10 Reasons Why Bolens Lawn Mower Won’t Start

It can be frustrating when your Bolens lawn mower won’t start. After spending time and energy taking care of your lawn, you expect your mower to do its job, but it can be disappointing when it won’t even start.

Bolens lawn mowers won’t start if the spark plug, air filter, choke setting, carburetor, fuel filter, fuel line, safety switch, or gas is damaged. Bolens riding mowers may have weak batteries, wiring, ignition switches, or charging systems.

Before you give up, you should take a few steps to troubleshoot the problem and figure out what’s causing the issue.

Why Bolens Lawn Mower Won't Start

Reasons Behind Your Bolens Lawn Mower Won’t Start

The following is a breakdown of the most typical reasons why your Bolens mower won’t start, as well as the solutions to those problems:

1. No Gas in your Fuel Tank

If your Bolens fuel tank is empty, it will not start. Without fuel, the engine cannot ignite or create the combustion needed for it to run.

As obvious as it seems, you might be surprised at how many times customers have told me their lawn mower wouldn’t start when the problem was that there wasn’t any fuel in it.

The Fix

If your Bolens fuel tank is empty and your engine won’t start, you will need to refill the fuel tank with fresh gasoline.

Refill the tank with 87-octane unleaded fuel. Select gas with ethanol below 10%.

Most Bolens mowers use 4-cycle gasoline engines. Old Bolens mowers may feature 2-cycle engines that need gas and oil. A 2-cycle engine has one gas-oil fill port.

Before refilling the fuel tank, be sure to check the spark plug, air filter, and fuel lines to make sure all components are clean and in good working order. If any of these components are faulty, it could be causing the engine to not start.

2. Spark Plug Issue

Spark Plug
Spark Plug

A faulty spark plug can cause an engine to not start. It is one of the most common reasons for an engine not to start.

If the spark plug is not working properly, it may not ignite the air and fuel mixture, resulting in the engine not starting. As the spark plug is responsible for providing the spark which ignites the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber.

The Fix

Check the spark plug for damage. Replace the spark plug if the porcelain insulator is shattered, an electrode is burned away, or there is considerable carbon buildup.

Use a spark plug tester to check for defects. Upon cranking, the tester terminals should ignite strongly. If the spark plug doesn’t work, replace it.

If the spark plug is not the problem, other potential causes of the engine not starting should be explored.

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3. Bad or Old Fuel

After roughly a month, gas will start to lose its quality, become more deteriorated, and have less of an effect. Ethanol, which is utilized in gasoline production, is a moisture magnet.

The carburetor float bowl may contain stale fuel. Certain fuel additives evaporate, leaving a thicker, stickier material. Sticky fuel might clog the carburetor and inhibit engine start-up.

The Fix

A busy gas station must sell fuel and utilize it within 30 days. If you cannot use the fuel within this time, use a fuel additive to stabilize it.

Fuel siphon pumps remove old fuel from gasoline tanks. Clean and dry the fuel system using fresh fuel and a fuel additive.

Use a carburetor cleaner to unclog it. Rebuild or replace the carburetor if cleaning fails.

Start the mower and let it run to let the treated fuel mixture circulate through the fuel system.

4. Fuel Pump not Working Properly

Fuel pump issues may prevent your Bolens mower from starting. Fuel pump failure, clogged filters, or low fuel pressure may cause this.

The gasoline pump feeds the carburetor. A pump moves gas from the fuel tank underneath the carburetor. Bolens push mowers rarely have gasoline pumps, although riding mowers may.

Fuel pumps fail like other mechanical parts. Old fuel degrades pump components.

The Fix

Check your vacuum fuel pump for cracks. If the fuel pump leaks or fractures, it can no longer use crankcase pressure to transfer fuel to the carburetor. Control fuel flow with a fuel shut-off valve or clamps. Pause and start gas flow to ensure pumping.

Check the fuel line or filter if the pump isn’t flowing well.

If your pump is getting gasoline, check to see if it’s pumping fuel steadily or pulsating to see if it’s malfunctioning.

5. Clogged & Dirty Carburetor

The carburetor regulates gas and air for combustion. Old ethanol-containing fuel can crust and jam up carburetors.

Certain fuel additives evaporate, leaving a thicker, stickier material. Sticky fuel might clog the carburetor and inhibit engine start-up. Your Bolens engine will run rough or not start if the carburetor cannot manage fuel and air.

