Cub Cadet Ignition Switch Problems: Easy Troubleshooting Steps!

It’s not uncommon for the ignition switch on your Cub Cadet mower to malfunction and prevent you from starting the mower.

Most problems with the ignition switch are caused by bad wiring or a broken solenoid. Common fixes include rewiring the terminals, replacing the ignition coil, and replacing the ignition switch.

Read on to learn more about the Cub Cadet ignition switch, the problems it can cause, and the solutions that can help you get your engine running again!

Cub Cadet Ignition Switch Problems Easy Troubleshooting Steps!

How Does The Ignition Switch Work on Cub Cadet?

It is essential to have a functional ignition switch when using a Cub Cadet lawn mower. When the lawnmower’s key is turned, the ignition switch supplies power to the engine. The engine cannot start without a functioning ignition switch.

The first step in the four-step procedure is to press the ‘Start’ button. The ignition switch transmits electric impulses to the coil of the solenoid. The coil obtains power from the battery wire, completes the circuit, and provides power to start the motor.

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How To Identify Lawn Mower Ignition Switch Problems?

To test the ignition switch on a Cub Cadet, first separate the negative battery connection. Next, remove the seat and detach the ignition switch’s cables. Using a multimeter, check for continuity between the ignition switch’s terminals.

If continuity exists, the switch is functioning appropriately. If no continuity is present, the switch is defective and must be replaced.

What Causes Ignition Switch Failure on Cub Cadet Mowers?

When there is an issue with the ignition switch, there are likely loose wiring and connections, faulty coil, or rust.

Let’s look at a quick table of potential reasons and straightforward solutions for ignition switch problems on Cub Cadet mowers.

Possible Causes Solution
Wring issuesCheck and fix wiring problems
Damaged ConnectionRepair/replace the terminals
Corrosion & Dirty PinsUse cleaner spray and clean thoroughly
Faulty Solenoid/ignition CoilIgnition coil needs replacement
Poorly Installed Ignition SwitchProperly Install the Ignition switch

1. Wiring Issues

If your mower starts up and works for a time before suddenly shutting off, it could be a wiring issue. Inadequate current flow to the solenoid could be caused by frayed or disconnected wiring.

It could be that the ignition switch’s ground connection isn’t properly connected or the stop switch wire is sloppy.

The Fix

  • Locating the ignition switch’s connections and components must come first.
  • The ignition switch must be grounded.
  • Change to a connection using a solenoid.
  • Connect the magneto’s open terminal.
  • Install the battery.
  • Attach the lights to the terminal of the ignition switch.
  • Adjust the switch safely. With a screwdriver, secure the ignition switch in place after all connections are done.

2. Damaged Connection

Loose connections can render the ignition switch inoperable, preventing you from starting your Cub cadet. While mowing, faulty ignition switch connections could cause the engine to shut off, which could be unsafe.

The Fix

If there isn’t enough room in the connector to squeeze the terminals, you can attempt removing the terminals by hand. A pair of pliers will be enough to do the work.

If this is not an option and the terminal cannot be repaired, you may need to replace that section of the wiring harness.

3. Corrosion & Dirty Pins

Rust and clogged up dirt on the pins of ignition switch can cause the ignition switch to go bad. This may cause ignition failure and eventually make u unable to operate your mower.

The Fix

Using electrical contact cleaner spray, a cleaning cloth, and sandpaper/metal file, filth and grime can be easily removed from ignition terminals.

The pins can be cleaned by spraying and wiping it down with a towel.

The connector can be kept in good working order by spraying with connector spray. Use small piece of sandpaper or a file to remove rust.

4. Faulty Solenoid/ignition Coil

If the ignition coil is damaged, the lawn mower motor overheats after a few minutes of mowing and shuts down. Keying the ignition switch activates battery voltage to the ignition coil, sparking the engine. Bad coils prevent starting.

The Fix

Check to see whether the ignition coil is faulty; if the coil is faulty and there is either very little or no spark, replace the coil as soon as you can.

5. Poorly Installed Ignition Switch

Sometimes problems with your Cub Cadet’s ignition switch can be traced back to sloppy installation of the switch. The ignition switch on your lawn mower is vulnerable to harm from breakage, corrosion, and loosening if it wasn’t put correctly.

The Fix

The ignition switch must be installed correctly. Inspect the switch for wear and tear, rust, loose connections, and filthy terminals, and then follow the manufacturer’s instructions for setting it up.

How to Fix Damaged Ignition Switch on your Cub Cadet? (Troubleshooting Steps!)

Let’s examine in depth how to repair the defective ignition switch on your Cub Cadet lawnmower.

Step-1 Remove the Battery

First, remove the battery, but be sure to put on some gloves first. Make sure the engine is turned off and remove the key from the ignition.

Attach the mower’s negative cable to the battery and remove it carefully so that the battery doesn’t hit the post.

Step-2 Disassemble the Ignition Switch

Get the ignition switch from the rear of the lawnmower and disassemble it.

In that case, release the locking tabs. Now, pull the switch through the front of the dashboard and insert it into the appropriate slot.

Take out the ignition switch and detach the wires from the back. If the plug is really stubborn, try jiggling it before attempting to take it out.

Step-3 Install New Ignition Switch

The pack section of the ignition switch must now be connected to the wire harness. The new switch for the ignition should then be fastened to the dashboard. The last step is to secure the locking tabs and then lower the mower’s hood.

Step-4 Connect The Battery Again

The procedure was initiated by removing the battery. At this point, you should go ahead and reconnect it. You must always ensure that the negative cable is linked to the negative battery terminal. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the cost of replacing the ignition switch?

Ignition switch repairs are costly. Without labor, you could spend $125–275. Labor adds $220 to $485.

Can you change the ignition switch on your own?

Replacing the ignition key requires expertise. If you follow proper instructions, you can do it yourself. If not, get expert help.

How can you know if an ignition coil is defective?

If the mower overheats, misfires, is hard to start, or backfires, the ignition coil is bad.

What are the letters on ignition switch?

B= Battery 
G= Ground
L= Fuel Solenoid 
M= Magneto        
S= Starter Solenoid

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