Can I Use Garden Soil for Lawn?

It’s time to take seasonal maintenance of your lawn mower. You can’t keep the patience to look at a healthy and beautiful lawn again. Meanwhile, you get tense about selecting the best soil for your lawn, right? Hence, the question also may arise in your mind, Can I use garden soil for lawn?

You can use garden soil on the lawn if it’s free of any chemical or fertilizer in it. You better mix the topsoil and garden soil to improve soil quality and better grass growth. 

Or, the better option is to use topsoil for a healthy lawn.

In this guideline, you can figure out all the answers to the question:” Can you use garden soil for lawn? ” I’ll share my experience and guideline for why I chose topsoil instead of garden soil on my lawn. Let’s clarify!

Can I Use Garden Soil for Lawn
Can I Use Garden Soil for Lawn

Can I Use Garden Soil for Lawn? Know the Right Soil for Your Lawn:

You can use the garden soil on your lawn by considering some factors. Mainly, it depends on the process you have to perform on your lawn. Like, such as overseeding, topdressing, levelling and filling holes in a lawn.

  • Overseeding a lawn requires compost that provides nutrients and moisture to grass seeds. So, garden soil that consists of compost and nutrients helps to increase soil performance. It also boosts grass growth. Here, topsoil use is good but it doesn’t provide enough nutrients. So, yeah! You can use garden soil with compost while overseeding an existing lawn. 
  • If you want to topdress your lawn, then using garden soil is not a good choice. As, garden soil consists of other nutrient ingredients, which actually don’t need on the top layer of the lawn. Adding a thick layer of sandy topsoil fulfils the organic needs of the existing soil on the lawn. It also ensures well drainage.
  • Don’t ever think of using garden soil for levelling a lawn or filling holes. Garden soil is expensive to level or covers up the whole lawn. You may have to use specific garden soil for each plant. On the other hand, topsoil can easily do this job for every plant and grass on your lawn. So, don’t make the mistake of choosing garden soil for levelling or filling holes in your lawn instead of topsoil or lawn soil. 

Can You Put Garden Soil on Top of the Grass?

You can put garden soil on top of grass. But, you have to do it carefully. And also, make sure the garden soil doesn’t compost with heavy elements or chemicals which can resist grass growth. 

Garden soil is suitable for specific plants, so it’s not recommended to use it on grass. But, if only natural ingredients are present in garden soil then you can use it. Otherwise, a thin layer of topsoil is the best choice for overseeding grass. 

Can I mix Garden Soil with Topsoil?

Can I mix Garden Soil with Topsoil
Can I mix Garden Soil with Topsoil

Yes, you can! It’s a better idea to mix garden soil with topsoil. Sometimes, you may not be ready to bear the expense of garden soil. Here, you can easily add topsoil to the garden soil for improving existing soil performance.  It’ll boost the growth of grass.  Moreover, the mixing soil delivers the organic nutrients, moisture, and compost to the lawn. 

First, level the lawn with the proper amount of garden soil to the existing soil. Then add topsoil to the garden soil. After that, add new and existing soil to the lawn. Finally, level up your lawn by adding a final layer of topsoil. 

Garden Soil VS Top Soil: What Type of Soil Should I Put on my Lawn?

Garden Soil VS Top Soil
Garden Soil VS Top Soil

Good soil is the main reason for having a healthy lawn which everyone dreams of! Generally speaking, people get confused between two types of soil for their lawn: Garden soil and Topsoil. 

Experts give suggestions to use topsoil instead of garden soil. The reasons are given below-

  • Garden soil is mainly a growing medium for specific plants, vegetables or flowers in a garden. Hence, it’s used for hanging flower baskets, vegetables or flower garden beds. Also, if there is a chemical or fertilizer used on garden soil then it’ll be harmful to grass or lawn. The price of garden soil bags is more expensive than the topsoil.
  • Topsoil consists of natural organic material and nutrients that improve soil quality. It’s the overall solution for any lawn. From the overseeding to the levelling of your lawn everything is easily handled with this topsoil. The topsoil is also great for good drainage which is important for a healthy lawn. 

So, I think topsoil is the best choice for grass or lawn instead of garden soil. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can garden soil be used as topsoil?

You can use garden soil as topsoil if it’s free of any chemical or fertilizer in it. Garden soil is suitable for specific plants to help grow. So, you better mix the garden soil with topsoil for better results.

 Can I use garden soil for top dressing lawn?

It’s not recommended to use garden soil for top-dressing lawns. Because garden soil has a more dense layer which can resist the growth of grass. And also, the drainage system will be worse than before. Topsoil is a better choice for it.

What is garden soil used for?

Garden soil is used for specific plants, vegetables and flower gardens. It acts as a growing medium with extra compost, peat, bark, and fertilizer. So, it’s the best option for using on a landscape, hanging flower baskets or flower garden beds.


Hope that you may get your answer. Typically, garden soil is used widely for a particular plant. But, if you have remaining garden soil, then you can add it with topsoil to use on your lawn.

Don’t think of using garden soil for levelling or covering your lawn! Because it doesn’t give you an expected result with the cost. So, what will be your next step? Drop the comment first!! 

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