Mower in Sandy Soil

Problems Caused By Sandy Soil

Sandy soil is generally problematic for lawn masters to deal with. This soil has less nutrient value as well as drains quickly. The grass also has problems growing in sandy soil. Although, these characteristics have a slight effect while mowing grass, but don’t completely ruin the mowing process.

Basically, the main problem is when you mow with a zero-turn mower and your blades wear the sand as well as turf grass. So, your blades become dull and don’t cut grass effectively. Sometimes, it turns on uneven cutting in lawn areas. The mower deck is also clogged with sand and grass which turns into difficulties for a lawn owner. You need to sharpen the blade frequently which requires extra time and cost. This is so irritating to deal with!

How to Fix Issues With Sandy Soil in Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers?

The more you go with your zero-turn mower over sandy soil, your mower deck and blades clog with sand, dirt and turf grasses. To prevent these most irritating issues,  let’s follow some basic tricks which are given below-

Choose The Best Blade for Sandy Soil

Sand blades are a more effective tool for easy mowing. These blades are sharp and flat and they also don’t need frequent sharpening. The best advantage of a sand blade is you’ve to flip the blades if one side gets dull. There’s no difficulty in sharpening it all the time. 

You can find mainly three types of blades which are great for sandy soil. High-lift blades, middle-lift blades, low-lift blades. Low-lift blades hold the edge longer than others. It has also low suction as well. So, the mower’s deck and blades can resist the clogging of dirt, dust or turf grass with these blades.

Use Auto-Body Rubberized Undercoating on the Mower Deck

Applying auto body undercoating on your deck keeps it safe from grass sticking, clogged sand or dust. It also helps to resist corrosion and keep long-lasting performance. You have to apply a heavy thick coat throughout the mower deck. Purchasing one can is enough to cover a whole deck. You can choose 3M Professional Grade Rubberized Undercoating for better results.

Try a Three-Turn Point While Mowing On a Lawn

In most cases, turning a zero-turn mower causes the mower’s deck to get stuck with turfgrass. Also, this zero turn point left tire marks and your lawn becomes unevenly mowed. The best idea is to try three or four turn points with a zero-turn lawn mower. It’s better than the result of zero turns. Also, this way you can deal better with sandy soil. 

Best Mower Blades for Zero-turn Lawn Mower

Many brands offer the best blade for sandy soil. Choosing between top brands is a little tough as you can’t figure out which will do a quality job. The most you need is to protect your blade from any wear for a longer period. 

I recommend two of the best blades which deal better with sandy soil for a long time.

Oregon  Gator blades for sandy soil always make customers satisfied with their durability. They are compared to thicker OEM blades. I used only a set of Oregon blades throughout the year. So, yeah! They are great for durability and also cost-effective.

Craftsman 54-inch Sand blade is a quality blade which performs great in dry and sandy soil. This mower blade is more durable and sturdy than other blades. It also cuts the grass so fast and better. Your blade doesn’t need to be sharp frequently as it has great edge retention. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you mow with a zero turn without tearing up grass?

You should apply three turn points with a zero-turn mower. It’ll help to mow a lawn without tearing up the grass. Also, you’ll find fewer tear marks on your lawn. The cutting of grass will be smooth too.

Who makes the most dependable zero-turn mower?

Husqvarna is the most reliable brand which designs the most quality zero-turn lawn mower. The most popular zero-turn mower model is Husqvarna MZ61 which has 27hp and 8.5 mph top speed

Is it better to sharpen or replace the mower blade?

When you’ve to deal with regular blades, it’s better to sharpen the mower blades to ensure their long-lasting performance. Again, if blades get damaged or bent, then replacing the mower blade is the best decision.


Zero-turn mowers are great for easily cutting grass or leveling the lawn, No doubt at all! But when it goes over sandy soil, you need to worry about the blades and mower deck. 

Therefore, choosing the best sand blade will effectively ease your work. The more you can do is to ensure proper maintenance of your lawn mower

Hope you get the solution for your zero-turn lawn mower. Will meet on the next topic! 

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