5 Most Common Kohler 24 hp Engine Problems: How to Fix Them?

Kohler is one of the most trusted names in the industry, providing high-performance engines that power a wide range of outdoor power equipment. The 7000® Series KT735, Command PRO EFI® Propane PCV740, and Diesel® Liquid-Cooled KDW1404 are some of the popular 24 HP Kohler engine models.

However, there are six common Kohler 24 hp engine problems, such as:

  • Engine Starting Difficulty,
  • Engine Misfires or Stalls,
  • Power Issue,
  • Overheating,
  • Oil leaks and consumption, &
  • Electrical Error.

But why do these problems occur with Kohler 24 HP engines and how to fix them?
Continue reading this article to get all those details!

Most Common Kohler 24 hp Engine Problems

Quick Overview of Kohler 24 HP Engine Problems, Causes, and Solutions:

Engine Starting DifficultyNo/improper fuel, weak/dead battery, dirty fuel line/air cleaner, or a faulty spark plug.Add recommended fresh fuel. Clean or change the fuel line & air cleaner if necessary.Clean or replace the spark plug.Put a new battery if necessary.
Engine Misfires or StallsImproper fuel. Dirty fuel line, air cleaner, or debris screen. Low fuel pressure, faulty carburetor, or defective spark plug.Only use the recommended fuel. Ensure the engine has the required fuel pressure.Inspect potential internal components and service them accordingly
Power IssueImproper fuel or oil level, dirty fuel line, or screen. Engine overload or low compression. Dirty cleaner, or bad spark plug.Use proper fuel & add the correct amount of oil. Make sure the engine is not overloaded.Check and clean or replace the components as needed.
Engine OverheatingWrong fuel, overload, incorrect oil level. Dirty fuel line or debris screen. A faulty thermostat or radiator or a clogged air cleaner.Put on enough amount of correct fuel & oil. Make sure your engine is not overloaded & has enough coolant level.Inspect & service components as required.
Oil leaks and consumptionA damaged oil seal, cracked engine block, or worn-out piston rings. Overloaded engine, faulty spark plug. or dirty air cleanerCheck & replace the damaged oil seal,Repair the engine block,Replace the worn-out piston ringsInspect & service the spark plug & air cleaner.
Electrical ErrorA faulty battery, a damaged spark plug, wiring issues, or a bad alternator.Make sure there’s no electrical wiring issue.Check & replace the faulty parts or components.

5 Most Common Kohler 24 HP Engine Problems & How to Fix Them?

Learn more about these common problems, as well as how to detect and repair them_

1. Kohler 24 HP Engine Starting Difficulty

Kohler 24 HP Engine Starting Difficulty
Kohler 24 HP Engine Starting Difficulty

Kohler 24 HP model users should be aware of an issue with no starting, trouble starting, or hard starting.

This is one of the most common Kohler engine issues and reportedly, Kohler Courage series 24 engine model users have encountered crank but no start problem.

Mostly, Kohler engine models struggle to start due to_

  • a lack of fuel or improper fuel,
  • weak or dead internal battery,
  • dirty fuel line or air cleaner, 
  • a faulty spark plug.

Remember that it might be one of the aforementioned causes or a combination of them that is causing your Kohler 24 HP engine to struggle to start. So, the best idea is to check all the potential components to fix the problem.

How To Fix:

First, make sure you are using the correct fuel type and have enough amount of fuel.

Inspect the battery cable and terminals and if there’s any loose connection, tighten the connection. If any battery cable or terminal looks worn out, replace them.

Test the volt on your internal engine battery to make sure it’s good. Without driving the engine, the voltage should be 12 volts. If the voltage is less than 12 volts, the battery is dead. Replace the battery.

Remove the fuel line to check its condition and if it’s dirty, replace the fuel line.

Check the air cleaner or filter to see whether it’s dirty or not and if it is, replace the air cleaner.

Remove the spark plug to check whether it’s dirty, broken, or fouled. If it’s dirty, clean it with carburetor cleaner. If it looks broken or damaged badly, replace the spark plug.

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2. Kohler 24 HP Engine Power Issue

Power issues can also arise with 24 HP Kohler engine models, which commonly occur due to wrong fuel or oil level, engine overload, low compression, or faulty spark plug.

Some Kohler KT735 24 hp users have reported that the engine runs for a time, then the RPMs drop, and the engine shuts down.

This problem can arise due to any issues with the engine fuel delivery system or clogged fuel pump.

How To Fix:

First, confirm that you are using the right fuel type and oil level. Then, ensure your engine has no overloading or low compression issues.

Then, check the current condition of the fuel line, air filter, and spark plug. Clean or replace them if required.

You can run a thorough fuel system inspection to find out what went wrong in the system.

If you are still having the problem, make sure to contact the nearest Kohler workshop to have professional help.

3. Kohler 24 HP Engine Overheating

Overheating issues on Kohler’s 7000 Pro series and other 24 HP engines can appear due to bad or insufficient fuel, overload, or incorrect oil level.

Your Kohler engine might also overheat due to_

  • a dirty fuel line,
  • faulty thermostat,
  • radiator, or
  • a clogged air cleaner.

How To Fix:

Once your engine starts to overheat, confirm three things:

  1. Your engine has a sufficient amount of the right fuel,
  2. The engine is not overloaded &
  3. You have the correct level of oil inside too.

Make sure you do not have a dirty fuel line and air cleaner.

Check the thermostat and radiator too. If necessary, replace them.

4. Kohler 24 HP Oil leaks and consumption:

Oil might leak due to a damaged oil seal or gasket, cracked engine block, or worn-out piston rings.

You will notice high fuel consumption on your 24 HP Kohler engine if the engine is overloaded, you have a faulty spark plug or a dirty air cleaner.

How To Fix:

Inspect the oil seal and replace it if needed.

Inspect further to find any sign of a cracked engine block and either use K-Seal® or K-Seal® HD coolant leak repair to fix the cracked problem before it can cause coolant leaks.

Check your engine piston ring, and if it is faulty, replace it with a new Piston ring.

If you notice high fuel consumption, inspect the spark plug and air cleaner. Service them if necessary.

Make sure the engine is not overloaded.

5. Kohler 24 HP Electrical Error: 

If you see any type of electrical connection fault, there must be a problem with the battery, spark plug, internal wiring, or alternator.

Kohler 24 HP Electrical Error
Kohler 24 HP Electrical Error

How To Fix:

You need to break into your engine’s internal assembly to ensure there’s no loose or broken wiring connection.

Confirm that you have a fully charged battery and there’s no problem with its cable and terminals.

Then, inspect the spark plug and alternator. If they are bad, replace them.

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Kohler 24 hp Engine Problems – FAQs

What may cause a Kohler engine to not start?

A loose, broken, or fouled ignition coil can prevent your Kohler engine from starting, but make sure the spark plug is in good working condition before testing and replacing the ignition coil.

Which Kohler engine has the most power?

In November 2020, Kohler unveiled the KOHLER KD103V20 diesel engine, which is reportedly the most powerful Kohler engine so far.

How long do Kohler engines last?

The average life expectancy of a Kohler engine is 1500 to 2000 hours. But with proper maintenance, these engines can last up to 5000 or more hours of operation.

Why is my Kohler engine constantly dying?

A blocked carburetor might cause your Kohler engine to have such problems since fuel is left in the engine for an extended amount of time. Because some of the chemicals in the fuel may evaporate with time, leaving a thicker and stickier substance that can clog the carburetor.

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