7 Common Bad Boy Mower Transaxle Problems and How to Fix Them!

One of the most common Bad Boy mower issues is the transaxle problem or failure. However, do you know what the Transaxle system does?

This system mainly transfers the engine power to the wheels and allows the mower to run & move smoothly. But what causes this system to fail?

The most common reasons for Transaxle problems are:

  • Improper maintenance
  • Low or incorrect Trans fluid levels,
  • Insufficient lubrication,
  • Dirt or buildup debris inside the Transaxle system/assembly,
  • Damaged or worn-out Transaxle components.

Keep reading the following article to discover the seven most common Bad Boy mower Transaxle problems and learn how to resolve them_

Bad Boy Mower Transaxle Problems

4 Signs You Have a Bad Boy Mower Transaxle Problem

Check out these four signs that indicate when something goes wrong with the Transaxle system_

  1. Oil or fluid leaking from the transaxle.
  2. Unusual excess noise or vibration coming from the mower while running.
  3. While mowing, you will notice difficulty operating the mower and bumpy rides.
  4. The mower will fail to deliver even cuts and might even start to damage the grass during mowing.

7 Common Bad Boy Mower Transaxle Problems & How to Fix Them?

The best approach is to inspect each potential area first and perform the required service_

1. Leaking of Hydraulic Oil or Fluid

If you notice any sign of Hydraulic oil or fluid leaking on your Bad Boy mower, there must be something wrong with the Transaxle system.

Such a fluid leaking issue may arise due to a broken or worn seal or gasket.

Leaking of Hydraulic Oil or Fluid
Leaking of Hydraulic Oil or Fluid

The Solution

First, take the clutch and pulleys off to inspect the seal.

If it looks old or damaged, pry out the seal to take it off and replace it with a new seal kit.

Then, change or refill the Hydraulic fluid on your mower.

2. A defective Charge Pump or Hydraulic System

There are two main issues with the transaxle system:

One is the Hydraulic fluid leakage mentioned earlier, and another is a defective charge pump or damaged Hydraulic system.

The Solution:

Get access to your mower charging pump inside the transmission assembly (get directional help from your mower’s user manual).

Inspect the seals underneath the charging pump. If the seals are damaged, replace them.

But if the actual pump has failed, you need to replace the charge pump.

The best solution to deal with a failed Hydro system is to get professional help from experts.

3. Left Transaxle Lacks Torque

You might notice that the left transaxle on your Bad Boy seems to lack enough torque. It could be due to a stuck drive belt or bracket.

Even if the drive belt on your mower transmission becomes loose or the piston inside the belt does not make a proper connection with the plate, you might also notice a similar problem.

The Solution:

Get internal access to your mower’s drive belt and check whether the piston inside the belt has a good connection or not with the plate where it sits.

If the piston does not, lubricate the piston properly to reduce the friction between the two components or adjust the tension of your drive belt.

If the ground drive belt or transaxle belt in your mower has come loose or got stuck inside, the easiest solution is to replace it.

Note: Keep in mind that not all mower models are built in the same manner. Thus, some internal parts might not be in the same locations shown in that tutorial. So, check your mower’s user manual to locate the actual parts while following this tutorial.

4. Broken Transaxle

Is your mower difficult to push or pull while navigating?

Are there excessive grinding noises and strange sensations coming from your Bad Boy?

There’s a high chance that the transaxle itself may have failed or been substantially worn.

The Solution:

If the transaxle has completely broken down, the only solution is to replace the transaxle with a new one.

 5. Bent or broken Axle Shafts

 Bent or broken Axle Shafts
Bent or broken Axle Shafts

If you are experiencing steering difficulty or see premature wearing on any transaxle components, it could be caused by alignment faults.

But what causes such alignment issues?

Bent axle shafts mostly cause alignment errors since they are responsible for connecting the wheels of the mower to its engine and allowing them to move smoothly as you turn on the power supply.

Even you will encounter similar issues due to broken axles or axle seals on your mower.

The Solution:

  • First, remove the transaxle to check the current state of your mower’s axle shafts.
  • Also, inspect the axle seal and replace it if the seal is broken or damaged.
  • If you see that the shaft is bent, straighten the axle shaft.
  • If it is broken or looks too worn or not repairable, you need to replace it.

6. Slipping Gears or Overheated Gearbox

You might suddenly notice that the gears keep slipping, and it can happen due to a lack of lubrication. Gears might also slip due to either a faulty shift cable or linkage rod on your mower transmission assembly.

Generally, the gearbox gets overheated due to insufficient oil in the transaxle system.

The Solution:

First, make sure you have enough oil or fluid in your transmission or transaxle system to lubricate the gears and other internal parts properly.

Once you are sure transaxle oil or transmission fluid is not the main culprit.

Break inside the transmission assembly of your Bad Boy to inspect and take necessary actions:

  • Locate the shift lever on your mower.
  • Disconnect the linkage rod from the lever and remove any clamps or bolts, connecting the shift cable in place.
  • Similarly, disconnect the end of the cable from its corresponding component and pull out the old cable.
  • If the cable is bad, bring the new cable and thread it to reconnect the new cable to its corresponding component.
  • Similarly, if the linkage rod is faulty, bring a new one and reattach the cable to the new linkage rod with clamps or bolts.
  • Secure all the connections.

7. Motor Problem

You might also notice that the mower motor is gradually failing and not responding as it is supposed. It could be due to a lack of oil in the motor crankcase.

The Solution:

  • Check whether you have an adequate amount of engine oil or not.
  • If you do not, add the required amount of motor oil.
  • If the problem remains, replace the motor.

5 Tips for Avoiding Bad Boy Mower Transaxle Problems:

5 Tips for Avoiding Bad Boy Mower Transaxle Problems

Note the following tips to protect your mower from potential Transaxle issues:

  • Regularly check the oil levels in your Bad Boy mower. Refill with fresh SAE 90 gear oil whenever the level looks in the margin or below the margin level.
  • Do not forget to perform scheduled maintenance of your mower to keep all the parts & components in a good state.
  • Avoid overloading your mower or putting too much strain on it to prevent excessive wear on transaxle components.
  • Keep an eye on the linkage rods and bushings for any early signs of wear or damage.
  • Only use recommended lubricants for your mower. Always keep your internal transaxle components lubricated with that.

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Frequently Asked Queries (FAQs)

What type of oil is used in a Bad Boy transaxle?

All Bad Boy engines use 10W-30 engine oil.

Is there a difference between gear oil and transaxle oil?

Yes. Gear oil is used in manual transmissions as a lubricant, while transaxle oil works as a lubricant for automatic transmissions.

Why is my Bad Boy mower pulling to one side?

Your Bad Boy might be dragging like that due to its underinflated wheels.

What causes my Bad Boy mower to not move?

It might occur due to a loose/ defective spark plug, dirty filter, or battery problems.

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