The Fix

Use a carburetor cleaner to unclog it. Rebuild or replace the carburetor if cleaning fails.

If the carburetor is in poor condition, replace it.

If you’re mechanically inclined, clean the carburetor yourself; otherwise, take it to your lawn mower repair shop.

For more information on common lawn mower carburetor problems, check out this article: 8 Common Lawn Mower Carburetor Problems.

6. Bad Safety Switch

Safety Switches
Safety Switches

Bad safety switches prevent the Bolens mower from starting. Safety switches prevent the engine from starting under certain conditions, like: the operator’s presence, correct seating, and blade engagement.

The safety switch prevents engine start-up if any of these conditions are not met. Consequently, a broken safety switch prevents engine start-up.

The Fix

To fix this problem, the safety switch must be tested if wrong then replaced with a new one. To do this:

  • The operator must first locate the safety switch
  • Then disconnect it from the engine.
  • Then, replace the faulty switch with a new one and reconnect it to the engine.
  • Finally, must test the new switch to ensure that it is functioning properly.

7. Loose or Corroded Cables

The mower won’t start if the wiring and terminals are loose. Corrosion of the wiring, terminals, and motor can stop the mower from starting. To avoid corrosion, test all wiring, terminals, and connections.

The Fix

Then, check the battery cables for corrosion and looseness. Clean corroded cables using a wire brush and baking soda and water. Wrench loose cables.

Check the electrical harness for fraying or melting. If damaged, replace electrical harness.

Finally, check the terminals. Wrench them tight. Clean corroded terminals with a wire brush and baking soda-water solution.

After inspecting and repairing all parts, your mower should start.

8. Weak or Bad Battery

 Bad Battery
Bad Battery

Bolens mower batteries might be weak or defective owing to improper charging, broken batteries, or rusted connections. When the battery charger is connected too long or the charge rate is too high, improper charging can occur.

A bad battery may not charge or supply enough energy to power the mower. Corroded connectors restrict electron flow, draining the battery.

The Fix

Test your battery with a multimeter. A 12-volt lawn mower battery requires 12.7 volts. If it’s low, charge it. Charge a Bolens battery and learn why it keeps dying here. If your battery doesn’t charge, replace it.

9. Bad Ignition Coil

ignition coil
ignition coil

If your Bolens mower is not starting, the most likely cause is a bad ignition switch. A bad ignition switch can prevent the engine from getting the necessary power it needs to start.

To Fix

The first step is to check the battery to make sure it is charged and that the connections are secure. If the battery is good, then the ignition switch should be replaced.

This can be done by taking out the old switch and replacing it with a new one. Be sure to unplug the wires before replacing the switch to avoid any damage. Onc e the new switch is installed, the mower should start up.

10. Bad Starter Solenoid


Bolens lawn mower solenoids are electromagnetic switches that turn on the starter motor to start the engine.

When a solenoid wire gets hot and smokes or melts, your Bolens mower solenoid may be bad which inhibits starting.

The Fix

The starter solenoid may be faulty or misconnected if it doesn’t work. Replace the starter solenoid to restart the mower.

Check that the starter solenoid’s battery and ignition switch connections are good. If the mower won’t start, it may need professional inspection and repair.

Bolens Lawn Mower Won’t Start: FAQs

Why won’t my Bolens lawnmower start after sitting?

After sitting all winter, your push or riding Bolens lawn mower may not start for several reasons. A lawn mower’s inability to start after months or years of inactivity is often due to a dirty carburetor.

Can spark plugs stop a lawnmower?

Your Bolens mower won’t start with dirty spark plugs. It can also loosen, causing problems. If the engine won’t start, try a new spark plug. This simple fix can fix your little engine for a few dollars.

What should i do if my bolens lawn mower won’t start after i changed the oil?

Check the spark plug and fuel lines for dirt or debris, make sure the oil level is correct, inspect the blades for wear, and check the battery and cables for corrosion.

What is the best way to store my Bolens lawn mower?

To store your Bolens lawn mower, make sure the fuel tank is empty and the spark plug is disconnected. Clean the mower thoroughly and lubricate all moving parts. Store the mower in a dry, well-ventilated area that is away from direct sunlight.

Why is my bolens lawn mower not getting gas?

If your Bolens lawn mower is not getting gas, the first step is to check the fuel tank to make sure it is not empty. Then, check the fuel line and fuel filter for clogs or blockages. If these steps don’t work, you may need to replace the carburetor.

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