How To Deal With 6 Most Common Bad Boy Maverick Problems?

The Bad Boy brand’s Maverick lineup is specially designed and dedicated for home or residential use. But just like any other top mower lineup from any well-known brand, Maverick is also prone to encounter various issues.

So, what are these problems?

The six most common problems associated with Bad Boy Maverick Zero Turn Lawn Mower are:

  • Engine Problems
  • Unusual Vibration & Shaking
  • Poor Cutting Quality & Performance
  • Gas/Fuel Leakage
  • Hydrostatic Transmission Error
  • Excess Smoke Coming Out

But why do these problems occur with Bad Boy Maverick mowers and how to fix them?
Continue reading the following article to get the answers!

Bad Boy Maverick Problems
Engine ProblemsLow fuel/faulty fuel system components, defective spark plugs, or due to other electrical issues.Make sure you have fresh and enough fuel in the tank. Check all the potential parts & repair or replace them accordingly.
Maverick Tends to Vibrate or ShakeBroken/missing/loose internal components, or failed clutch.Check all the internal components & take necessary action. Repair or replace the clutch.
Poor Cutting Quality & PerformanceIssues with the mower blades, spindle, deck belt, or deck.Re-install the blades correctly. Inspect all the components & repair or change the parts.
Gas or Fuel LeakageFaulty fuel component/s or leaks in the tank.Inspect & repair or replace the faulty parts.
Hydrostatic Transmission ErrorOld fluid/low level of fluid, faulty Hydraulic pulley, or loose/damaged Hydro belt.Check the fluid and add more or change it if needed. Repair or replace the belt.
Smoke Comes Out from the MowerIf water is inside the fuel system, hot engine/oil/ fuel burning inside, or motor oil spilling.Seek Professional help.

6 Most Common Bad Boy Maverick Problems & How to Fix Them?

The best approach is to inspect each potential area first and perform the required service_

1. Maverick Engine Problems

Maverick Engine
Maverick Engine

You might encounter several Engine problems, including difficulty in starting, power loss, engine stalling/running erratically, overheating, poor start, or the motor won’t start at all.

Problems arise due to various electrical issues such as –

  • low fuel,
  • defective/worn-out spark plugs,
  • clogged filters, pumps, or fuel lines.

Other potential causes behind those issues are –

  • Wrong or faulty carburetor adjustment,
  • corroded internal electrical wirings & components,
  • bad starter motor or battery.

How To Fix:

First, make sure you have enough fuel in the fuel tank.

Check the spark plug:

  • If it looks old or dirty, clean the spark plug.
  • But if the plug is broken, or severely damaged, replace the spark plug.

Check the fuel filters, pumps, and lines:

  • Clean dirty or clogged filters, pumps & fuel lines.
  • Replace faulty fuel filters, pumps, or lines as required.

Inspect the carburetor adjustment and re-adjust it correctly if needed.

Do not forget to check all the internal electrical wirings and take necessary actions.

2. Maverick Tends to Vibrate or Shake

Mainly, broken or loose internal parts, such as missing or loose engine bolts can cause your mower to vibrate dangerously.

Even a defective or failed clutch can drive your mower to shake like that too.

How To Fix:

  • Access your mower engine assembly and check whether there’s any bolt missing or coming loose.
  • If any bolt is missing, you need to insert a new similar type of bolt in that position.
  • If the bolts are coming loose, take the bolts off and use ramped locking washer on the bolts before re-installing them.
  • Make sure to tighten all the head or mounting bolts securely to stop the extra vibration.

This complete troubleshooting video will guide you to determine what went wrong with the clutch and how to fix that_

If the vibrating & shaking problem is still there, immediately contact a professional mechanic.

3. Poor Cutting Quality & Performance

You might notice uneven cuts due to worn or bent blade/s on your Maverick mower because such faulty blades can cause unstable cutting length or speed.

Even incorrect installation of blades can cause severe damage to the deck shaft.

Similar issues can arise due to other Mechanical issues, such as- a bent spindle or loose belt.

Also, grass clippings, dirt, and debris can get caught in the deck during the operation and cause the mower deck to malfunction or jam up.

How To Fix:

As soon as you realize that your Maverick mower started to cut unevenly or having a hard time cutting straight:

  • Check the blades to see whether they are correctly placed and if any have a little bent.
  • Ensure that the blades are installed correctly and there is no misalignment.
  • Sharpen the blade/s if necessary.
  • Clean the cutting blade/s if needed.
  • If the blades are bent, straighten them or if they are damaged, replace them.
  • Properly clean the mower deck to confirm that no external objects are getting in the way or jamming up the deck.
  • Do not forget to inspect whether the spindle is bent, or the deck belt is loose.
  • If required, replace the spindle
  • Repair or replace the deck belt if necessary.

However, if the deck also looks severely damaged or worn, replace the mower deck.

4. Gas or Fuel Leakage

Such an internal gas or fuel leaking problem might arise because of the failed carburetor on your mower.

Any faulty fuel component like filters or pumps can cause Carburetor failure.

Besides, if there’s any crack or hole in the main fuel tank, it will also cause the fuel to leak like that.

As a result, the carburetor will eventually fail.

How To Fix:

Inspect the fuel filter and replace it if needed.

Check the fuel pump and repair or replace the pump.

Thoroughly inspect the whole fuel tank for any sign of cracks or holes and if you find such areas, repair the tank before refilling the tank.

 5. Hydrostatic Transmission Error

 Hydrostatic Transmission

Maverick Hydrostatic transmission error or failure mainly arises because of _

  • a faulty Hydraulic pulley,
  • loose/damaged belt, or
  • Contaminated fluid/ lack of Hydraulic fluid in the system.

How To Fix:

Solving Fluid Problem:

  • Get access to your mower’s expansion tank to check the transmission fluid level. (Check your mower’s user manual for the accurate direction)
  • Verify the current condition and level of the Hydraulic oil.
  • If the oil is old or the level is cold level, try to warm up the mower engine for at least 1 minute.
  • Then open the tank cap to recheck the oil level.
  • If the level is still low, refill the tank with Hydraulic Oil.

Loose/damaged Hydro Belt:

  • If the problem occurred due to a faulty belt, replace the belt:
  • Locate the belt assembly area and take off the left belt cover.
  • Remove the clutch stop bracket to remove the Transaxle drive belt.
  • Disengage the drive belt from the transaxle pulley completely and install the new belt.
  • Re-install everything and secure all the connections.

6. Smoke Comes Out from the Maverick

Occasionally, Maverick Users might also notice smoke coming out of their mower, which occurs due to 3 major reasons:

  1. When water accidentally enters the fuel system
  2. If a hot engine, oil, or fuel starts to burn inside the mower
  3. Due to the motor oil spilling or leaking

How To Fix:

Unfortunately, none of those issues can be solved with tricks or DIY hacks, and you need professional assistance to fix your mower.

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Frequently Asked Queries (FAQs)

How fast can a Bad Boy Maverick mower go?

Up To 9 mph

What is the acreage capacity of the Bad Boy Maverick mower?

You can mow up to 4 acres per day with a Bad Boy Maverick.

How much fuel capacity does a Maverick mower have?

Up to 6.5 Gallons.

What is the average cutting height of a Bad Boy Maverick?

1.5″ to 4.5″ cutting height available with Maverick mowers.

What kind of oil does a Bad Boy Maverick use?

10W-30 engine oil.

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