Best Push Mowers with Honda Engines in 2023

Walk-behind mowers that require manual pushing to operate are known as push lawnmowers. The incorporation of Honda engines into this category of lawnmowers facilitates efficient and comfortable mowing.

There are several push lawnmowers available in the market that are powered by Honda engines. They include the Honda HRN216VKA, Toro Recycler 20379, Troy-Bilt TB160, Honda HRS216PKA, and Lawn Boy 10736, among others.

This article provides a comparison of the leading five Push Mowers with Honda Engine To discover more, go through the article.

Best Push Mowers with Honda Engines in 2023.

What are the Advantages of Push Lawnmowers?

Push lawnmowers are available with a variety of functions, including rear bagging, side discharge, and mulching making them adaptable and appropriate for a variety of mowing applications.

They remain a popular choice among homeowners as well as professional landscapers, due to their price, convenience of use, compact size, and ability to deliver a clean and well-manicured lawn.

Why Do People Need Push Lawnmowers with Honda Engines?

Honda-powered push lawnmowers have various benefits that make them a popular option among homeowners and landscapers.

Benefits of Push Mower with Honda Engine

Here are some of the primary benefits of utilizing a Honda-powered push lawnmower:

Honda engines are renowned for their high quality and reliability, delivering dependable service over many years. This ensures that your push lawnmower will always start quickly and operate efficiently, no matter how long you have had it.

Honda engines are designed to be fuel-efficient, so you will use less gas when mowing the lawn. Because of this, a Honda-powered push lawnmower might save you a substantial amount of money over time.

Honda engines can mow through rough terrain with ease, leaving you with a clean and organized lawn.

Many distinctive features make Honda-powered push lawnmowers easy to operate. So, they are suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Honda engines are meant to be ecologically friendly, emitting few pollutants and consuming little fuel. Thus, choosing a Honda-powered push mower can help you reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to environmental protection.

Top 5 Best Push Mowers with Honda Engine Available in the Market (2023)

According to consumer preferences, the top five Honda engine-powered push lawnmowers are listed below.

  1. Honda HRN216VKA
  2. Toro Recycler 20379
  3. Troy-Bilt TB160
  4. Honda HRS216PKA
  5. Lawn Boy 10736

A Comparison of Top 5 Push Lawnmowers with Honda Engine

FeaturesHonda HRN216VKA  Toro Recycler 20379  Troy-Bilt TB160  Honda HRS216PKALawn Boy
TypeSelf-propelled MowerSelf-propelled MowerPush MowerPush MowerPush Mower
Engine/ BatteryHonda GCV170Honda GCV160Honda GCV160Honda GCV160Honda GCV160
Engine Displacement (cc)166 cc160 cc160 cc160 cc160 cc
Mower Deck21-inch22-inch21-inch21-inch21-inch
Warranty3-year (with conditions)2-year (with conditions)2-year (with conditions)3-year (with conditions)2-year (with conditions)

Honda HRN216VKA

The Honda HRN216VKA Self-Propelled 3-in-1 variable-speed lawnmower has a new GCV 170 engine and auto choke. The Honda GCV170 engine is dependable and provides simple starting power to combat even the most challenging mowing conditions.

This mower has a 21-inch 16-gauge steel cutting deck that provides superior cut quality whether mulching or bagging. The user-friendly dual-lever height adjustment system has front and rear levers that can be adjusted to seven distinct cutting heights.

The clip director knob enables effortless switching between mulching, bagging, and discharging. In addition, the micro-cut twin-blade system has a stacked and offset twin-blade design that offers superior cut quality and smaller cuttings for improved mulching and bagging.

Adjusting the speed of the mower according to the user’s movement is one of its distinguishing features, ensuring optimum comfort while mowing. The smart drive’s variable speed control and five adjustable parameters make mowing simple while ensuring the user is in a comfortable position. 

Overall, the Honda HRN216VKA mower is an excellent choice for those seeking a versatile, reliable, and efficient lawnmower for their lawn care needs.

Honda HRS216PKA


  • Comes with a powerful 166cc GCV170 engine that can handle tough mowing conditions.
  • The Smart Drive system allows for variable speed control, making it easy to mow at your own pace.
  • Large rear wheels and sturdy construction make it easy to maneuver in rough terrain.
  • Dual-lever height adjustment makes it easy to adjust cutting height.
  • Large fuel tank capacity.
  • Comes with a large bag for collecting grass clippings.
  • Comes with a 3-year residential warranty.


  • Can be relatively expensive compared to other models.
  • Bagging performance can be hit or miss, depending on grass type and cutting conditions.
  • May not be as maneuverable in tight spaces.

Toro Recycler 20379

The Toro Recycler 20379 is a self-propelled mower with a Honda GCV 160 engine. The 160cc Honda engine provides powerful performance and ensures that the mower can easily handle tough and wet grass.

