Can You Replace The Pull Cord On A Lawn Mower?

Pull cord malfunctions can be a source of frustration for lawn mower owners. When the cord fails to retract or pull effectively, it can prevent the mower from starting or cause it to stall during operation.

Your pull cord could be malfunctioning for a number of reasons. But can you replace a malfunctioning pull cord? Yes, you can if you carefully follow the instructions.

Continue reading this article to learn can you replace the pull cord on a lawn mower or not and understand the process of replacing the pull cord on your lawn mower.

Can You Replace The Pull Cord On A Lawn Mower

Pull Cord Location on The Mower

The pull cord is connected to the recoil starting mechanism, which is normally positioned on the top or side of the lawn mower’s engine.

It is a long and slender rope that is fastened to mowers engine. Usually, the handle is wrapped with the other end of the rope to provide a comfortable grip.

Pull Cord

How Does A Lawn Mower Pull Cord Work?

The engine’s flywheel is engaged by pulling on the starting cord, which is wrapped around a hub with a spring within. When the cord is pulled, the flywheel rotates, causing the crankshaft to rotate and the piston to move. The spark plug is triggered to fire cyclically by a magnetic connection on the flywheel, which in turn drives the piston.

The spark plug is triggered to fire with the piston’s motion by a magnetic connection on the flywheel. Once fuel is ignited by the spark, it initiates the combustion process in the engine, which eventually starts the mower.

Lawn Mower Pull Cord

What Causes The Pull Cord On Lawn Mower Not To Work?

Your mower’s pull cord may occasionally break, making it difficult to turn the engine on.

Your starter cord may get trapped for a number of reasons.

Seizing In The Engine

Your lawnmower’s pull cord may become jammed if the engine seizes. because of oil depletion, excess oil on the piston, and vaporized fuel.

Bent Or Broken Cord

A damaged chord prevents the recoil starter component from engaging and retracting the cord. The cord may become trapped in an extended position due to this. A bent cord may not spool well around the pulley, causing friction and resistance that prevents it from smoothly flowing in and out.

Recoil Spring Issues

A worn, loose, or damaged recoil spring within the starter assembly is a common problem. The cable may not retract or may lose tension if the recoil spring is defective.

Pulley Problems

It’s possible that the pulley the cable is coiled around is broken, worn out, or jammed and causing the starter rope not to work.

Starter Assembly Malfunction

It’s possible that the whole recoil starter assembly is broken. due of things like using old parts and shoddy construction

Rust/corrosion of metal parts

Rust and corrosion can increase friction and impede movement in metal parts including the pulley, spring, and internal mechanics. This creates friction that makes the pull cord harder to pull or causes it to get caught.

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How to Replace a Lawnmower Pull Cord?

With a few simple steps and basic tools, you can replace the worn, frayed, or broken pull cord yourself and have your lawnmower up and running in no time

Replacing a broken starter rope on your lawn mower is a simple step-by-step procedure.

Here are the tools and materials you need to replace your starter rope-

4-in-1 screwdriver Leather gloves Needle-nose pliers Nut drivers    New pull rope

Step 1- Safety first

Make sure the lawnmower is turned off and the spark plug wire is removed before performing any maintenance or repairs.

Step 2- Remove the Starter Assembly

On the side of the lawnmower’s engine, you’ll find the recoil starter assembly. Usually, a few bolts or screws hold it in place. Carefully disconnect the starting assembly from the engine by removing the nuts and bolts using the appropriate tool or screwdriver.

Step 3-Access the Spool and Cord

Now that the starter assembly is off, you can get to the old pull line and the spool. It is usually part of the system and has a housing or cover around it.

Step 4- Unwind and Remove the Old Cord

Carefully pull the old cord out of the enclosure and unwind any residual cord from the spool. When replacing a cord, it is important to remember how the old one was put through any eyelets or guides.

Step 5- Prepare the New Cord

Replace the worn out pull cord with one of the same length and diameter. Adjust the length of the cord by cutting it if necessary. If the rope keeps getting caught on the spindle, melt the end or put a knot in it.

[Note: Lawn mower pull rope thickness and length vary. If you use the wrong string thickness, your lawn mower may be harder to start or jam. Thinner cables will fit but rip faster. Bring in some of your damaged rope or check your lawn mower’s manual if you’re not sure]

Step 6- Thread Your Cord

Insert the new cord into the recoil system in the opposite direction from which you unwound it. Finish with a secure knot.

Some types may allow you to just release the spring and have it coil itself back up the cable. After reassembling your mower, you’ll need a length of wire long enough to thread through the starter housing and turn the engine over.

Step-7 Reinstall the Starter Assembly

Align the housing’s mounting holes or tabs with the corresponding spots on the engine before reinstalling the recoil starter. Put the recoil starter back where it belongs, reconnecting any bolts, clips, or screws that were removed.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Lawnmower’s Pull Cord?

There are a number of factors that might affect how much it will cost to repair a pull cord on a lawn mower, including the brand of mower, the price and availability of new parts, and whether you opt to do the work yourself or hire a professional.

If you choose to replace the pull cord on your own, the main expense will be the new pull cord itself. Pull cord replacements are cheap, costing anywhere from $5 to $20 (or less) depending on the quality and brand. Having some simple tools, like screwdrivers and pliers, that you probably already have or can acquire cheaply, is also a smart idea.

If you’d rather have a pro change the pull cord for you, keep in mind that their services will add to the total price. You should anticipate to pay either an hourly rate or a flat charge for the repair.

Contact local repair shops or lawn mower service centers to find out how much a pull cord replacement cost.

Can You Start A Lawn Mower Without A Pull Cord?

Without a pull cord, a lawn mower can still be started. Numerous modern lawnmowers feature alternative starting mechanisms, such as electric starters, key starts, push-button starts, and innovative designs that eradicate the need for a pull cord.

Using one of these more modern, hassle-free approaches to starting a lawnmower is as simple as pressing a button or turning a key.

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