Why Did My Riding Lawn Mower Stop Running While Mowing?

A common scenario when mowing a lawn is the lawn mower stopping while moving. The riding lawn mower can stop working due to old fuel, clogged air filter, carburetor issue, spark plug problem, and engine overheating.

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How To Fix Riding Lawn Mower Stopped Running While Mowing?

6 Reasons of Riding Lawn Mower Stopped Running While Mowing

The most frequent causes of a riding lawn mower stopping during mowing are listed below.

1. Fuel Problem

One of the most frequent causes of a lawn mower to stall is a fuel problem. If this occurs:

  • You may find that starting the lawnmower is challenging.
  • The lawnmower operates erratically.
  • The lawnmower is emitting a powerful fuel smell.
  • Fuel filter may be blocked.
  • The mower has a filthy carburetor.
  • The fuel is polluted or old or there might be fuel leaks from the fuel line.

Cleaning or replacing the fuel filter is required to resolve fuel-related difficulties. Cleaning the carburetor should be done if that does not resolve the problem. Repair any fuel line leaks as well as draining and replace the old fuel.

2. Air Filter Issue

The airflow to the engine might be hampered by a filthy air filter. The lawn mower might stall as a result of this. Some signs of an air filter problem are:

  • After starting and running for a short while, the lawn mower may stop.
  • You might notice that the lawnmower operates unevenly.
  • The area around the air filter may have a deposit of black soot.

You must clean the air filter in order to address air filter problems. You will need to replace the air filter if cleaning it does not solve the problem.

3. Damaged Spark Plug

The engine may not start if the spark plug is damaged. If this occurs, the riding lawnmower can abruptly stop working while you are mowing the grass. You should become aware of these other symptoms that may result in stalling.

  • The lawnmower won’t even turn on.
  • After starting and running for a short while, the lawn mower stops.
  • The riding lawn mower will make a noise.
  • The spark plug has damage or is fouled.

You must take the spark plug out and check it in order to repair any problems. Also, you should change the spark plug if it is fouled or damaged.

4. Ignition Issues

The riding lawn mowers may stop if their spark plugs are worn out or broken. While running, the mower might stall if the engine cuts off. An inoperable ignition coil won’t generate enough spark to ignite the fuel-air combination.

The ignition process may be interfered with by problems with the fuel system, such as a blocked fuel filter or carburetor. While mowing, the engine may start but abruptly shut off. Engine misfires and low power may other signs.

To fix the issue – 

  • Look for wear or damage on the spark plug, and replace it if required.
  • Use a multimeter to check the ignition coil if you think it could be broken.
  • If the ignition coil isn’t producing the right voltage, replace it.
  • Clean or replace the carburetor and fuel filter. This will guarantee optimal fuel flow.

5. Mower Engine Overheating

A filthy air filter or grass clippings might clog the cooling system. The engine will overheat as a result of this.

Furthermore, high friction might be caused by inadequate lubrication. As a result, the engine will become increasingly hot. Overheating may also result from a damaged cooling system.

Here is how you can fix the issue:

  • Keep the grass cuttings routinely cleaned if your lawn mower is overheating.
  • Clean the cooling system’s parts and the engine’s trash as well.
  • Ensure that the oil level is within the advised range.
  • According to the user manual, you must replace the oil.
  • Finally, you should examine the water pump, radiator, and cooling fan. These comprise the cooling system’s components.

6. Faulty Transmission

A riding lawn mower’s transmission may potentially stop it from going. Some indications of transmission issues include:

  • The lawnmower doesn’t go in forward or backward motion.
  • When in motion, the lawn mower creates odd noises.
  • The lawn mower has a fluid leak.

You will need to take the lawn mower to a competent repair to address transmission issues. It is challenging to diagnose the transmission system. You may also need to get it changed.

How to Prevent “Riding Lawn Mower Stopped Running While Mowing” Issue?

To stop a riding lawn mower from stopping while mowing, follow these tips:

  • You should always keep the fuel fresh. Old fuel might clog the carburetor, stalling the engine.
  • You must change the oil regularly. Additionally, a filthy oil might make the engine overheat and stall.
  • Verify the cleanliness of the air filter. The engine may stall if the airflow is restricted by a filthy air filter.
  • Be sure to examine the spark plug frequently. The engine may not start if the spark plug has debris on it or is broken.
  • Check for leaks in the fuel line. An engine that has a fuel line leak may stall because of a lack of fuel.
  • Summertime is too hot to mow. So, do not forget to take regular breaks. Long-term mowing might overheat the engine and result in a stall.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of riding lawn mower fuel filters are there?

Spin-on filters and inline filters.

How frequently does my riding lawn mower need a new fuel filter?

After 100 to 200 hours of use, replace the fuel filter.

How frequently should I clean the riding lawn mower’s air filter?

In between 25 and 50 hours of operation, change the air filter. 

What causes a riding lawn mower’s spark plug to malfunction?

Carbon buildup, electrolysis, corrosion, and mechanical damage.

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