Top 5 Best Sulky for Walk Behind Mower in 2023

Indeed, the introduction of a sulky, little trailer attached to the rear of your walk-behind mower, can make mowing easier and faster.

There are different sulkies available on the market for walk-behind mowers. Among them, Bradley Mowers, Oregon, and Jungle Jim’s are preferred by customers.

This article discusses the mower sulky and the five best available Sulky for Walk Behind Mower. Read the article completely to learn more.

What is a Mower Sulky?

What are the Best Sulky for Walk Behind Mower

In the 1980s, when Bill Wright founded Wright, it was primarily a landscaping company. Together with his mower mechanic, Jim Velke, he invented the Velke Sulky.

A Mower sulky is a lawnmower attachment. With this, commercial push mowers can be transformed into riding mowers and can stand up while mowing. You can also ride on the self-propelled mowers and steer it with the handlebars. 

The sulkies are constructed of durable steel and give your walk-behind mower a zero-turn radius. A spring shock eliminates the majority of vibrations to make mowing more comfortable.

What are the Types of Mower Sulky?

On the basis of the number of wheels, there are three basic types of mower sulky. These are:

  1. One-wheel sulky: This type of sulky is designed to be attached to a walk-behind mower and consists of a single wheel. Generally, the wheel is much wider to give you stability.  It’s great for people who want to mow more quickly and efficiently.
One-wheel sulky
One-wheel sulky
  • Two-wheel sulky: This type of sulky is designed to be attached to the rear of a walk-behind mower and features two wheels. It’s great for users who want to cut down on fatigue without sacrificing productivity, as it provides extra stability and control while mowing.
SW2006N Swivel Wheel Sulky Lift and Latch
Two-wheel sulky
  • Wheel-less Sulky: This type of sulky is designed to be attached to a walk-behind mower and does not have wheels. It consists of a frame attached to the rear of the mower and a standing platform for the operator.

Mower sulkies without wheels are more difficult to maneuver and control, so they are less common. Additionally, they are less suitable for use on uneven terrain or hills. However, in situations where a wheeled sulky cannot reach, they can be useful.

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Top 5 Best Sulkies for Walk-behind Mowers

Here is the list of the top 5 best sulkies for walk-behind lawnmowers available in the market:

  1. SW2006N Swivel Wheel Sulky Lift and Latch
  2. Red/Black Jungle Wheels
  3. MS2000N Mower Sulky
  4. TS2000N
  5. TS20006N Lift and Latch

A Comparison Chart of Top 5 Best Sulkies for Walk-behind Mowers:

FeaturesSW2006N Swivel Wheel Sulky Lift and LatchRed Jungle WheelsBlack Jungle WheelsMS2000N Mower Sulky  TS2000N  
BrandMower SulkyJungle Jim’sJungle Jim’sMower SulkyMower Sulky
TypeTwo Swivel wheel sulkyTwo-wheel sulkyTwo-wheel sulkyOne-wheel sulkyTwo-wheel sulky
Weight (lbs.)78.9918.2144.94263
Warranty2-year Parts Only (with conditions)2-year Parts Only (with conditions) and 30 Days refund or exchange2-year Parts Only (with conditions) and 30 Days refund or exchange2-year Parts Only (with conditions)2-year Parts Only (with conditions)

1. SW2006N Swivel Wheel Sulky Lift and Latch

The SW2006N is a heavy-duty two-swivel wheel sulky. The swivel wheels make backing easier and prevent jackknifing. It is very simple to transport or store because it simply lifts up and locks into place.

It is not suggested to use this sulky with mowers that use a belt drive. The hitch’s width of 14.5″ ensures compatibility with a wide range of lawnmowers. This sulky improves the overall productivity and convenience of mowing.

2. Red Jungle Wheels

Red Jungle Wheels mower sulky from Jungle Jim’s Accessory Products has various advantages that make it a valuable tool for lawn care professionals.

This two-wheeled sulky speeds up and improves lawn mowing. This tool lets users avoid marks and cut cleanly through even the roughest terrain.

The hook-up feature of this sulky maximizes trailer space. Also, this Red Jungle Wheels’ sulky has a 2-year manufacturer’s weld warranty and 30 days refund or exchange policy. This provides users confidence that they are buying a high-quality product with a good warranty.

3. Black Jungle Wheels

The Black Jungle Wheel is a two-wheeled sulky. Its third pivot point and rear-weighted construction assure an even cut on the most rugged terrain, while its compact shape makes it easy to transport.

The consistent striping benefit of the two-wheel design adds a professional touch to any landscaping project by enhancing the appearance of lawns.

Lawn care providers, landscaping businesses, and people that want a high-quality stand-on lawn mower attachment are likely to acquire the Black Jungle Wheel Mower Sulky. By utilizing this sulky, one can anticipate a uniform cut even on rough terrain.

4. MS2000N Mower Sulky

This sulky attaches to your mower with a single pin, making it simple to switch between mowing with and without. The sulky’s heavy-duty steel construction is another plus point because it assures the product is long-lasting and resistant to damage from frequent use.

The huge pneumatic tire gives stability and traction on rough terrain, making it easy to travel over difficult areas. The tire’s shock-absorbing properties also contribute to a more comfortable ride.

5. TS2000N

The Bradley Mowers TS2000N Two Wheel Sulky is a convenient tool for transforming a push mower into a ride-on mower. That makes the long days of mowing easier and more bearable.

This innovative sulky may be used with nearly any lawnmower. Certain mowers may need to have a hole drilled in order to attach the attachment.

The length of the arm is 18″ from its base on the platform to its attachment on the hitch. Hitch dimensions are 5.25″ across and 4″ high. The sulky can be attached or removed from the hitch using the provided pin.

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How Should You Choose a Walk-behind Mower’s Sulky?

Buying a sulky for your walk-behind mower is a significant decision that requires careful consideration of various elements. These are some considerations when selecting a sulky for a walk-behind mower:

  1. Check the Sulky’s compatibility with your walk-behind mower before purchasing it. Be sure the sulky will fit and function with your mower by checking the manufacturer’s specs.
  2. Determine the required weight capacity of the sulky and make the necessary preparations. Select a sulky with the proper carrying capacity for your weight.
  3. Choose a sulky that allows you to travel great distances in comfort. Important considerations include the height of the grips and the existence of accessories like armrests and suspension.
  4. Choose a sulky that can be easily turned and maneuvered. Take into account the size of the wheels, the turning radius, and the adjustability of the handlebars.
  5. Select a sulky that is durable and can resist heavy use. 
  6. The cost of the sulky should be taken into account. Sulky prices vary widely depending on several factors, therefore it’s important to set a spending limit and only choose sulkies that fall within that range.

Taking these things into account will help you select a sulky that works well with your walk-behind mower, is pleasant to ride, is simple to operate, and will endure for years.

Final Words

Mowing big areas more quickly and with less effort is possible with the help of sulky attachments. Selecting a sulky that works with the mower model is essential for avoiding mishaps.

A sulky is a worthwhile investment for users of walk-behind mowers. By selecting an appropriate sulky, users can increase productivity, reduce strain, maintain a well-manicured lawn or garden, and reduce operator fatigue.

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