7 Most Common Kubota Zero Turn Mower Problems and Fixes

Kubota is known for producing high-quality lawn and garden care products. They offer versatile Zero Turn mowers with 19 to 32.5 HP engines and 43 to 72 inches deck width options.

However, users should also be reminded that some common problems with their Kubota Zero Turn mower, such as:

  • Starting Problems,
  • Mower Won’t Cut Evenly,
  • Overheats Frequently,
  • Excess Noise or Vibration,
  • Engine Problems,
  • Transmission issues and others.

This article will describe Kubota zero-turn mower problems and how to fix them. So, Keep reading.

Kubota Zero Turn Mower Problems

7 Most Common Kubota Zero Turn Mower Problems: How to Fix Them?

Learn more about each common issue that may arise while using Kubota ZT models and find out how to fix them_

1. Kubota Zero Turn Starting Problem: 

One of the most common issues that you may encounter at some point as a Kubota zero-turn user is where you will notice starting difficulties like:

  • doesn’t crank,
  • might crank but won’t start,
  • hard to start,
  • takes too long than usual, or
  • simply won’t start
  • even if it starts won’t move correctly

Such starting problems can be commonly found in Kubota Z724, ZG227, and Z726X Zero Turn models.

How To Fix?

First, make sure you are following the right steps to start your Kubota.

If, yes, check if you have enough gas or if the fuel has turned bad. Add more or change the fuel. If the fuel is contaminated, drain it out and put in fresh fuel.

If your mower still not starting, examine the key switch and turn it in the ‘On’ position.

Check all the fuses, especially the starter relay fuse and if you find any sign of damage, replace the fuses.

Make sure to clean or replace the air filter if it is dirty or clogged.

Next, inspect if the battery is low in charge and charge the battery properly.

If it’s draining out of charge check the charging system and clean or replace the battery if necessary.

Try to start the mower again. No, luck?

If your mower struggles to move after finally starting, check the hydrostatic transmission drive and if it is engaged, disengage it immediately.

2. Kubota Zero Turn Won’t Cut Evenly:

Another common Kubota zero-turn issue is encountering different cutting performance failures, such as streaking, stepped cutting, scalping, or stingers while mowing.

These problems were largely noted with the Kubota Z725 and Zd331 Zero Turn models.

There can be two possible reasons either a malfunctioning deck or defective blades.

How To Fix?

Examine whether your cutting deck is balanced or leveled properly. Also, if the deck looks damaged or clogged, change it.

If there’s no issue with your mower deck, inspect whether the blades are installed correctly or need adjustment.

Make sure your mower blades are aligned properly. Then gently touch the edges of each blade.

If it feels like they have sharp edges, there’s no problem. But if they feel dull, sharpen your mower blades properly.

If any of the blades look damaged or old, replace them.

If still experiencing the same issue, see if the engine is running too slow and if it is, adjust the engine speed correctly.

Also, check the deck shell and spindle to confirm whether they are in good shape or bad, and replace them if needed. 

3. Kubota Zero Turn Overheats:

Kubota Zero Turn Overheats
Kubota Zero Turn Overheats

This is another typical problem with Kubota Zero Turn models and there can be multiple reasons behind frequent overheating issues, such as:

  • Clogged or damaged filter,
  • Leaks in the radiator,
  • Clogged mower deck bottom, or
  • Blocked cooling fins.

The overheating problem is common in Kubota Z724 and Z726X models.

How To Fix?

First, check the filter and clean it. If does not work, replace the filter.

If you haven’t changed the filter for an extended period, there’s a possibility that the radiator may have leaks.

So, check it first and repair or replace the radiator if necessary.

the radiator
the radiator

Next, go underneath your mower deck to inspect the bottom and if it got clogged up as expected, clean it properly.

Lastly, check the cooling fins and clean them if needed.

4. Kubota Zero Turn Engine Problems:

Kubota Zero Turn Engine
Kubota Zero Turn Engine

Kubota Zero Turn users may also encounter engine issues, such as slow performance, frequent stalling (stalls or stops every 30 minutes to an hour), noise, oil leaking, sputtering, or backfiring.

Several engine faults were discovered in Kubota ZG227, ZG222, and ZG127S Zero Turn models.

How To Fix?

Start the diagnosis by checking the current condition of the spark plug, the fuel in the fuel tank, and the engine oil in the crankcase.

If you feel that the spark plug fails to generate enough spark, test with a spark plug tester to confirm it. Service the plug if necessary.

Add more or replace the bad fuel with fresh fuel.

Before pouring fuel, examine the fuel tank for any signs of leaks or cracks. Seal the area with epoxy putty if needed. Check the fuel lines and replace them if required.

Make sure you have enough oil in the engine crankcase.

Still, having a hard time with the engine?

Check the ignition system, replace the coil if needed, and adjust the air gap correctly for the coil.

Don’t forget to check and service the air filter.

5. Kubota Zero Turn Makes Noise or Vibrates: 

As a Kubota Zero Turn model user you may notice unusual vibrations or hear loud noise coming from your mower.

It happens due to either any clutch bearing defect or a faulty spindle. A similar situation may occur if any external rock or hard object gets stuck in the bottom of your mower during mowing.

How To Fix?

Check the spindle shaft, bearing, and repair or replace them if necessary.

If the problem remains, go underneath your mower’s bottom to check whether there are any stuck objects or not, and remove all the obstructions under your mower.

If still noticing the noise, it must be the deteriorating grommet inside your mower tank. If that is the case, you will need professional assistance to fix it. accordingly.

6. Kubota Zero Turn Transmission Problem:

Kubota Zero Turn Transmission
Kubota Zero Turn Transmission

Another major issue with Kubota zero-turn mowers is that the mower gradually slows down and abruptly stops in between operations.

This happens when air gets inside due to any leak in the system gets or if any of the Hydro drives fails and jams up the mower.

Transmission issues mostly arise due to a lack of fluid or old fluid in the system. This mainly happens due to a lack of regular maintenance.

Such problems can be found commonly in Kubota ZG222 and ZD1011 models.

How To Fix?

The first thing you need to ensure is that your mower has an adequate amount of good-quality Hydraulic fluid in the system and that the Hydro system is properly lubricated.

Next, check whether air got inside and cause the issue. If so, you have the purge the system.

Once you have ensured that, follow this troubleshooting method to identify and fix any other issues in the transmission system.

Make sure to service and maintain your mower Hydraulic system routinely to prevent those issues

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Kubota Zero Turn Mower Problems – FAQs

How long can a Kubota Zero Turn be expected to last? 

If properly maintained, they can last 4500 up to 5500 hours.

Who makes engines for Kubota Zero Turn models? 

Briggs and Stratton company.

How often should I change the hydraulic fluid on my Kubota Zero Turn?

Check the level after every 50 hours of operation and add or replace as needed.

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