Reasons Why Your Lawn Mower Starts Then Dies Right Away?

Every lawn owner has had trouble with their mower at some point. One of the most common problems is that the lawn mower starts then dies right away. It has an easy fix. So, if you’re one of those lawn owners who’s been going mad over this problem can finally relax. 

Whether you use a single or a twin-cylinder engine, it seems like they all have the same problem with starting up and shutting down at some point in their lives.

Reasons Why Your Lawn Mower Starts Then Dies Right Away
Why Your Lawn Mower Starts Then Dies Right Away

Reasons Why your Mower Starts then Dies Right Away:

Poor gasoline, too little or too much oil, a clogged carburetor, a clogged air filter, poor ignition oil, a poor fuel cap, a plugged fuel line, a clogged cooling system, or a dirty filthy plug can all cause your lawn mower to start and then die right away.

Your Lawn Mower Doesn’t have Gas.

Surely you know that a gas-powered mower needs gas to start. So, before you start panicking, check the gas tank. If it’s almost empty or fully empty, then fill it up. If you see that the fuel gauge isn’t working, then you had a gas leak. Another reason can be that you just forgot to put gas in your lawn mower. Most people do not remember to check if it’s running out of petrol.

Old or Bad Fuel in your Lawn Mower 

If the fuel in your lawn mower is old or bad, it could stop working after it has been used. Most gasoline only lasts a month before it breaks down and stops working. Since the chemicals that are applied to today’s gasoline start to break down, the mower starts losing its capacity to run hot and well.

Most of the produced gasoline nowadays has ethanol mixed in it. Fuels that have ethanol soak up water from the atmosphere. As a result, the fuel system could be clogged up if water evaporates and leaves a residue within the fuel tank. 

A Plugged Air Filter 

A Plugged air Filter
A Plugged air Filter

Sometimes you’ll see that you have tried looking for the problem everywhere but cannot find it. Most likely it’s your lawn mower’s air filter. When a lawn mower’s air filter gets clogged, it stops working in the middle of the work. 

Clogged Fuel Filter

If there is dirty, old, or polluted gas in your mower’s tank, the gasoline filter could get clogged. This stops enough fuel from getting to your engine so that it can keep running.

Clogged Fuel Filter
Clogged Fuel Filter

The Lawn Mower’s Fuel Line is Blocked

Old gasoline can leave oil and sticky deposits in the fuel system, which can make them hard to move. Also, gasoline lines can get pinched or kinked. The lawn mower that you use will die because it doesn’t have enough gas.

The Fuel Pump on Your Lawn Mower Broke

If your lawn mower’s gas tank is smaller than your mower’s carburetor, your mowing machine will have a fuel system that sends fuel to the carburetor to help with fuel flow. Most riding lawnmowers now have fuel systems, but most push lawn mowing machines do not.

Over time, fuel could cause the mowing pump seams to break. If your pump starts spilling fuel, you could tell it’s damaged or broken. but it’s hard to tell if there’s damage on the inside, you’ll have to evaluate it to verify that it works.

Your Lawn Mower’s Carburetor Might be Dirty

If your lawn mower stops in the middle, then maybe your mower’s carburetor is clogged up. Your mower’s carburetor is meant to control how much air is mixed with the right fuel amount to make combustion happen.

Your Lawn Mower’s Crankcase has an Excess Level of Oil

If your lawn mower has an excessive amount of engine oil, it might not work well and shut down in the end. If there is an excessive level of oil in the engine, it won’t be able to pull in clean air, and the smoke will clog up your lawn mower’s air filter.

So, the engine might pull oil and air from its crankcase, which could clog the air pump. If there isn’t enough air, the mower might stop working in the middle.

Low Oil Level in Lawnmower

Oil is for greasing the parts inside the engine. When there isn’t sufficient oil, friction builds up, and heat from it stops the mower. Such a high temperature can thicken and melt the engine parts.  

A Broken or Clogged Spark Plug

Your engine can stop running if the spark plug is clogged. It makes enough spark to get your mower going, however, it might not be enough to keep it running. Test how good your spark plugs are. If the wire(s) to the spark plug(s) seem to be loose or the placement is wrong, your mower may have trouble starting and running sometimes.

Wrong Placement of the Mower’s Choke 

Almost all lawnmowers have a part called a choke. While your lawn mower’s engine is heating up, the choke’s job is to stop air from going into the engine is heating up, a choke is used to stop air from going into the fuel tank so that more fuel can get in.

The choke on a lawn mower is used to start an engine that is cold. If you leave the choke on after starting your mower, the engine gets too much gas and not enough air, which shuts it off.

Your Lawnmower’s Fuel Cap Might be Clogged or Broken.

If the fuel cap is broken or you have a clogged vent, it’s only normal for your engine to die because it doesn’t get enough fuel. If the cap won’t let the air out, a vacuum is supposed to be formed in the tank, making it impossible for fuel to get in.

Faulty Lgnition Coil 

When a lawnmower gets hot, ignition coil wires come apart and cause a short. Whenever this happens, your mower’s spark plugs can’t get enough voltage to make a spark. This could make your mower stop working after some time.

Blocked or Broken Cooling System 

Grass and mud damage the cooling fins. Once this happens, the fins can’t keep the engine block cool as it cannot move air around it. If this happens, your mower might get too hot and stop working while cutting the grass.

A Useless Lawn Mower Deck 

lawn Mower Deck 
lawn Mower Deck 

When there is a lot of grass and other stuff stuck on the mower deck, your engine will start working harder. When the blades turn through a great bunch of debris, they put more strain on your engine which can cause your mower to stop working in the middle. 

Last Words

In short, if your lawn mower starts then dies right away, then maybe there isn’t enough fuel, there is excessive oil or lack of oil, a clogged air filter, a dirty spark plug, or a clogged carburetor. If you’ve checked each of the parts and your mower keeps on starting and then stopping, then now is the time to call for professional help. 

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