With the variable-speed front-wheel drive, you can mow in confined spaces. The mower’s lightweight and maneuverable 11-inch rear wheels ensure great traction on rough and uneven terrain.

It also features a 22-inch mower deck with a side discharge system. The steel frame of the mower’s durable deck guarantees years of use, and the compact size of the deck provides superior cutting and mulching capabilities in tight spaces.

The quick-connect bagging system makes switching from bagging to mulching a breeze. The patented Recycler cutting technology allows for the return of nutrient-rich clippings to the soil, resulting in a lawn that appears healthy.

With three versatile options for cutting, including mulching, bagging, and side discharge, the mower is suitable for any mowing preference. In addition, the absence of oil changes makes maintenance uncomplicated; all that is required is a periodic inspection and adding oil as needed.

With nine cutting positions and 1-4 inches cutting height range, you can customize your lawn to your specifications. Also, the mower’s single-piece handle makes it easy to adjust to two different handle heights without using tools.

The Toro Recycler 20379 residential lawnmower can be used on fields that are small to medium in size. It is perfect for people who want a strong, flexible lawnmower.

The Toro Recycler 20379 is easy to use and move, even for people who have never used a lawnmower before. Additionally, the 3-year guaranteed-to-start engine warranty ensures reliability, and the 2-year full warranty offers peace of mind.

Toro Recycler 20379
Toro Recycler 20379


  • Comes with a powerful 160cc Honda GCV engine that is reliable and efficient.
  • The personal pace self-propel system automatically adjusts to your walking speed, making mowing effortless.
  • Quick and easy to assemble, right out of the box.
  • Large rear wheels and ball-bearing support for easy maneuverability.
  • Comes with a 2-year full warranty.
  • Has a washout port for easy cleaning.
  • Has a sturdy deck and a durable build.


  • The self-propel system can be inconsistent and difficult to control.
  • The belt stops working.
  • The body construction may not hold up as well over time as other models.
  • The bagging system may not be as efficient as other models.

Troy-Bilt 11A-A2RQ563

Troy-Bilt TB160
Troy-Bilt TB160

The Troy-Bilt TB160 is a push mower that is powered by a Honda GCV160 auto choke engine. This engine eliminates the requirement for the operator to manually adjust the choke setting before. It has a 21-inch mower deck.

The TB160 lawnmower is ergonomically designed to make mowing more comfortable. The handle is equipped with a comfortable grip. It has multiple grass-clipping disposal options, including a rear bag, mulch pack, and side discharge.

The mower’s 11-inch-high rear wheels improve traction and maneuverability when mowing in slopes and uneven areas of the lawn. Moreover, dual-lever height adjustment permits rapid adjustments to the cutting height.

The tri-action cutting system utilizes a rake guard, symmetrical deck, and specialized blade to deliver a precise and even cut every time. The Troy-Bilt mower is delivered entirely assembled, except for the handle, and is covered by a 2-year limited warranty.

The Troy-Bilt TB160 is a great choice for homeowners in suburban areas with medium-sized lawns that need regular care. Also, people who care about durability and speed in a lawnmower might want to think about buying the TB160.

The TB160 might also be a good choice for people who prefer manual lawnmowers to ones that move themselves or are powered by electricity. People in this group might want to get some exercise while mowing the yard, or they might just like to do things in a traditional manner.


  • Comes equipped with a dependable and fuel-efficient Honda engine that has a displacement of 160 cc.
  • Adjustable cutting height with 6 different positions.
  • Mulching and bagging capabilities, with a large rear bag for easy disposal.
  • Affordable price point.
  • Compact and easy to store.


  • The bag is the main issue according to many users. 
  • Some users report that the mower fails to cut grass without stalling.
  • The wheel height adjustment handle for the back wheels rubs against the right wheel.

Honda HRS216PKA

Honda HRS216PKA
Honda HRS216PKA

The Honda HRS216PKA is a Honda GCV160 engine-powered push mower. The Honda GCV160 4-cycle engine, with a 160cc capacity, is effortless to start. Its Auto Chok system eliminates the need for an engine choke, making it easier to operate.

This push mower has 6 cutting height adjustments ranging from 1-inch to 3.5-inch. The large 8-inch wheels make for smoother movement over rough terrain. To ensure greater durability, the rear wheels have ball bearings.

The mower features a 21-inch side discharge deck made of 16-gauge stamped steel. It has a single blade for either mulching or side discharge, but there is no option for bagging.

It has an ergoactive handle for safety, convenience, and comfort. It also has a flywheel brake safety system. When the flywheel brake lever is released, it quickly stops the engine. Additionally, it has a manual fuel shut-off valve that can be used during transport or storage.

