Who Makes DeWalt Lawn Mowers?

DeWalt is a mowing brand. Many people associate with their dependable lawn care equipment. Lawn mowers from DeWalt are part of their outdoor power equipment line. 

DeWalt Mowers provide a good performance for lawn care. But who makes DeWalt lawn mowers? DeWalt lawn mowers were created by a company named “Stanley Black & Decker”.

Who Makes DeWalt Lawn Mowers

About the Manufacturer – Who Makes DeWalt Lawn Mowers?

Stanley Black & Decker produces DeWalt lawn mowers, which are renowned for their superior design and functionality. They are a recognized manufacturer. Stanley Black & Decker offers a selection of tools and security products.

DeWalt, with its roots dating to the mid-1800s has emerged as a player, in the global industry. Stanley Black & Decker’s headquarters are in New Britain, Connecticut, in the United States.

DeWalt is one of the greatest brands owned and operated by Stanley Black & Decker. DeWalt has built a reputation, for producing top notch power tools and outdoor equipment gaining the trust of professionals and homeowners alike.

DeWalt’s entry into lawn mowers shows an extension of their outdoor power equipment product range.

DeWalt lawn mowers are built to the same high quality and performance standards that the brand is recognized for in the power tool business. For convenience and ease of usage, they are often battery-powered and cordless.

Where Are DeWalt Lawn Mowers Made?

Dewalt lawn mowers are manufactured in the United States. They have made investments in its manufacturing. Its mowers are manufactured in numerous locations.

They are made in Texas, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. In order to create its mowers, DeWalt also gets components from many nations. These are China and India.

Depending on the model and year of production, the particular manufacturing site may differ.

You can see the product label or the manufacturer’s website for the most up-to-date information. You can also find the country of manufacturing for a given DeWalt lawn mower model.

What Types of Lawn Mowers Does DeWalt Lawn Mowers Make?

DeWalt provided a choice of lawn mower models to meet the demands and preferences of different users. DeWalt lawn mowers of this kind included:

1. Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers: Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries power DeWalt’s cordless electric lawn mowers. They have the advantage of being cordless. So, they are easier to maneuver without the burden of wires or the need for fuel.

2. Push Lawn Mowers: DeWalt’s push lawn mowers are intended for people who like classic walk-behind mowers. They are normally simple to use and provide a variety of cutting height adjustments. 

3. Zero-turn Lawn Mowers: Zero-turn lawn mowers have the capacity to perform precise zero-degree turns. These lawn mowers are naturally used for bigger lawns. You will also get precise control.

The Dewalt Commercial Zero-Turn Mower is built for your comfort. The zero-turn mowers were designed for the most demanding mowing tasks.

4. Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers: Some DeWalt lawn mowers are self-propelled. So, it is simpler to mow bigger lawns and navigate difficult terrain. These mowers help themselves move ahead. You will need less work to operate it.

5. Hydro Walk Lawn Mowers: Heavy-duty construction and robust frame components make it ideal for regular usage. The Hydro-Walk Mower is an excellent alternative for lawn care providers.

With a single-lever limitless speed control, operators may make rapid, on-the-fly speed adjustments. It has a low center of gravity with a broad wheelbase. The mower tracks straight even on rough, mountainous terrain.

With rapid deck height adjustment, you can efficiently modify cutting depth. Hand-lever steering control with ball bearing linkage allows for tight maneuvering around trees and flower beds.

How Good Are DeWalt Lawn Mowers?

DeWalt is known for providing high-quality equipment. Their lawn mowers try to achieve the same durability and dependability requirements.

When analyzing the quality of DeWalt lawn mowers, consider the following factors:


In the power tool market, DeWalt is known for its solid and resilient construction. Their lawn mowers are often made of high-quality materials meant to resist outside use.

Battery-Powered Convenience

DeWalt’s cordless electric lawn mowers are battery-powered. You will notice that they eliminate the need for wires or fuel. They frequently include replaceable batteries that work with other DeWalt cordless tools.


DeWalt lawn mowers are built to deliver effective cutting performance for a wide range of grass types and circumstances. They frequently provide several cutting height adjustments to meet your lawn care requirements.

The front wheels are staggered. This allows for more trim options and increased performance. It also maintains consistent deck control.

User-Friendly Features

DeWalt adds user-friendly features. It improves the user experience.  These are easy start systems, simple controls, and ergonomic designs.

Operators of all sizes can feel relaxed on the wide foot pan. This enables them to safely position their legs for long hours and tough jobs.

Its seats are automotive-inspired and fully adjustable. The carved and comfy seat with armrests allows you to unwind as you work.


Many DeWalt lawn mower models include the option of mulching or bagging grass clippings. It will allow you to select your preferred lawn care approach.

DeWalt frequently provides warranties and customer assistance for its goods. It will give you the peace of mind.

It includes a service solution, maintenance information, direct tech support, parts, a service dealer finder, and more when you register your product.

What Are the Best DeWalt Lawn Mowers?

The finest DeWalt lawn mower may be determined by personal tastes, demands, and the precise characteristics you need. However, here are a few famous and liked DeWalt lawn mower models:

  1. The Dewalt 2X20V MAX Brushless Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower is one of the most popular electric mowers. The 2X20V mower has the longest running time of any battery-powered mower. This mower has a run time of 60 minutes, making it the best in class.
  1. The DeWalt DCMW564P2 XR is another fantastic option. It has a Premium mower with a heavy-duty steel cutting deck. It also covers a variety of cutting procedures, such as mulching. It works perfectly for medium to big lawns.
  2. The Dewalt Z260 is a decent zero-turn mower. It has everything we seek for in an excellent mower. This is for high-end households with a 5-acre or larger lawn.

DeWalt Lawn Mowers Prices

Here are the prices of some DeWalt lawn mowers:

  • DeWalt DCMWSP255U2: $670 – $750
  • DeWalt DCMW564P2 XR: $885
  • DeWalt Z260: $829
  • DeWalt DXGMW33344R: $1999
  • DeWalt DCMWSP255Y2: $750-$800

Where to Buy DeWalt Lawn Mowers?

The best places to buy DeWalt lawn mowers:


Every model of DeWalt lawn mower is available on their official website. The official website helps in locating a retailer with a premium warranty, either online or in your local area. 


Most DeWalt mowers are easily available here than at other retailers. It offers free delivery on eligible DeWalt Lawn Mowers goods. You can buy the DeWalt mowers online with Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are DeWalt lawn mowers corded or cordless?

DeWalt lawn mowers are generally cordless and run on lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

How long does a DeWalt lawn mower battery last?

On a single charge, battery runtime can range from 30 minutes to over an hour.

Do the DeWalt mowers include batteries?

Yes, they are delivered with batteries.

Where can I get DeWalt lawn mower replacement parts?

Replacement parts and accessories are often available through authorized dealers and on the DeWalt website.

Do DeWalt lawn mowers include grass clippings bag?

Yes, a grass collecting bag is included with many DeWalt lawn mower models.

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