How to Fix Dirt Patches in the Lawn: Know the Best Solution

You might dream of a healthy and green lawn. But, dirt patches in your lawn can disappoint you badly! Totally heartbroken scene, right? I went through this pain last summer! I can’t tolerate maximum dirt patches in my lawn and started searching for a solution. Luckily, I got a solution that again makes my lawn alive! So, how to fix dirt patches in the lawn? two easy methods can give you the actual solution.

First, rake the spot and prepare the soil with a fork. Use a magic patch repair to cover the area and spray water. You can also use seeds to cover the area. If your lawn gets extremely thin, repairing the whole lawn is necessary. 

That’s not all, my friend! You’ve to learn more things before starting this job. Let’s dive into the detailed process to get the exact solution that needs your lawn. 

How to Fix Dirt Patches in the Lawn

The Common Reason For Dirt Patches Or Bare Spots in Your Lawn: A Quick Chart For Smart Solution

Moving around your lawn, you might be thinking of how these patches happen.  Most lawn owners can’t believe their eyes until they know the reason. Also, inspecting the reason may give you hints as to what to do next! 

The dirt patches take place due to struggling grass growth in the lawn. Therefore, I’ve listed some of the possible causes of dirt patches and smart solutions. That’ll help prevent dirt or bare spots in your lawn’s future. 

Common problem CausesSolution
1. Frequent walking of people or pets on the lawnThe continuous footing traffic of kids and pets can make soil compact and hence the grass can’t grow. So, finally, it makes dirt patches.Avoid walking inside the lawn and arrange alternative paths to walk along the lawn. 
2. Heavy rainHeavy rain can easily wash away the grass seeds.Try to cover the seeds with peat moss, organic mulch or biodegradable burlap.
3. Hard or compact soil Hard or compact soil is a common reason which resists grass growth.Loosen the soil with a rack.For heavily compacted soil, Aerate the soil with core aeration tools.
4. Less sunlight, shadow, nitrogen or nutrientsWhen your lawn area doesn’t get enough sunlight, proper nutrients and nitrogen then the grass stops growing.Place the lawn where grass can get perfect sunlight. (not excessive)Add organic topsoil to provide enough nutrients and nitrogen.
5. Attack of insects or grubsVery often dirt patches or bare spotsis seen for attacks of insects or grubs.Prevent any insects or grubs with GardenTech Sevin brand insecticides

Once you understand the reason, take this smart solution fast. Although, this solution is fit as a permanent solution instead of an instant solution. No worries! The instant solutions described below! Check it out now!

How to Fix Dirt Patches in Lawn: Step-by-Step Guideline

How to Fix Dirt Patches in Lawn
How to Fix Dirt Patches in Lawn

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Method 1: Repair the Dirt Patches in a Small Area 

If your lawn has small dirt patches, then the process is very easy. Just follow this step-by-step guideline below-

Step 1: Gather the Necessary Tools

Before starting any garden project, gathering the necessary tools is the first thing you need to do. This saves your energy and time. So, in this project, you need the following tools-

ToolsWhere to find
RackTRG Inc Groundskeeper
ForkLandzie Fork lawn 
Patch magic repairMiracle-gro patch magic
Lawn ThickenerJohnson lawn thickener
Hand spreaderhandheld spreader

Step 2: Prepare the Area 

Inspect the dirt patch area and get ready to prepare it. Use a rake to clear dirt and dead stuff from the area.  Now, loosen the soil with a fork. 

Step 3: Cover the Area

Here you can cover the area with two simple methods.

  •  Use a patching kit and shaker

Simply,  you need to spread the patching kit and shaker over the area. You don’t need to cover the whole area.  Just cover the ⅔” of the area. 

Tips: You don’t have trouble mixing seeds and fertilizers in this method. Because, this magic patching kit already has seed, fertilizer, and nutrients in it.

  • Overseeding 

First, add organic soil (ex. topsoil) and blend or fluff the soil with a rake or fork. Use a seed and feed mixing. Next, spread it until covering the top of the area. You don’t need to add any fertilizer in this process.

Tips: After this, lightly rake the area for better results in 7-14days. 

Step 4: Watering the Area

To provide enough moisture, spray water lightly. Don’t spray water heavier as it can wash away the seeds.  Daily watering of the area will bring you a good result in a few days. Try to spray water twice a day.

Tips: If there is excessive heat or sunlight, use a biodegradable burlap to keep them in shadow. It also helps to protect seeds from birds! Mow the area after 5-6 weeks.

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Method 2: Repair the Thin Lawn

If your lawn is excessively thin and you already give up on the lawn; Then this method is for you. You just need to keep patience and follow the instructions step by step-

Repair the Thin Lawn
Repair the Thin Lawn

Step 1: Clear the Lawn

The first step is to clean the whole lawn well. Here,  you need to use a rake which will make your work much easier. 

Step 2: Lightly Mow the Lawn

Then back to your lawn mower to give a light mow in the lawn. Make sure, you have to mow the lawn with a quick move. 

Step 3: Sow the Seed

The main challenge is to spread the seed evenly. So, prepare your seed with mixing fertilizer.

Although you can spread the seeds with your hands, hand spreaders do this job perfectly. Let’s spread the seed over the whole area. 

Step 4: Watering the Lawn

Spray the water to keep the lawn moist. Keep watering for the first 3-4weeks.  Never mow the lawn for at least 3 weeks until the grass is growing perfectly. 

And, that’s all for repairing dirt patches or thin lawn areas. After 3weeks, if the lawn hasn’t been repaired then sow the seed next fall season.


There’s a common problem to see dirty patches on the lawn. I’ve discussed everything you need to fix the dirty patches with an easy and simple method. I hope you’ll fix it soon and give me an update, okay? 

And, Never forget to inspect the lawn area daily. Proper maintenance can ensure a healthier lawn than before. Got it?! Now, keep looking at your green lawn and cheers!! 

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