Who Makes Spartan Mowers? (Manufacturer Information)

Spartan provides commercial-grade, stand-on, and zero-turn mowers for yards of all sizes. The feedback from their satisfied customers is universally high. But, do you know who manufactures Spartan mowers?

The Toro Company acquired Intimidator Group, a Batesville, Arkansas-based manufacturer of Spartan Mowers, renowned for their robust design, dependable performance, and unique style.

This article will give you the answer who makes spartan mowers and explore the brand’s history and its products.

Who Makes Spartan Mowers

About the Manufacturer – Who Makes Spartan Mowers?

Toro Company owner Foster’s vision of creating a lawnmower that could take on any terrain became reality in 2013 with the introduction of the Spartan mower by Intimidator Group.

Since childhood, Robert Foster has been passionate about mechanics, and in 2015, he made his dream a reality by founding Spartan Mowers which revolutionize the industry, tackling even the toughest terrain with power and affordability.

Then Intimidator Group, the manufacturer of this Mowers in Batesville, was acquired by The Toro Company for $400 million in 2022.

The Toro Company and its family of brands have excelled in helping clients operate on golf courses, sports fields, building sites, public green spaces, commercial and residential properties, and agricultural activities.

Where Are Spartan Mowers Made?

The Spartan mowers are made in the Arkansas Ozarks and transported to dealers all around the world, using components sourced from the United States and all over the rest of the world.

Spartan’s zero-turn mowers are distinguished by their commercial-grade competence and aggressive design, which makes them suitable for use on residential lawns.

What Types of Mowers Does Spartan Produce?

With models ranging from commercial lawn equipment and stand-on mowers to zero-turn mowers for small and large yard applications, Spartan is sure to have the ideal mower for you.

Some popular series of the Spartan mower are given below:


KGZ-XD is Spartan’s fastest zero turns mower. The KGZ-XD maintains:

  • 18,500 FPM with 55+ lbs/ft of torque
  • 4 Springed Suspension Forks
  • Oversized Electric Clutch
  • Adjustable 3” Travel Seat
  • 15 mph Top Speed 
  • 7 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • Both engine pulley diameters were increased to maintain blade tip speed at 2,800 RPM
  • Pump speed at 15 MPH.

2. KG series

KG series comes with two models: KG pro and KG XD. This series has:

  • 54″ and 61″ deck options
  • 100-300 lb Operator Platform
  • Dual 6-gallon fuel tanks
  • Parker Hydros
  • Magnetic pin height adjustment
  • Lean in bolster

3. SRT series

Spartan SRT Series commercial zero turn mowers also include two different models: SRT-XD and SRT-XDe for both small and large jobs. This series maintains:

  • Improved five-layer Smart Ride Technology package for both increased traction and comfortable ride
  • Smart Ride Technology means five layers of comfort
  • Front and rear radial tires
  • Rear suspension with custom Winamac Coil Springs
  • Adjustable 3″ Travel Seat that works like a spring

4. RT series

The RT-HD is a commercial zero-turn mower with a heavy-duty design and fleet-like price for individual buyers. Two models are: Spartan RT-Pro and RT-HD.

  • 6″ Deep, 7-Gauge XTF Deck System
  • GT Trac for Incline Traction
  • 360 Degree Seat Plate
  • Adjustable Steering Arms
  • Easy Touch Brake System
  • Vibration Control Deck System

5. RZ series

The RZ Series zero-turn mowers work as commercial-grade mowers, but they cost less than residential mowers. The RZ series has the following models:


  • Fusion welded tube frame
  • 4″ deep deck allows it to maneuver easily in tight spaces
  • Available with three engine options for varying horsepower


  • 22″ Carlisle Turf Armor Bias Ply Tires and Tuff Torq 400 Transmission
  • Absolute beast of a machine for residential use


  • New Tuff Torq 450 transmission with steel gears
  • 10cc pump
  • The high-end 22″ Carlisle Turf Armor bias ply tires improve traction both on level ground and inclines


  • 5″ deep 7-gauge XTF deck
  • ROPS, 22″ rear radials
  • Parker HTE 10cc transmissions

What Engine Does Spartan Mower Use?

Spartan Mower’s lineup of zero-turn mowers is powered by:

  • Kohler
  • Kawasaki
  • Briggs & Stratton
  • Vanguard Big Block engines

The available range of engine horsepower is between 25 and 38 horsepower. All engines have a 9.5-gallon gas tank, and forward speeds range from 9 to 13 mph, depending on the horsepower used, with a maximum reverse speed of 5 mph.