This push lawnmower is designed for residential use. It is suitable for homeowners who have a small to medium-sized lawn and want a reliable and efficient lawnmower that can help them maintain their lawn.


  • Comes with a powerful 160cc Honda engine that is reliable and efficient.
  • Durable steel deck construction for long-lasting performance.
  • Has a flywheel brake safety system6-position height adjustment for customized cutting.
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Comes with a 3-year residential warranty.


  • Does not come with a self-propel system, making it more difficult to push on larger lawns.
  • Not as efficient at mulching or bagging as other models.

Lawn Boy 10736

The Lawn Boy 10736 push mower is powered by a Honda GCV160 engine. It has a Tri-cut cutting technology, a 21-inch steel deep dome deck that is both lightweight and sturdy, and it offers greater cutting quality and mulching capabilities. 

These lightweight, high-wheeled push mowers are simple to manage over difficult, uneven terrain. This manual mower has an adjustable cutting height between 1.25 and 3.75 inches.

Also, for three years, if it does not start after one or two pulls, they will fix it for free. Both labor and parts are covered for two years with a Lawn-Boy warranty.

The LB 10736 is a gas-powered push mower with a powerful engine, which makes it a great option for homeowners with expansive lawns or commercial customers who must mow many lawns daily.

Additionally, the mower’s light weight and maneuverability make it an excellent option for elderly or disabled users.

Lawn Boy 10736
Lawn Boy 10736


  • Equipped with a 160cc Honda engine that is potent, dependable, and efficient.
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Affordable price point.
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Comes with a 2-year full warranty.


  • Mulching performance can be inconsistent, depending on grass type and cutting conditions.
  • Problems with the rear bagging system.
  • Uncomfortable handlebar for throttle bar.
  • May not be as durable as other models.
  • May struggle with uneven terrain and thick grass.

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How Should You Choose a Push Mower with Honda Engine?

Choosing a push mower with a Honda engine can be an excellent option for those in search of a dependable and effective mower. If you are also thinking about purchasing a Honda-powered push mower, this buying guide will help you make the best choice:

Engine Size

The effectiveness and efficiency of a push mower may depend on the size of its engine. To decide on the right engine size, you will need to think about the size of your lawn and the sort of grass you have. 

Engine Power

Honda engines are known for their power and reliability. When choosing the engine power, consider the size of your lawn and the type of terrain you will be mowing. A larger lawn or rough terrain may require a more powerful engine.

Deck Material

The deck is the part of the mower that holds the blade and determines the cutting height. Consider the material of the deck, which can affect the durability and weight of the mower. Honda push mowers typically have a steel deck for durability.

Cutting Width

The cutting width of a push mower determines how much grass is cut with each pass. Consider the size of your lawn and how much time you want to spend mowing when choosing the cutting width. A wider cutting width will save you time but may be less maneuverable in tight spaces.

Cutting Height

The cutting height of the mower determines how short or long your grass will be after mowing. Consider the height of your grass and how short you want it to be when choosing the cutting height. Some Honda pushes mowers to offer multiple cutting heights for more versatility.


The extent to which a push mower is easy to maneuver can have an impact on how simple it is to mow around objects or in confined areas. Consider how much the mower weighs, how big it is, and how the wheels and handlebars are designed before purchasing one.


The maneuverability of the mower can be affected both by the size of the wheels and the design of the wheels. Wheels with a larger diameter may be simpler to control across uneven terrain.

On the other hand, wheels with a smaller diameter may be simpler to control in confined areas. Consider both the design and adjustability of the wheels.

Grass Collection

If you are into collecting grass clippings, think about how big the bag is and how simple it is to dump out. Some Honda push mowers can also mulch your grass clippings and give your lawn some extra nutrients.

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Ease of Use

Think about how the mower feels in your hands, how easy it is to start and stop the engine, and how heavy it is. Honda motors are regarded for their ease of starting, and some models may even have extra convenience features.


Check to see if the oil, air filter, and spark plug can be easily changed on the mower. Honda engines are well-known for their reliability and relative simplicity of maintenance; however, this may not be true for all types.


Consider the cost of the Honda engine-powered push mower. In general, these mowers are more expensive than other models, but they provide superior performance and dependability. Set your budget and choose a model that fits your requirements.

With this information in hand, you should be able to select the Honda-powered push mower that is ideal for your lawn.

Final Words

Whether you need a small, lightweight push lawnmower for your backyard or a heavy-duty model for commercial usage, a push lawnmower with a Honda engine is a wise investment that will help you keep a beautiful, well-kept lawn for years to come.

Honda-powered push lawnmowers are efficient, eco-friendly, and reliable for homeowners and professional gardeners. Honda engines are known for their quality and performance, which increases mowing power, performance, fuel efficiency, and convenience.

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