Why is Your Husqvarna Zero-Turn One Side Not Working?

The only difference between a regular riding lawn mower and a zero-turn riding lawn mower is that the zero-turn riding lawn mower can turn with almost no radius. When the mower’s two driving wheels turn in the opposite direction of the mower’s forward movement, the radius is almost gone.

One of the most usual problems with these mowers is that sometimes only one side works right. On the weaker end of the wheel, it might pull, drag, or slug. Most of the time, this is caused by problems with friction. Still, there are other reasons for it.

Why is your Husqvarna zero-turn one side not working? If you’re looking for answers, then you are in the right place. Here, you’ll find a list of the reasons why your Husqvarna zero-turn might not be working.

Why is Your Husqvarna Zero-Turn One Side Not Working?
Husqvarna Zero-Turn One Side Not Working

Why is Your Husqvarna Zero-Turn One Side Not Working?

The most common reason for your Husqvarna zero-turn one side not working is a broken tire. If one of the tires on your Husqvarna zero-turn mower breaks, it won’t work. It’s your responsibility to make sure that there is the same air pressure in both the front and back tires.

When the tire pressure on one side of a zero-turn mower is lower than the pressure on the other side, the mower tends to lean toward the side with the lower tire pressure. When this happens, the mower is more likely to slow down and then stop. If things stay the same for the time being, you’re going to face problems.

Check the tire pressure on each one, and then do what you need to do to fix this problem. There are a few other possible reasons why a zero-turn mower is only cutting grass on one portion. There are also ways to fix this problem.

The Freewheeling Rod is Not in Place

On Husqvarna zero-turn mowers, there is a completely sealed mechanism, which is called the hydrostatic unit. Also, each has its own power source on its side. Whenever a seal breaks, you’ll find a leak. The problem could be caused by a freewheeling rod that has been partially broken. It works perfectly when it is put in all the way.

Check out the rods on each side that moves around freely. If you don’t know which one are they, then look for rods adjoining hydraulic motors. You need to pull the rods to separate the hydraulic motors from each other. Check to see if the rods seem a little weak. Check out both of the hydraulic motors after that. Now, check the hydraulic tank.

First, check how much fluid is left in the tank, and look at the filter on the side. Every hydraulic pump has its own built-in filter. On each side of the Husqvarna zero-turn, there is a pump. The valve system should have enough power to solve the problem. If your Husqvarna zero-turn mower still doesn’t work on one side, then, there might be a problem with the disengagement lever.

The Lost Connection Between The Hub and The Shaft.

Both the hub and the shaft of a wheel have grooves where keys are put into. If I have to say more specifically, there is a keyhole-like where the shaft is and there’s a bearing that lets the wheel move on it. This is supposed to be hooked up to the zero-turn mower’s crane. Speed and torque are very important. After some time of usage, these small details start to fall apart. Another reason why one side of your zero turns is not working is that the splines on one side are too weak. Change the spindles and while changing them, keep these things in mind:

  1. Take a 1/2-inch wrench to loosen the three bolts of the cover from the mower deck spindle assembly and pull the cover out of the socket.
  2. Now, you need to remove the belt from the mower deck with the same wrench. Take a socket wrench and a cheater bar to release the belt from its position and relieve the tension on the tensioner pulley.
  3. Finally, take off the nut on top of the spindle’s spline and you’re good to go. Your Husqvarna zero-turn mower shouldn’t bother you anymore.

Dampers aren’t Working

The dampeners are there to make sure that the pumps don’t have to deal with jerky drive control or sudden loads. If your mower’s dampers are broken in any way, it will lurch to a side as it moves forward.

This causes your Husqvarna zero-turn mower not to work on one side. The fastest and easiest way to fix this is to switch out the dampers. You can also change the springs if you want to.

Your Traction Track Needs to Change.

When the two throttles controlling the back wheels are both moved forward at the same time, one wheel might transfer power better than the other one. As a result, the mower moves toward the less stable side.

The owner’s manual has the answer to your problem. Read it to learn more about your model. We recommend you get help with this task from a professional since it might be hard to do depending on the mower. The next time you can try lowering the tire pressure to get a more stable grip. Use bigger tires and don’t make sharp turns or stop quickly while going up a hill.

Dragging Brake

When you try to move your riding mower, it may pull to a side if one of the drums or disc brakes doesn’t let go as easily as the other. There’s also a chance that the brake caliper is stuck. The piston being stuck in the caliper and not being taken out can cause the brake pads to stick together and slide. Single-piston calipers can be stuck if the pins that move up and down get stuck.

To fix this problem, you will need to take off one of the tires and check the brakes. Use a standard C-clamp to apply force and then pull the pad back into place to free stuck caliper pistons or sliding pins. By using the hydraulic pressure in the brake system, a stuck caliper piston can be freed. If your Husqvarna zero-turn one side is still not working then maybe your mower has rust.

Rust in the Mower.

If one of the tires doesn’t have enough air in it your Husqvarna zero-turn’s one side won’t work. If your Husqvarna zero-turn tires aren’t filled to the right pressure, they might lean to the side. The solution is to make sure that your Husqvarna zero-turn mower’s tires have the right amount of air pressure.

Last Thing

Four-wheelers may have more power than zero-turn mowers, but the latter are less likely to get stuck because of the way their gears are set up and the extra weight they carry. A zero-turn mower is a great choice if you do a lot of mowing on a flat, complicated ground, need speed, or want the sharpest blades and the best cut.

If your Husqvarna zero turn-one side not working, we really hope this article helped you figure out how to deal with this problem. Follow these steps to get the most out of your zero-turn mower.

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