In addition, the mowers have exceptional 1000-hour intervals between oil changes, allowing for greater work time and fewer service intervals.

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Spartan Zero Turn Mower: Residential or Commercial?

A Spartan zero-turn mower can be used in 3 different ways. The following list might help you figure out which mower is best for you.

1. Residential

RZ Series residential zero-turn mowers are ideal for homeowners. Users who only mow once a week can get a professional-level cut in half the time with the RZ Series. 

2. Semi-commercial

Semi-commercial or mid-level zero-turn mowers are appropriate for landowners or small lawn care businesses.

Spartan’s zero-turn mowers are comfortable, durable, and customizable. The RT PRO and SRT PRO mowers have more torque, engine options, and other fantastic features than the RZ series.

3. Commercial

Spartan offers commercial-grade mowers at cheap prices, which could help your business operate better.

For the maximum value, pick the RT HD, SRT HD, and XD mower. These engines have the most horsepower, torque, and size.

How Good is Spartan Mowers?

Spartan knows that customers want a product that is worth the money they pay for it. Some reasons to buy a Spartan mower are given below:


Spartan Mowers are designed with American steel and ingenuity, making them some of the most reliable and hard-wearing mowers on the market. Their superior quality and durability have earned a well-deserved reputation for being a top pick among American lawn-care enthusiasts.


Spartan Mowers are designed to make mowing effortless on any terrain. The turn-dial deck height adjustment and foot-assist easy-lift deck make mowing easier. GT Trac technology provides optimal traction and weight distribution on any gradient.   


Spartan’s SRT Series mowers offer the most comfortable ride regardless of acreage. Smart Ride Technology, a neoprene torsion bar, and soft ride rear radial tires ease the middle and back. 

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Which Mower is The Best-Selling Spartan Series?

In terms of affordable zero-turn mowers, the RT-Pro is your best bet.

Its 24″ radial traction tires, powerful engine options, and reliable Parker all-hydraulic gearbox make it easy to move across your lawn.

Also, it has a 6″ deep deck, an adjustable steering arm, and a blade tip speed of 18,500 FPM, so it’s a great choice for a variety of tasks.

With the impressive selection of Briggs, Kawasaki, and Kohler engines, you’ll be able to choose the power level that’s perfect for you. By using the RT-Pro, you can maximize your time spent mowing.

Spartan Mowers Price List

The following is a price list for all Spartan series models:

Spartan seriesPrice range
KG Series Models$11,419- $14,919
KGZ Series Models$19,419
RT Series Models$9,879- $13,859
RZ Series Models$5,519- $9,419
SRT Series Models$12,489- $16,779

Does Spartan Mower Provide Warranty?

Spartan Mowers offer a lifetime warranty to the original buyer against defects in materials and workmanship.

The warranty on the leading deck edge only covers the cost of labor to fix it for three years after the first date of retail sale.

Where to Buy Spartan Lawn Mowers?

Here is a list of some of the best places to buy a Spartan lawnmower:

LN Equipment & Powersports

LN Equipment & Powersports sells Spartan mowers in several zero-turn versions. LN Equipment & Powersports has basic and advanced mowers. Models cost $5,519–$19,419.

S&H Farm Supply

Another fantastic site to get a Spartan lawn mower is S&H Farm Supply. Depending on the model, prices range from around $3,989 to $16,146.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who Makes Spartan mowers?

The Intimidator Group is acquired by Toro company now designs and manufactures Spartan Mowers.

Does Badboy own Spartan Mowers?

No. Spartan Mowers, unlike Bad Boy, is a subsidiary of the Intimidator group. These lawn mowers are manufactured by a separate business and are therefore not produced by Bad Boy.

What type of blade does a Spartan Mower use?

Spartan Mowers stocks HI-LIFT Blades for all deck sizes and mowers. Duramatic blades, the sharpest in the market, reduce engine wear and boost performance!

Does Spartan offer any customer support?

Yes, Spartan Mowers offers a variety of customer support options, including phone and email support, customer service representatives, and an online troubleshooting guide.

Does Spartan offer financing?

Spartan Mowers offers to help make purchasing a mower more affordable. You can apply for financing directly on the Spartan Mower website.

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