5 Most Common Problems with Kubota Mower Deck and Fixes

Kubota designs its mowers & tractors with high-quality decks. However, these decks can malfunction and produce a variety of problems over time.

So, what are these problems?

Here are the five most common problems associated with Kubota Mower Deck are:

  • Stuck deck height adjustment knob on Kubota mower
  • The Kubota cutting height control dial won’t work properly
  • The Kubota cutting deck or blades fails to engage properly
  • The Kubota mower deck will not raise or lower
  • The Kubota deck works but struggles to cut evenly

Now the question is why these deck problems occur with Kubota mower models & is it possible to fix them? Continue reading the following article to get all the answers you need to know.

Kubota mower deck problems

How To Fix The 5 Most Common Kubota Mower Deck Problems?

Check out the causes behind the top 5 Mower or Cutting Deck problems that Kubota users encounter and what are the potential solutions to get rid of them_

1. The Mower Deck Height Adjustment Knob Stuck While Operating

Users might notice that the deck height adjustment knob on their Kubota sometimes works hard or gets stuck in the mid-deck position.

Even sometimes the deck height adjuster knob might stick.

How To Fix:

If the height adjusting knob on your mower deck works hard or gets stuck_

  • Ensure that the deck is in the raised or Up position while you turn the knob and that the knob is not broken or damaged (It will allow the pressure to go off the adjuster knob and make the adjusting knob easier to turn).
  • If that doesn’t help to ease the problem, you must remove the parts, including the knob, and soak the parts with oil (It will help you to get vice-grips on the shaft to free it up).
  • If you have a broken or damaged knob, replace the deck height adjustment knob.

2. Cutting Height Control Dial Won’t Work Properly

Kubota cutting height dial can also occasionally malfunction and users might encounter issues such as:

  • Loose or faulty cutting height dial that won’t support the deck.
  • Fails to engage the attached deck arm.
  • The cutting height dial seems difficult to turn while setting depth.
  • Has completely ceased to respond or work.

When the dial knob is completely worn and it cannot hold the adjustment any longer, these issues arise.

How To Fix:

The only solution to this problem is to replace the cutting height control dial.

But the replacement options are hard to get so contact your dealer to make the replacement part ready for you or directly contact the Kubota service center.

3. Kubota Mower Deck Will Not Raise or Lower

Kubota Mower Deck
Kubota Mower Deck

Occasionally Kubota users might also notice that their mower deck is having difficulty operating smoothly or won’t move up & down.

Users might encounter issues like:

  • Their mower deck won’t raise
  • Their mower deck won’t lower or,
  • The deck simply stuck in the Up position.

How To Fix:

If your Kubota mower deck does not raise:

  • Check the lift linkage of your mower for any signs of damage or wear. Replace the lift cable, rod, or arm if they are faulty.
  • Look for any signs of tearing or fraying on the drive belt of your mower. Make sure the belt is installed correctly. Adjust or replace the deck belt if necessary.
  • Verify if pulleys are properly aligned and securely fastened in place and repair the pulleys if needed.
  • Test if all cables are connected correctly and if they appear loose or frayed, replace them.

If your Kubota deck does not lower:

Check the Hitch Drop Speed control knob on your mower located underneath the operator’s seat and confirm that it is not turned to the fully closed position.

That’s the basic and common reason behind this problem.

If the deck on your Kubota got stuck in the Up position:

  • Make sure you have reconnected the adjustment lever to remove it from the upper lock. Set the adjuster lever to its lowest setting possible before using the mower again.
  • Inspec the lift cable on and replace it if necessary.
  • Check whether the latch is engaging properly or not and if it is not, adjust or lubricate it.
  • Confirm that the mower blades are sharp enough and sharpen or replace them if needed.

4. Kubota Deck Works but Struggles to Cut Evenly

When the Kubota cutting deck malfunctions/fails, the mower deck will not be able to deliver even cuts as expected from it.

Users might notice the following indications of bad cutting performance_

  • Streaking: noticing streaks of uncut grass left behind while mowing.
  • Stepped cutting: When your mower leaves sharp ridges on the mowing surface.
  • Scalping: The stem tissues have been exposed & the turf has turned brown or black because the mower is mowing the turf too short.
  • Stingers: Having uncut grass sections left by the mower

How To Fix:

If the cutting deck is working but seems to have difficulty cutting evenly:

  • Inspect whether the mower deck is leveled or balanced properly and if not, level it correctly.
  • Check whether the blades have an alignment problem and adjust them if required.
  • If any blades are bent or dull, straighten the bent end or sharpen the blades as needed.
  • If you see wear and tear issues on the blades, replace the worn blades.

The streaking or stringer issue mainly arises due to the operator’s negligence, blades not being installed correctly, or lack of mower deck assembly regular maintenance.

Also, check _

  • Whether the mower deck is not damaged or plugged in and change the cutting deck if required.
  • Ensure that the deck on your Kubota model is leveled correctly.
  • Also, check whether the engine on your Kubota is running too slow or not, and adjust the speed if necessary.
  • Inspect the deck shell & spindle. Replace them if needed.

5. Kubota Cutting Deck/ Blades Fails to Engage Properly

Kubota mowers/tractors users might encounter decks/ blades engaging failure from time to time.

Reasons Behind Kubota Cutting Deck Not EngagingReasons Behind Kubota Blades Not Engaging
Worn/defective safety switchFaulty deck beltTrapped underneath the mower deckAny issues with the drive beltFaulty PTO switch knobAny problem with the pulley, deck lift system, & clutchFaulty deck blades

How To Fix:

If the mower deck is not engaging:

  • Check the wiring connections and make sure everything is in good condition and there’s no loose end.
  • Get access to the safety switch & test the switch to confirm whether it’s good or faulty and replace the safety switch if necessary.
  • Look for any issues in the mower deck and ensure that the deck is installed correctly. Replace the mower deck if needed.
  • Adjust or change the deck belt if needed.
  • Inspect under your mower’s deck and if you see grass trapped there, prevent the grass build-up by spraying non-stick cooking spray or rubbing vegetable oil.

Also, inspect whether the blades are in good state or dull/bent. Sharpen or replace them if necessary.

If the mower blades are not engaging:

  • Make sure the blades are clean, sharpened & balanced properly.
  • Check if the deck belt is too stretched or too loose, either adjust it accordingly or replace it.
  • If the PTO switch knob looks faulty & replace it.
  • Inspect the pulleys, deck belt, deck lifts cable & clutch. Replace them if necessary.

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Frequently Asked Queries (FAQs)

Does WD40 prevent grass from sticking to the Kubota mower deck?


What causes grass to grow under the Kubota mower deck?

Build up moisture.

How often should the Kubota mower deck be greased?

Each season or every 25 operating hours.

Is it necessary to pressure wash the Kubota deck regularly?

Yes, it is recommended.

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